4 Holistic Treatments For Ovarian Cancer Suitable For Each Stage

holistic treatments for ovarian cancer

Nowadays, human have to face a wide range of dangerous conditions and diseases including cancer that has not been actually treated so far. For women, the most serious one may be ovarian cancer that accounts for approximately 3% of cancers but results in more deaths than any other types of cancer for the women reproductive system. Ovarian cancer starts from the ovaries, the reproductive glands of females where produce eggs for reproduction. And there are 3 different types of the tumor along with ovarian cancer caused by 3 main kinds of cells forming the ovaries known as epithelial tumors, germ cell tumors, and stromal tumors.

Because of too dangerous effects, the treatments for ovarian cancer have been investigated for a long time. It can cause several signs and symptoms even at the early stage including bloating, quick full feeling and trouble eating, pelvic or abnormal pain, urinary symptoms like urgency or frequency. In fact, these symptoms may be also caused by non-cancerous diseases or cancers of other organs, so other symptoms of ovarian cancer should be more noticed should be fatigue, constipation, back pain, upset stomach, abnormal swelling and weight loss, menstrual change, and pain during sex.

At present, VKool would like to recommend 4 holistic treatments for ovarian cancer suitable for each stage in women. Although there is not therapy possible to cure this serious disease absolutely but 4 therapies here help the patients prevent the risks of spreading, save, and lengthen their lives. For those are suffering from ovarian cancer or having visible signs and symptoms of the disease, take a look at our article know and understand how to deal with it effectively.

4 Holistic Treatments For Ovarian Cancer Suitable For Each Stage

1. Surgery

treatments for ovarian cancer - surgery

There may be not many treatments for ovarian cancer in fact among which surgery and chemotherapy are the main ones. Almost of the women who suffer from ovarian cancer have to experience surgery whose amount and type depend on the type and stage of cancer. You may wonder that other women with the same problem with you are experiencing different treatments for ovarian cancer from you, don’t worry because they get different types or stages of cancer as well.

Surgery is considered as the first one of the treatments for ovarian cancer, which helps remove as many symptoms of cancer as possible also called debulking. That you have to have surgery or not depend on several factors including the status of your general health, where ovarian cancer spreads to, and how quickly it is growing. The surgeries are different in any stages of cancer, which is clearly indicated as follows:

Ø  Surgery For Early Stage Of Ovarian Cancer

The first type of surgeries as the treatments for ovarian cancer is used for the early stage of the disease, also known as epithelial ovarian cancer. And any women at this stage of ovarian cancer consider it as the only treatment they have.

More clearly, the mission of surgery is to remove the damaged ovaries and womb and the first step is taking necessary samples from some areas belonged to the abdomen and pelvis in order to recognize if the bad disease has spread. By this way, the doctor can decide whether you need any treatments after surgery or not. The surgery may eliminate some lymph nodes from pelvis, abdomen, and areas around the ovaries and wombs. In addition, some samples of tissue from the lining of the abdomen and pelvis will be also taken to check for cancer.

The surgeon may get rid of a layer of fatty tissues, also called omentum, that are near to the ovaries. It is because ovarian cancer can spread to these tissues and the procedure of removing the omentum is known as an omentectomy as well. More clearly, some sterile fluid is put inside your abdomen and then removed during the surgery. The doctors, after that, will send this fluid to the laboratory in order to check if it includes cancer cells, which is called abnormal or peritoneal washings.

Ø  Surgery For Advanced Stage Of Ovarian Cancer

When cancer spreads to other areas of the abdomen and pelvis, your condition may be worse and you may need a surgeon to remove much more of cancer indeed. This surgery procedure is called debulking also considered as one of the treatments for ovarian cancer. Similar to the surgery at the early stage of ovarian cancer, this procedure also takes some samples from your abdomen and pelvis to check if cancer has spread to. The doctors may send the fluid existed in your abdomen to the lab checking for the cancer cells.

In fact, there will be some cases in which a part of the bowel will be removed, particularly when cancer has reached the bowel and blocked the bowel. Therefore, the doctors will have to create a stoma, an opening in the abdomen outside for the bowel movements get out to a bag that is called a colostomy as well. However, this colostomy is only temporary, thus, the doctors have to carry out another smaller surgery to close it when everything has completely settled down after the first operation. And if there is less cancer after surgery, the chemotherapy will be easier to kill any harmful cells left behind.

Ø  Interval Debulking Surgery

Interval debulking surgery is another type of surgery on the treatments for ovarian cancer. In common, the patients are required to experience an essential surgery to remove as much of cancer as possible before the usage of chemotherapy but there will be sometimes you have chemotherapy first if the surgeon is unable to remove enough of cancer indeed. This is when you have the first biopsy of the tumor to check the diagnosis then experience chemotherapy and final surgery. The chemotherapy here is called neo adjuvant chemotherapy or primary chemotherapy which may shrink the tumor thereby making the surgeon able to remove it absolutely. After the operation of chemotherapy, you need to rest for a period of time as the direction of the doctors so that you can experience an interval debulking surgery later.

In addition, interval debulking surgery is also carried out if you have already experienced surgery as the first one of the treatments for ovarian cancer. It is because the first surgery fails to remove enough of cancer or in other words that it has not been done by a specialist indeed. That means you will have to experience 2 procedures of surgery, one at first and one after chemotherapy to remove the rest of ovarian cancer.

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2. Chemotherapy

treatments for ovarian cancer - chemotherapy

After having recovered from surgery as the first step on the treatments for ovarian cancer, you will experience chemotherapy continuously. While the before surgeon plays an important role in removing all or as much of cancer as possible, chemotherapy is aimed to prevent the risk of returning cancer. And if the surgeon fails to eliminate all cancer then chemotherapy will shrink cancer left behind. In fact, some women need further surgery on the treatments for ovarian cancer. In addition, there will be some cases in which chemotherapy is applied to the patients with ovarian cancer before a surgery because the doctors can see how impossible surgery remove all cancer so they use chemotherapy to shrink cancer thereby making it easier to remove all.

  • How Is Chemotherapy Carried Out?

Chemotherapy uses cytotoxic drugs, a type of anti-cancer drugs for destroying cancer cells. And the process on how to carry out chemotherapy is suggested by the doctors depending on how serious your condition is. If you are suffering from advanced cancer, you may have to experience twice of chemotherapy instead of once as at the early stage of the condition. More clearly, this therapy is done through a drip into the vein as one of the treatments for ovarian cancer. There will be are a lot of treatment plans and chemotherapy drugs including a single chemotherapy drug or even the combination of them.  

  • Chemotherapy Drugs

The chemotherapy drugs are directed by the doctors depending on what kinds of drug you have used before and the stage of cancer. In fact, paclitaxel and carboplatin are the 2 common chemotherapy drugs for ovarian cancer. They are used once every 3 weeks by being dripped into a vein on the treatments for ovarian cancer. That means 3 week period is a cycle of treatment and you often need about 6 cycles at all. Each treatment may last for 3 to 4 hours, which can be carried out in the outpatients department or even up to 24 hours on rare occasions, which is done overnight in the hospital.

In addition, there will be more drugs are suggested on the treatments for ovarian cancer including gemcitabine, liposomal doxorubicin, topotecan, or cisplatin. However, you just have to follow the direction of the doctors and asking them thoroughly if necessary.

  • Chemotherapy Side Effects

Chemotherapy, of course, is an important step on the treatments for ovarian cancer but it also has side effects. Or in other words, all of the treatments with chemotherapy leave unexpected results for the patients indeed. More clearly, these side effects include tiredness, diarrhea, the feeling of sick, and a fall in the blood cell counts. These side effects may depend on the regular drugs you take in, how much you use them, and how you react to them. Facing to unexpected effects, don’t worry too much because they may certainly occur after experiencing chemotherapy as well.

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3. Biological Therapytreatments for ovarian cancer - biological therapy

Biological therapies are other treatments for ovarian cancer changing the way cells signal to others and acting on processes in cells. In other words, they can support the body to control and attack the spread of cancer cells and help women with the advanced disease after previous treatment. Although biological therapies cannot cure cancer absolutely, they also aid in controlling the condition for a while thereby helping the patients live longer.

Among the application of biological therapies as the treatments for ovarian cancer, one type is called bevacizumab (Avastin) that prevents the tumors from growing their own in the blood vessels so that cancer cannot spread. In fact, biological therapies are recommended to use along with chemotherapy for advanced ovarian cancer in some women, which helps them live longer for a few months.

In addition, women who have had gene changes that are called BRCA1 and BRCA2 need a biological therapy drug also known as olaparib when the chemotherapy fails to act. Nowadays, researchers are still trying to find out other biological therapies for advanced ovarian cancer, which has been conducted by a number of trials indeed. However, it will take a few years for these new therapies as treatments for ovarian cancer to be inspected enough to apply widely.

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4. Radiotherapy

treatments for ovarian cancer - radiotherapy

When cancer is advanced, the surgery may be not effective enough to remove all cancer and you may be not well enough to experience a big operation as well. It is the time you have chemotherapy to reduce as much of cancer as possible to slow down the spread and radiotherapy to ease the symptoms, which depends on where cancer has spread to.

In common, doctors require radiotherapy for those with advanced ovarian cancer. It is because this therapy helps shrink the tumors and relieve the symptoms. Unfortunately, there is a maximum dose of radiotherapy for any parts of your body, which means it will not be a good idea to use radiotherapy to your abdomen just after an initial surgery. It is only applied for the treats for ovarian cancer when it has spread to other organs of the body. Therefore, you may have it when you have not had radiotherapy for that part before yet.

Note: Ovarian cancer is a very dangerous disease that can cause the death anytime, so it is important to take care of yourself thoroughly by strictly following the direction of specialists. You should find someone professional from the first time so that he can ride you on the right ways as treatments for ovarian to lengthen your life as much as possible.

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After reading our article on 4 holistic treatments for ovarian cancer suitable for each stage in our main Health page, hope that you all can understand how to treat ovarian cancer effectively. It is advised to consult your doctors and specialists before going on these suggested treatments. And if you have any question, please leave them below and share with us other treatments for ovarian cancer if you get more.

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