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A male enhancement supplement that makes general claims without providing much detail and has left a majority of users dissatisfied. Read our full breakdown of the product, its formula, and where it falls short. To keep reading, just scroll down a bit and click on the table of contents.
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Viarexin Overview

Viarexin is a “super pill” that states it is the secret to increasing the size of your erection and allows you to enhance your sexual pleasure while performing for longer. It is a daily supplement that states users will see results in just 30 days. The promotion also states that the supplement can address issues like short lasting erections, failure to satisfy your partner, and lack of libido.

The manufacturer of the product is a nutrition company by the name of eNutra, based out of Mesa, Arizona. The provide a physical address and office phone number as a means of contact. Each bottle of Viarexin contains 60 capsules, and advises users to take 2 capsules daily, either in the morning or the evening. A free trial is offered through the product website, but it will sign you up automatically for a recurring monthly charge and shipment of the product, which seems unnecessary because it is supposed to provide results in 30 days.

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Viarexin Claims

Viarexin makes 3 primary claims right on their label. They state that the supplement will increase size, boost performance, and amplify pleasure. They later clarify that when they say “increase size” they are referring to the size of your erection, not the size of your penis itself. It is likely that it is kept vague intentionally.

More detail about what the product can provide are advertised on the product’s website, that claims that you will see an 83% increase in your stamina, and that you can also increase your strength by taking the product. However, nowhere on the site does the information or advertising get specific about how these benefits are achieved, choosing instead to make vague claims about how the product is going to get you “at your peak”. Also used are images of doctor’s and diagrams of body parts, but the information is general and seems to only exist to make the product seem legitimate without actually providing anything of substance.

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Viarexin Ingredients

The website for Viarexin provides some ingredient information by highlighting a list of ingredients and offering short explanations for how they function or what they provide. Unfortunately, nowhere on the site is a view of the supplement label offered, so we don’t know if the ingredients they are all the ingredients that are used, or in what dosage any of them are used, which is necessary to determine the likelihood of side effects. Here is a list of ingredients that are included in Viarexin:

  • Beet Root
  • Muira Puama
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Citrulline
  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Tongkat Ali
  •  Grape Seed
  • Avena Sativa
  • Maca Root
  • Piper Longum

On that list there are some ingredients that have the potential to provide legitimate benefits. Maca Root is an aphrodisiac that has been used for thousands of years as it can also be used as a stimulant and to boost testosterone, which can lead to a higher libido. Tribulus Terrestris is an ingredient that trains the body and the mind to take better advantage of the free testosterone that already exists within their system, without creating more testosterone. L-Arginine is an amino acid that can work to increase the width of the body’s veins, which allows more blood to flow to the groin area upon arousal.

Again, while most of the ingredients have some defined purpose, we do not know if it includes other ingredients or if they are being used in effective dosages. The formula also includes L-Citrulline about which WebMD says there has not been enough research conducted to know if it is effective for treating sexual function or erectile dysfunction. Other ingredients such as Beet Root and Piper Longum are not harmful but serve no known purpose in a male enhancement product.

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The Science Behind Viarexin

The official website for Viarexin actually attempts to provide some specific numbers regarding the improvement that users can expect to see when they use the product. They advertise a 35% increase in size – which is referring to erection size, not overall penis size – 83% increase in stamina, and a 46% increase in hardness. These are impressive looking numbers, but unfortunately the site does not reveal how they determined these numbers or where they came from. There are no links, or graphs so that they numbers can be verified, and no explanation as to how these things were even measured.

There is also an area on the site that attempts to explain to science behind how the pill works, but essentially just gives an explanation as to how erections are achieved. It explains blood flowing to the penis upon arousal which then determines how big and strong the ensuing erection is but makes no attempt to state how their product improves this process and what makes it different from all the other male enhancement products that operate the same way.

The site makes a big show of stating that it has actual science supporting the formula and results they can provide but doesn’t actually provide anything. Intelligent consumers should know to not be fooled by imagery and search for verifiable facts and science.

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Word on the Street About Viarexin

One of the retailers that sells Viarexin is Amazon, which also provides a forum for customers to give their feedback for a product. Currently, Viarexin has 29 customer reviews on its Amazon page, and for the most part they are mixed to negative. A full 45% of the reviews are for just 1-star, and it has and average rating of 2.5-stars out of a possible 5.

The most common complaint about Viarexin we found was that it simply did not live up to the advertising ever when used for an extended period of time as directed. One reviewed shared their experience with the product by saying: “I’ve been using Viarexin for over two weeks now and haven’t yet seen any of the results the advertising told me about.

Other reviewers were frustrated not just with the inability of the product to live up to its promises, but issues with refunds as well. The company behind Viarexin has a 100% money back guarantee, but according to a user: “A total waste. I took as directed, it didn’t work, now they won’t refund my money.
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Is Viarexin Worth a Try?

Because of a lack of detail and information provided and mostly negative reviews from users, we recommend not purchasing Viarexin. It is on the pricey side, and we are wary of any product that is sold by a company that uses the free trial method of getting people to sign up for auto-renewals, which always leads to dissatisfied customers. We were also concerned about the number of users who states they used entire bottles and followed all usage directions and didn’t see any improvement in their sexual performance.

Aside from that, we were unimpressed with the information provided about the product through its official website. Mostly the site consists of vague, general claims of effectiveness, with no evidence to support them. Instead of research or proof of any kind, they provide images of doctors or graphs with no real meaning. Smart consumers will know better than to invest their hard-earned money into a product that can’t provide them with real science or even basic ingredient information. There are also concerns that 100% money back guarantee is not always honored.

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Viarexin vs Virectin

Virectin is a male performance enhancer that claims to provide many similar benefits to Viarexin, such as improved erections and overall sexual performance. Virectin provides more ingredient information, and the two share several ingredients, such as L-Arginine, Tongkat Ali, and Oats. Unfortunately, Virectin uses potentially harmful ingredients such as Ginkgo Biloba and Fenugreek. The two supplements are priced similarly, while Virectin has received far more reviews, but most of them are mixed to negative.

Viarexin vs Viatropin

Viatropin is produced by the same manufacturer as Viarexin and appears to be sold as a pair with Viarexin in some circumstances. Viaptropin is most focused on helping the user to sculpt their figure and add lean muscle if they are looking to do so. It is priced similarly to Viarexin and the packaging looks very similar, though more ingredient information is offered with Viatropin via a supplement facts label.
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There are fewer consumer reviews for Viatropin available, but of the ones that are, they are universally negative.

Viarexin vs Cianix

Cianix is a male enhancement pill that is designed to improve sexual responsiveness, meaning erections are achieved easier and maintained for longer. Additionally, it aims to improve the user’s libido and energy levels. It manages to provide even less ingredient information that Viarexin, only providing three ingredients that it uses in its formula. Ciaminx is not sold through Amaozn, like Viarexin, in fact it appears that it is only made available through a free trial offer that forces the user to sign up for monthly shipments at an exorbitant price. Viarexin offers the same sort of trial, but also allows users to buy the product outright.

Viarexin FAQ

  1. Is Viarexin sold through retailers such as Walmart and GNC?

No, it does not appear that Viarexin is currently available through those specific retailers at this time, though it is available through Amazon,

  1. What ingredients are included within the formula for Viarexin?

Viarexin lists the following ingredients: tribulus terrestris, beet root, tongkat ali, grape seed, avena sativa, maca root, piper longum, l-citrulline, muira puama, l-arginine. They do not provide a view of the supplement facts label.

  1. Where can you find consumer reviews of Viarexin and how are they?

Currently, the best source of consumer reviews for Viarexin is its Amazon page, which features nearly 30 reviews. For the most part, the reviews are negative, with 45% of them being for 1-star.

  1. How are you supposed to use Viarexin?

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, and users are advised to take 2 capsule every day. It also states that users will see results within just 30 days, so 1 bottle should be enough to see results.
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  1. How much is Viarexin sold for?

Through its own website and Amazon, Viarexin is sold for $59.99 per bottle, plus shipping and handling. There are discounts offered when it is purchased in bulk.
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  1. How can I get in contact with customer service for Viarexin?

Their website offers a phone number to order or speak to customer service, and they also allow you the option of asking questions electronically through the site.

  1. Is there a free trial or money back guarantee of Viarexin offered?

The site currently offers a free trial, which automatically signs you up for recurring payments and monthly shipments of the product. A money back guarantee is offered, but some users have complained that the company does not honor it.

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So What Really Works?

We know that it can be extremely annoying to continuously hear promises from male enhancement supplements that cannot deliver after you’ve purchased them. That’s why we aim to make the process simpler and more satisfying by simply telling you that they top-rated male enhancement supplement is currently Viritenz. It has earned its respected status by consistently delivering noticeable results to countless users by using a formula that is potent, and all-natural. Some of the ingredients included in the formula include oat straw, tongkat ali, and maca root. Reviews from consumers who have tried Viritenz are consistently more positive than any other male enhancement supplement on the market.

The official product website for Viritenz is maintained by its manufacturer, Health Research Institute, which is based out of Los Angeles. By visiting the website, consumers will get a detailed description of how the product functions and delivers results. Some of the possible benefits that it can provide include bigger, stronger erections, enhanced amounts of pleasure, and increased stamina. Also included on the site is a full list of ingredients, testimonials, and pricing discounts for first time users.

If you want to learn more about what Viritenz can possibly do to improve your sexual performance, simply follow this link to the official website.

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