NooCube Review (UPDATED 2024) – Is It Safe?

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Finding information about this nootropics use is limited as there aren’t many reviews.

The blend of ingredients seems decent, but it’s also very common.

There’s also some unproven claims provided which are not backed by any evidence.

Our understanding is that these top 10 nootropics offer the most reliable support.


NooCube Overview

NooCube is a nootropic supplement used to help improve processing speed, focus, and memory. The claim is that with these natural ingredients, it can provide a healthy functioning brain.

Not many reviews are available and at this time it looks like any other simple nootropic. There’s nothing in it which is terrible, but it also fails to stand out. We also found issue with the claims made about how effective it is, as they do not provide any science to back any of it up.

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NooCube Claims

The claims are that this has safe and effective ingredients which can enhance energy, focus, and overall cognition. They also claim that 124,000 people have become smartest from it.

It’s also said to help provide a higher functioning brain which can make multitasking better, support communication, and have overall enhancing benefits. All the claims are fairly easy to examine as they lay out the website in a presentable way.

Another major claim is that within about 30 minutes it can start delivering effects. Supposedly some of the best neuroscientists have designed this as well.

Here’s our top 10 guide who explains what the best nootropics are and what they can potentially offer.

NooCube Ingredients

  • Bacopa Monnieri
  • L-Tyrosine
  • Alpha GPC
  • Huperzine A
  • Cat’s Claw
  • Vinpocetine
  • Oat Straw
  • Pterostilbene
  • L-Theanine

Bacopa Monnieri contains natural chemicals used to help protect the brain from damage, while also aiding communication. It’s fairly common as it’s an herb which is backed by many 3rd party reviews.

Cat’s Claw is a type of tropical vine which has been used in the past to reduce inflammation, support the immune system, and protect against man diseases.

Alpha GPC is found in the brain and it’s used most commonly to help treat brain disorders such as dementia.

Huperzine A is used to help protect against brain issues and it is taken from a plant called Chinese club moss.

Oat Straw is used to make oats and it is used to help support cognition. It has a rich source of nutrients and it is used to help overall vigor.

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The Science Behind NooCube

If you take the claims on the website seriously, top neuroscientist has deigned this brand. Unfortunately none of this is actually documented in any studies or links to any reviews. It’s not to say that this isn’t true, but it’ highly questionable that they would fail to link studies which would make the supplement appear better.

In order to know for certain if any of this is reliable, we’d have to look at the evidence. Without it, there’s no reason to believe any of it. All the ingredients in this have been reviewed as they are fairly common, but it’s far too simple to consider it any better than common nootropics.

Some of the ingredients are backed by linked studies which make sense as they use ancient herbs and common amino acids.

In this complete top 10 list the nootropic supplements which offered the most noticeable support are all outlined.

Word on the Street About NooCube

There isn’t much said about this on any website. All that could be sourced was 3 different opinions, all of which mentioned no noticeable benefits. There’s a major problem in this as the official website claims that 124,000 people have become smarter from using this. Somehow only 3 reviews at the time of this breakdown were available, which raises questions as to the truth behind their claims.

It doesn’t make any sense that there would be so little discussion about this brand online. With the claimed amount of users it would make sense for there to be far more reviews.

In reviewing all kinds of nootropics we were able to pinpoint what the best brands were and why.

Is NooCube Worth a Try?

It’s much too simple of a formula and many unproven claims are made. We can’t say for certain if the company is lying, but they do make bold claims which are never supported. The fact that it can deliver quick effects, that so many have used it, and that it’s made by top neuroscientists all sound impressive, but evidence is lacking.

There has to be some sort of proof because at this time it does not appear that any of this is truly factual. Many of these claims would also be very easy to determine, had they provided even basic proof. Overall it’s not at all impressive or unique for a nootropic.

The available research made it easy to find out what nootropic brands can deliver the most optimal support.

NooCube vs Adderall

Adderall relies on an amphetamine formula and it’s a drug only given to uses that need to treat narcolepsy and ADHD. The limited support is the same for other kinds of drugs, as it’s made especially for certain users. It’s not like a regular nootropic as the dosage strength has to be heavily regulated, as it may be too strong for some.

NooCube vs Mind Lab Pro

Mind Lab Pro contains a fairly basic blend of ingredients and it’s targeted for energy, fcs, and all-around brain power. They do add some studied ingredients that are backed by 3rd parties, but the price is quite high and very few said anything positive about it. The major complaint was that it did not deliver any notable benefits.

NooCube vs Provasil

Provasil uses a natural nootropic blend and it’s meant to treat things like brain fog, loss of focus, and overall cognition. They make it with a blend of herbs, amino acids, and nutrients which are often seen in well-rounded formulas. They do add 5000% vitamin B12, 500% vitamin C, and 150% folic acid which may be too much for some.

NooCube vs OptiMind

This nootropic uses a blend of common active ingredients as well as caffeine. Dosing should be exact as overuse may case stimulant like side effects. They also advise taking it only in the morning, since later time use can cause sleep issues. A good portion of users said it only offered stimulant like effects, and that the same could be seen in things like coffee.

NooCube vs Modafinil

This drug is used to help combat narcolepsy and other issues associated with rest. This is also a schedule 4 drug in the US, as it may cause addictions in some. Sometimes it is used as a general cognitive enhancer, but this is illegal as it’s only meant for specific people who are given a prescription.

NooCube FAQ

  1. Does Amazon offer NooCube?
    Not at this time.
  1. Are there any NooCube side effects to worry about?
    It’s impossible to say without consumer reviews, but the formula seems to contain only potentially wholesome herbs.
  1. What are some common NooCube customer reviews?
    There weren’t many reviews found but the few said it failed to offer support.
  1. What do the NooCube reviews on Reddit have to say about it?
    Little discussion was had, mostly people wondering what it can do.
  1. Does GNC offer NooCube?
    They do not sell it.
  1. Where can I buy NooCube?
    Their official website appears to be the only source at this time.
  1. Does Walmart offer NooCube?
    They do not sell NooCube.
  1. What is NooCube?
    A nootropic supplement that claims it has a synergized blend of additives.
  1. Is there anything the FDA says about NooCube?
    The FDA has not released any information about this brand.
  1. Does NooCube really work?
    It’s hard to tell from the limited consumer reviews but the few who said anything about it described it as ineffective.

So What Really Works?

The most worthwhile nootropic we could find is the all-natural supplement known as Memotenz. What made it unique and stand out was that it uses a great blend of natural ingredients in amounts which can optimize mental performance. Customers also had a lot of good to say about it, mentioning that it had all-around benefits for cognition. There’s nothing artificial in it nor is there any unwanted stimulants.

The support ranged from improved mood, enhanced focus, easier time remembering, and overall cognitive enhancement. Because it has only natural ingredients without stimulants it can also be used as a daily supplement. On the official website there’s a clear description of what it can deliver, and what makes it optimal for mental performance. Read further details about the support offered by Memotenz by clicking on this link.

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