10 healthy foods that reduce bloating and gas in your stomach fast

Bloating and gas is one of the most popular problems in your digestive system. Most of us experience the uncomfortable feeling of bloating and gas. There are some reasons that can cause bloating like eating fatty foods and gassy foods, drinking carbonated beverages, stress or anxiety, smoking or gastrointestinal infection or disease, other diseases. And, there are many ways to get rid of bloating including using medicine and home remedies like natural ways, in which, foods that reduce bloating and gas in your stomach is the safest way for bloating.

List Of Healthy Foods That Reduce Bloating And Gas In Your Stomach You Should Know

Most of natural foods are generally good for your health. However, some foods can be good for some healthy problems at the same time harmful for other. That is why you should know the list of healthy foods that reduce bloating and gas in your stomach if you are interested in this topic. This writing will show you the common foods you should add in your meal to get the healthy stomach and reduce bloating if any. They are:

1. Bananas:

foods that reduce bloating-bananas

Besides gas, high sodium intake is also one of the common reasons that can lead to bloating. Sodium contains in processed foods and restaurant items that can retain water in your body. Keep your overall potassium-sodium level in your body is very significant for balancing the water. And if you had a salty dinner last night, you can try to eat bananas with some morning oatmeal in order to keep this level balance, since then, reducing bloating in your digestive system. In addition, constipation is also a common cause for bloating and gas. So, eliminating waste in the gastrointestinal tract will help reduce bloating. Bananas are high in soluble fiber that can relieve constipation well.

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2. Yogurt:

foods that reduce bloating-yogurt

Yogurt is known as an excellent food for your beauty and healthy. It is not amazing when it becomes one of the healthy foods that reduces bloating and gas in your digestive system. It contains good bacteria named probiotics contribute to support your digestive system very well, reduce bloating in your stomach by increasing the good bacteria like lactobacillus and bifidobacterium in your digestive tract. Plainly, non-fat and low-fat yogurts are the best for you to eat. If these yogurts are not suitable for your taste, you can add more fresh fruit to make your yogurt more delicious.

3. Celery:

foods that reduce bloating-celery

Like asparagus, celery is also very diuretic and becomes one of the foods that reduce bloating and gas because it can be used to relieve water retention in your body. However, celery is also known as a food that contains the highest levels of contaminants like chlorothalonil, the potentially carcinogenic and neurotoxic pesticides that are very harmful for your body. Hence, you should notice to use only celery that grown organically in order to avoid contaminants intake.

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4. Cucumbers:

foods that reduce bloating-cucumbers

Most of us know that cucumber is one of the popular items for beauty. Its benefits can be for skin, eye. However, only a few people know that it is also good for your health, especially for your stomach. It is shown to lower the activity of the pro-inflammatory enzymes because it contains a flavonoid antioxidant named quercetin that is helpful for reducing swelling. So, you can eat it to prevent and reduce bloating in your stomach as well as make your skin lighter and softer. Or, a glass of cucumber water daily is good for your body.

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5. Papaya:

foods that reduce bloating-papaya


One of other foods that reduce bloating and gas is papaya. Papaya is very rich in papain, an enzyme can help break down proteins in your gastrointestinal tract, since then, make your digestion better. Furthermore, it also contains anti-inflammatory properties, especially fibers that are very useful for supporting your digestive tract. With papaya, you can eat directly or enjoy it as a healthy smoothie.

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6. Lemon:

foods that reduce bloating-lemon

Lemon with various benefits for our health has become the most popular food in your menu. It is considered as a natural detoxifier for your body and keeps your body hydrated. It is very high in vitamins, minerals, riboflavin, proteins, carbohydrate that are useful for your digestion. Thanks to its acidic property, lemon can help improve the production of hydrochloric acid, a compound that breaks down the foods. The simplest way for reducing bloating with lemon is to drink warm lemon juice.

7. Asparagus:

foods that reduce bloating-asparagus

Asparagus is considered as an anti-bloating superfood for your digestive system. It contains prebiotics that can support the development of good bacteria in your body, at the same time keep your digestive system healthy, since then, prevent and reduce bloating and gas in your gastrointestinal. It is also diuretic that contributes to flush all excess water from your body so as to relieve discomfort and bloat.

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8. Fennel Seeds:

foods that reduce bloating-fennel seeds

Fennel is known as one of the excellent herbs for your foods. It is also very useful for your health. In case of bloating and gas in your stomach, fennel seeds show itself to be one of the healthy foods that reduce bloating and gas effectively. The seeds contain a compound, anethol terpenoid that can inhibit spasms in smooth muscles in your intestinal tract. Since then, it can reduce gastrointestinal spasms, remove gas from your body and relieve bloating. Fennel seeds can be combined with breads and sausages or you can chew them directly or drink it as a good tea after your meal. Pregnant women should avoid fennel seeds with large quantities.

9. Ginger:

foods that reduce bloating-ginger

Ginger is considered as an excellent item in your kitchen that can make your dish become more delicious. It is also a good home remedy for many healthy problems like colds, achy muscles, seasickness, cramps. Bloating and gas in your stomach can be treated by using ginger. As we know, ginger is a good anti-inflammatory from nature and supports your digestive system effectively. It can help relax the muscles of your digestive system and make it more comfortable, thereby, contribute to relieve bloating. Furthermore, an enzyme in ginger also helps to absorb proteins, since then, lowering protein-induced puffiness and gas in your digestive system. You can add fresh ginger to your smoothies or salad dressings or enjoy it as a homemade ginger tea.

10. Chamomile And Peppermint Tea:

foods that reduce bloating-chamomile and peppermint tea

Chamomile and peppermint tea help relax the muscles of digestive system and dissipate gas and bloating from your stomach. Chamomile tea also helps relax and soothe your stomach. So do peppermint. Some researches showed that these can help relax your muscles of digestive system. That is why you can remove bloating and gas by eating peppermint tea leaves or peppermint tea.

Besides the foods that reduce bloating and gas in your stomach, you should avoid some foods that can make bloating and gas like foods with too much sugar such as cakes, bread, beer, wine, alcohol, marmite, balsamic, soy sauce, gherkins, pickled onions…

The above is the list of healthy foods that reduce bloating and gas in your stomach that you should know to get a healthy digestive system. However, you also remember that if all home remedies you applied are not effective, you should visit your doctor for advice. And please leave your idea about this topic by writing your idea in the following form of this post, also if you have any question. We will reply you soon.

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