What Are The Warning Signs Of Cancer – 8 Early Signs

Nowadays cancer is the incurable disease and becoming more and more popular, especially in the developing countries because of low living rate. There are many types of cancers such as: pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer… how can you do to know whether you have cancer or not? Let see the following:

What Are The Early Warning Signs Of Cancer That You Should Take Notice?

As you know, cancer is only the general name for a group of over 100 diseases. It happens when abnormal cells grow out of control. There are many kinds of cancers with different early warning signs of cancer. And some others don’t have any sign and only be discovered when it is more and more serious. Sometimes, warning signs of cancer are very unobvious and often misunderstand with other diseases. Although cancer is very difficult to treat, treatment for cancer will be positiveif it is discovered early. Hence, if you have some following signs, you should be careful and visit to doctor when these signs become more and more serious:

1. Unusual Weight Loss: 

warning signs of cancer

Recently, you have not done exercises or go on a diet. But you still lost weight seriously, about 4 or 5 kg within one month. If any, you should be vigilant. It can be a sign of any cancer, for example, thyroid disease, colon cancer or other parts of the digestive system. Visit doctor and give them specific signs such as when did you start losing weight? Or how much do you lose?

2. Flatulence: 

warning signs of cancer

This is a sign which most of women face with. It can be caused from indigestion or some things like that. However, if flatulence is unusual and not related to menstrual cycle, you should pay attention. You can have flatulence and cannot wear your clothes or dress. It may happen suddenly and lengthen about 2 or more weeks. And flatulence may come with the pain in the abdomen or pelvis. These signs can be symptoms of ovarian cancer.

This disease is very difficult to discover in the first period of disease.

3. Unexpected Bleeding:

warning signs of cancer

Coughing up blood is a sign of lung cancer. Blood enclosed with stool when moving your bowels is the sign of colon cancer. Vaginal bleeding is the symptom of cervix cancer or uterine cancer. Or urinating with blood often means hemorrhoids, but in some cases, it is related to kidney cancer or bladder cancer.

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4. Unusual Changes In The Breast:

warning signs of cancer

Any change in this area can be a sign of many diseases related to your breast. If the skin has rash, it may be a sign of inflammatory which is rather rare. Or your skin has itch, rash or peeled skin about some weeks.

Or your breast suddenly secretes milk while you are not breast-feeding. All these signs are needed to notice. You can check yourself around your breast area. If you discover any sign of breast cancer, advice for you is that you should visit a doctor to test if you have one of these warning signs.

5. Changes On The Skin: 

warning signs of cancer

All the changes of the skin structure, warts, moles or pigmentation are the signs of skin cancer. Melanomas are one of the common forms of skin cancer and have symptoms like spots on the skin with unusual color, sizes, and shapes. The changes of moles or warts should be noticed if they grow larger, grow hair or change its color and shapes.  This sign appear because it may be the consequence of declining the number of platelets in the body.  Platelets help to prevent from bleeding. If they decrease, it will be shown on the skin with discoloration. When these signs appear,it is the best to visit a doctor for a healthy test.

6. Swollen Lymph Nodes: 

warning signs of cancer

These lymph nodes are often on the both sides of the neck, armpit and groin areas. Normally, they often can be swelling if you have infection and reduce the swell when you are well again. But if these nodes grow bigger and bigger in more than 1 month and become tumor, it can be related to blood cancer and lymphatic disease.

7. Fatigue: 

warning signs of cancer

This is one of the implicit early warning signs of cancer that often can be ignored. Tiredness is normal when you do work too much and it is very difficult to conclude that it is cancer. However, tiredness caused from cancer is different from tiredness caused from hard works. If you feel tired with unobvious reasons, you should come to talk to doctor in order to find out the real causes. With cancer patients, they often feel tired even when they are taking a rest.

8. Indigestion Or Dysphagia: 

warning signs of cancer

Dysphagia can be an early symptom of stomach cancer. However, stomach cancer is just found in the people over the age of 40. With a person like smoking and drinking wine, this can be a sign of mouth or throat cancer.

If you have one or more the above early warning signs of cancer, it does not mean that you migh have cancer. However, if you find some unexplained changes in your body, you should go for a medical examination in order to detect the disease early and treat them timely. If you have any question related to this “what are the early warning signs of cancer” topic, you can leave your comment on this website; we will feedback to you soon.

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