10 Health Benefits Of Thyme Oil, Leaves, And Tea

benefits of thyme tea

Have you ever enjoyed pesto sauce? Do you like it? If your answer is “yes”, you surely know thyme which is known as one of the absolutely necessary ingredients to make this food. Thyme is a great ingredient that is used for making several cuisines in the world. However, besides the purpose of culinary use, benefits of thyme is also known for many medicinal purposes. Thyme contains an abundance of nutrients having health-promoting and disease-preventing properties. Plus, the thymol content found in thyme is also famous for being one of the most important volatile oils which offers antifungal and antiseptic properties. Apart from thymol, thyme is loaded with other volatile oils such as borneol, carvacrol, and geraniol.

This herb not only has a rich source of flavonoid phenolic compounds such as apigenin, zeaxanthin, luteolin, thymosin, and lutein but also acts as a naturally powerful antioxidant. Fresh thyme, in fact, contains the highest antioxidant level among all natural herbs. It is also high in vitamins, particularly vitamins A & C. Besides, there are various nutrients found in thyme, including vitamin E and vitamins K, potassium, folic acid, iron, calcium, selenium, manganese, and magnesium.

The oil, flower, and leaves of thyme have been applied for treating several ailments. You can easily find it available in both dried and fresh forms as well as use it in various ways, including as tea. In order to make the thyme tea, you simply add crushed thyme leaves (dried or fresh) in boiling water at the ratio of 2 teaspoons: 1 cup. Then you cover and allow it to steep for 7 to 10 minutes and strain the tea.

Today, we will introduce to you a new article about benefits of thyme published in our VKool page. This new article will list top 10 important benefits of thyme for your health in detailed. Keep reading to know more about the advantages of this aromatic herb!

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Thyme Oil, Leaves, And Tea You Should Not Skip!

1. Reduce Blood Pressure

The first of top 10 effective benefits of thyme for the health is the ability to reduce blood pressure. Thyme is packed with an antihypertensive property helping to decrease blood pressure. It also contains diuretic properties which are able to increase urination and thus aiding your body in removing water and excess salts as well as other toxins.

Plus, this aromatic herb is very rich in potassium that is very necessary for the body cells and fluids. To be honest, potassium is capable of promoting heart health and regulating blood pressure levels. A 2024 study made an experiment in laboratory rats and reported that wild thyme extracts an aqueous reducing the rat’s blood pressure. Another study published in 2024 also highlighted that thyme is comprised of some certain active compounds that have a responsibility for the antihypertensive activity.

You just use thyme as an alternative spicy for salt in the cooking to assist in lowering your blood pressure effectively. Apart from using as a spicy, you can also make the thyme tea and consume it regularly for the better result.

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2. Improve Oral Health

benefits of thyme - improve oral health

The second in the list of top 10 benefits of thyme is to improve the oral health. Thyme is comprised of antibacterial properties which will help your body to deal with oral infections or keep them at bay. The component named thymol in thyme oil is found in several dental care products as it is able to protect your teeth from tooth decay as well as gum problems.

A study published in 2024 found that thyme oil is very beneficial in combating Streptococcus mutant bacteria which is known as the contributor causing tooth decay and dental caries. Besides, thyme also acts to deal with oral problems such as mouth sores and gum inflammation. It is recommended that using a thymol solution to rinse your mouth for 30 seconds can remove the mouth bacteria which could be the reason causing further medical problems.

To care your oral health with thyme, you simply mix 1 or 2 drops of this aromatic oil in a cup of warm water (you can add some peppermint oil drops if you want). Then you use this oil solution to rinse your mouth for half a minute and twice per day.

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3. Remove Acne And Various Skin Problems

Thanks to the antibacterial properties contained in it, thyme becomes an effective solution for combating the bacteria causing acne. It is found by a 2024 study that herbal preparations of this herb have a better effect on caring acne skin, compared to prescription creams.

Moreover, thyme is also able to restrict the appearance of acne scars as well as other marks on your skin. In addition, owing powerful antioxidant properties also makes thyme become an effective solution for fighting free radicals leading to premature aging signs. In addition, thyme provides yeast-inhibiting properties that can aid a lot in treating yeast and candida infections.

  • Now, you combine 2 or 3 thyme essential oil drops with 2 or 3 tbsps of aloe vera gel.
  • Then you apply this combine directly on the skin and then let it stay on for 27 to 30 minutes.
  • You just apply this process once every day during several days to deal with blemishes and acne.
  • Because this aromatic oil is gentle, you can apply it to any skin type.

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Keep following the article about benefits of thyme to discover more information!

4. Fight Bad Breath

There are many benefits of thyme and fighting bad breath is one of them. Thanks to the content of antibacterial and antiseptic properties in it, thyme is capable of fighting bad breath. Thyme is commonly found in several commercial mouthwash products. Bacteria multiplying is the common reason causing bad breath in your mouth and thyme has the ability to kill them. In order to use thyme for naturally treating halitosis, you may make your homemade mouthwash, following the below instruction:

  • At first, you put the dried thyme leaves in the water at the ratio of 1 teaspoon: 1 cup and boil the water for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Next, you strain the thyme water and let the water cool down.
  • You use this water to gargle your mouth for twice or thrice daily.
  • Another way is to add some thyme essential oil drops (2-3 drops) to the warm water (1 cup) and apply this solution as your mouthwash 2 times every day.

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5. Prevent Cancer – Top 10 Benefits Of Thyme

benefits of thyme - prevent cancer

Preventing cancer is another of top 10 benefits of thyme. May you not know but thyme is loaded with potential anticancer properties which can aid you a lot in protecting you from various cancer types, especially breast and colon cancer. Besides the content of antioxidant properties, thyme owns the compound carvacrol having antitumor properties, which makes it a strong cancer-fighting food. In a 2024 study, experts found that carvacrol has the ability to inhibit the migration and proliferation of the cell lines of 2 colon cancer types.

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6. Cure Muscle Spasms

The list of benefits of thyme is not complete unless having this tip. Whenever you suffer from any problem related to menstrual cramps or any muscle spasm type in your body, you can use thyme to get rid the problem. Thyme is packed with a rich source of magnesium which is known as an important nutrient to help maintain normal nerve and muscle function. Besides, thyme also has flavonoids having anti-inflammatory properties, which is very beneficial for your muscle spasms.

  • It is recommended to use thyme for curing menstrual cramps and PMS (premenstrual syndrome). You may make the thyme tea and drink 2 to 4 cups of tea per day.
  • Plus, you may mix the thyme oil with olive oil or sesame oil at an equal ratio and then use this oil mixture to massage your affected area as well as ease spasms.

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7. Act As A Mosquito Repellent

Using thyme oil as a mosquito repellent is one of the great benefits of thyme. Thyme oil is able to protect you from insects and parasites such as fleas, mosquitoes, moths, and lice. It possesses phytochemicals offering the mosquito repellent power. The thymol content in thyme can fight off mosquitoes and thereby keep various mosquito-borne diseases at bay.

A 2002 study showed that a 5 % thyme oil provided a protection rate of up to 91 percent from mosquitoes after experts applied it to the hairless mouse skin.

In order to keep away mosquitoes, you just rub some thyme leaves between your two hands to make the essential oil released. Besides, you may rub the bruised thyme leaves directly on the skin to fight off mosquitoes.

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8. Boost Your Mood

Thyme oil can also positively affect your mood and feelings. Thyme possesses an active substance called carvacrol working to boost your memory and fight against depression. A study published in 2003 highlights carvacrol as a brain-active molecule influencing clearly neuronal activity by modulating neurotransmitters. If you consume thyme regularly in low concentrations, carvacrol may affect to feelings of well-being. This is a great benefit in the list of top 10 benefits of thyme.

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9. Boost Immunity

benefits of thyme - boost immunity

By using thyme, you can completely maintain your health by boosting a strong immune system. Thyme is very rich in thymol, giving it a rich source of antimicrobial properties which can aid in protecting you from combating fungi, bacteria, and viruses. Plus, being an abundance of antioxidants, thyme is capable of preventing the oxidative damage to human lymphocytes’ DNA.

A 2024 study found that thyme oil is very effective for combating resistant strains of enterococcus, staphylococcus, pseudomonas and Escherichia bacteria. This natural herb also has a lot of several vitamins that are essential to help your body function properly. Additionally, thyme also contains both vitamin C and vitamin A, supporting immunity. Plus, thyme is also known as being rich in fiber, copper, manganese, and iron, which are very necessary to ensure a good health.

  • Using thyme is very simple. You can use it as a tea or a culinary spice to boost the immunity.
  • Besides, you can take some thyme supplements after the consultation of your doctor.

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10. Stop Coughing – Benefits Of Thyme

The last of top 10 effective benefits of thyme is to stop coughing. Thyme may assist in alleviating a sore throat as well as coughing. Thanks to the rich content of antibiotic and antiseptic compounds and expectorant properties in it, thyme can relieve respiratory conditions such as a sore throat, colds, and coughs. It is also able to ease congestion, make mucus thinner as well as easier to remove.

Apart from easing coughs and colds, thyme acts well to treat upper respiratory infections. It is beneficial in soothing irritated airways, fighting infection in your lungs and also preventing bronchial spasms. Experts found that the tolerability and efficacy of a combination of ivy leaves and thyme are much higher than a matched placebo in those who experience acute bronchitis gone with a productive cough.

You have read top 10 health benefits of thyme oil, tea, and leaves. Hope this new article will help you to clearly know more about the advantages of this aromatic herb for your health. If you want to contact us or ask anything associated with this article, freely let your comment below. Also, we will feel happier if you can share it with your friends to let them know about this useful article.

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