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Containing few ingredients and sold by a company that’s been accused of being a pyramid scheme, Prelox Blue doesn’t have a lot going for it. Add to that an expensive price, a complicated buying scheme, and poor customer reviews, and you’ve got a pretty poor product. Our review is here:

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Prelox Blue Overview

Prelox Blue is a men’s sexual health supplement, one that contains an array of ingredients formulated to help men perform better in bed. Some men don’t have a very easy time of it when it comes to erections or sexual desire, and this product is supposed to be a natural, healthy way of helping them out.

This is an unusual men’s supplement, not only in the way it’s formulated, but also because of the company that sells it: the multilevel, direct marketing operation Herbalife.

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Prelox Blue Claims

Compared to other products, Prelox Blue doesn’t actually make many claims about what it does. While other men’s sexual health products have pages and pages of claims, assertions, and promises, ranging from “make women crave you!” to “your penis will get bigger!”, Prelox Blue has one sentence on its web page: that it contains ingredients “to support male sexual health.” That’s it! What exactly is it supposed to do? We had to figure that out on our own, tracking down an Amazon page that sells the product.

It’s apparently supposed to do two things: enhance circulatory health, and “promote” sexual pleasure. We’ve actually complained in the past about how over the top some of these companies are when it comes to what they promise, but in this case, we actually prefer those to this.

So who makes Prelox Blue? Technically it’s made by Horphag Research, Ltd, but they’re not the ones you buy it from. No, you buy it from notorious multilevel marketing scheme Herbalife.  This company has been around for decades, and is probably the most successful MLM company ever. Its business approach is relatively simple: people sign up to be “distributors,” independent salespeople who sell Herbalife’s products directly to people (friends, family, strangers, anyone). That’s not where they’ve been criticized, however. The problem is that distributors have to buy products from Herbalife in the first place, and then try and sell them in order to make their money back. Since Herbalife makes the majority of its money from distributors buying their products in order to sell it, and not from paying customers, Herbalife has been accused of being an pyramid scheme.

In 2024, the FTC settled a lawsuit against Herbalife after determining that its operations were fundamentally unethical, and Herbalife had to pay out $200 million in reimbursement to people who’d lost money buying in to the scheme.

Nice people, huh?

Their business model means the only way to buy Prelox Blue is through a distributor. So you have to find someone who works for Herbalife, promise to buy from them, and then they’ll give you some sort of coupon or code you can use to sign up for an Herbalife account on the main website. Then you can buy. At least, that’s what we think happens. The whole process is so confusing and complex, you might get different answers from different people. The main thing is this: this company is not in the business of making people healthy, but in making money.

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Prelox Blue Ingredients

Prelox Blue has very few ingredients, compared to the competition. Here are the ones we found listed:

  • L-Arginine HCL
  • Aspartic Acid
  • L-Taurine
  • Pycnogenol

L-Arginine is a compound found in lots of different types of foods, including shellfish, wheat, red meat, and dairy products. It’s used as a way to increase circulation. How does it do this? It converts to nitric oxide, which widens the blood vessels and allows for more blood to flow through the body.

Sex supplements claim that with more circulation, blood will more easily reach the parts of the body that are further from the heart, like the penis or vagina.

Aspartic acid (also called D-aspartic acid) is an amino acid found naturally in the diet, particularly in soy products. Some nutritional supplements contain it because it’s supposed to interact with the parts of the brain that produce hormones, so that they can produce more testosterone. More testosterone, the higher the sex drive – but does d-aspartic acid even work? We’ll take a look at that.

L-Taurine is what’s considered a conditional amino acid, meaning that it can be made by the body itself, but although this is the case, some people still can’t manufacture it themselves and so must consume it as a part of their diet. It’s mainly found in meat and fish. It’s supposed to improve heart function and lower blood pressure. It’s claimed to have a lot of other effects, such as boosted athletic performance and energy (which is why it’s included in some energy drinks) but the science is a little scanty on that.

Pycnogenol is a little-used extract made from pine bark. We did a little research and found that it’s supposed to do lots of various things including helping prevent strokes, improve heart health, treat erectile dysfunction, and make men more fertile. Wow! All of that just from the bark of the pine tree? Well, we looked a little further and this ingredient is actually a lot less impressive than it seems at first.

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The Science Behind Prelox Blue

Since Prelox Blue doesn’t contain any detailed scientific information, we were left to try and find out this information ourselves. It’s a little disappointing that Herbalife doesn’t try and offer any information for customers, instead making them go off on their own and hunt down the facts if they want to know what they’re getting into. Here’s what we learned:

D-aspartic acid has been used by many supplements for men, particularly those having to do with muscle gains and sex drive. Why? It’s probably because it’s one of the few herbal ingredients that’ve seen any sort of scientific testing. They think that looks good to customers, as most supplements contain products that have never been really tested. Unfortunately, there’s only one real study that shows any significant increase in testosterone from taking a supplement containing d-aspartic acid (Topo, et al, 2024). Just one study. Other studies have been done on it, such as Melville, et al. (NIH), but they show no real meaningful increase in testosterone. An overview of d-aspartic acid tests concluded that, after looking through all trials that’d been done, there’s no real proof that d-aspartic acid works (Roshanzamir, Safavi, 2024).

Pycnogenol seems harmless enough, being only pine bark. But we were amazed when we saw all these claims of its health benefits. But is there proof? Not for most of its supposed benefits, it turns out. There was a study that found it could help men with erectile dysfunction, but only when taken with l-arginine, and only when taken for three months(!) (WebMD), but outside of that there’s “insufficient evidence” that it works to help men’s sex drives. More tests have to be done, apparently.

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Word on the Street about Prelox Blue

Since there are no customer reviews on the product’s main website, we had to look to other sources, like Amazon, for an idea of what people are saying about it. The responses aren’t amazing, with an overall “mixed” reception as far as we’ve seen. Here’s a snapshot of some:

“This isn’t really for everyday use, as far as I’ve seen. You can use it the day before you plan to be intimate, even.”

“I wouldn’t buy this.”

“This doesn’t work perfectly, but it helps some.”

“This is expensive. I’d try another product instead, before this one.”


“I haven’t seen any benefits from using this so far. Why isn’t it working? The rest of me is in shape, so I thought for sure I’d see the results.”

“This is way too expensive to use regularly. And it only gave me a small boost to my sexuality.”

So as you can see, not only do many people think it doesn’t work, even the ones who say it does work claim that it’s just too expensive.

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Is Prelox Blue Worth a Try?

Overall, this product isn’t very compelling. It contains very few ingredients, some of which have very little proof that they work (like aspartic acid and pycnogenol). It might have even done it some good to include other herbs and extracts that have been seen to affect the sex drive, like horny goat weed or fenugreek – but it didn’t, opting instead for a low-power formula that could be weakened by the presence of poor ingredients. Customers aren’t very happy with the product, with many complaining about the price, but the worst part is the way to buy it: you have to get yourself involved with a company that’s been accused of being a pyramid scheme, and which has been slapped with lawsuits by the FTC for unfair business practices.

Sounds like you’d be saving yourself a lot of disappointment by avoiding this product. If you have to go through a convoluted sign-up/code/account scheme just to buy a product (which many say is overpriced to begin with), and that product doesn’t even seem to work, it’s a product that’s doomed to fail.

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Prelox Blue vs Viagra

The main difference between these supplements is the fact that one’s a supplement, while the  other is a drug. Prelox Blue can be bought by anyone, while Viagra requires a medical professional to write a prescription for it. They’re also intended to do different things: while Prelox Blue promises to help men have a more robust sex drive and better erections, Viagra’s sole purpose is to give men erections and has nothing to do with libido at all. The prices are also wildly different: Prelox Blue’s price is $60 for a one-month supply of 60 tablets, while Viagra can cost around $44 per individual pill. Yikes! Viagra also can come with some side effects such as heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and dizziness, and some people have even temporarily lost their hearing as a result of using it. Prelox Blue isn’t listed as having any side effects.

Prelox Blue vs Vigrx Plus

These products both promise a bigger sex drive and harder erections for the men who take them, but how do they compare? Prelox Blue is a little cheaper, first of all ($60 per box, compared to $70), but contains fewer ingredients. Vigrx Plus has more ingredients, including more herbal supplements. The big difference between the two is that you can just straight up buy Vigrx Plus – no need to go through finding distributors, sign up for auto-ship plans, create profiles, etc. If you want to get nitty gritty, Vigrx Plus technically has a lower overall rating on Amazon: 2.5/5 stars, compared to Prelox Blue’s 3.3/5 (although Vigrx has three times more customers reporting in).

Prelox Blue FAQ

  1. Where can I read Prelox Blue (Herbalife) reviews?
    You can read reviews of this product on Amazon, although it’s possible that the secret member’s-only Herbalife shopping site has user reviews, but we can’t confirm that.
  2. What is the price for Prelox Blue (Herbalife)?
    It costs about $60 for a one-month’s supply, as far as we’ve seen.
  3. How does Prelox Blue compare vs Viagra?
    If you’d like to know how these two products stack up, check out the section above where we compare Prelox Blue to similar products.
  4. What are the benefits of Prelox Blue from Herbalife?
    The promised benefits are more blood flow to the penis, and a higher sex drive.
  5. Can you buy Prelox Blue at GNC?
    Nope, you can only buy this product directly from an Herbalife “distributor.” This is because of the unique (and controversial) sales model that’s sustained Herbalife, as well as drawn criticism and lawsuits. Read the above review for more, if you haven’t.
  6. Can I buy Prelox Blue (Herbalife) in India?
    Since Herbalife does have distributors in India and other parts of Asia, we think it’s safe to assume that yes, you can probably buy it there as long as you find a person who works with Herbalife.
  7. Can I buy Prelox Blue on Amazon?
    You can’t buy it on Amazon, but the product does have a page there. Sometimes people will try and sell Herbalife products through other means (like Amazon shops), although it’s not clear whether these are authentic Herbalife products or just knockoffs, like some people have claimed.
  8. What are the ingredients in Prelox Blue from Herbalife?
    The active ingredients in this product are as follows: L-Arginine HCL, Aspartic Acid, L-Taurine, and Pycnogenol.
  9. Does Prelox Blue have any side effects?

    This supplement isn’t advertised as having any side effects, and we didn’t see any customers complaining about any particular side effects. You may have to look at the potential side effects of each ingredient, in order to make sure.
  10. What about Prelox from Life Extension?
    There is another product (simply called “Prelox”) that’s made by Horphage and sold via a number of different companies around the world. It’s very similar to Prelox Blue, but Prelox Blue is the formulation used by Herbalife exclusively.

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