10 Early Warning Signs Of Diabetes In Men & Women To Watch Out

early warning signs of diabetes in men & women

Diabetes is a disease which is characterized by high blood sugar, which doctors refer to as hyperglycemia. When it comes to early warning signs of diabetes, many of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are similar. Because type 2 diabetes could result in some serious health complications, so it is crucial to be aware of any diabetes warning signs and get tested for diabetes, if you have these symptoms. Curing diabetes early, when treatment is most effective, could help in preventing these diabetes complications. In fact, type 1 diabetes is because of a lack of insulin because the insulin producing cells have been damaged.

In other words, type 2 diabetes happens when the cells of the body become resistant to insulin which is being produced. Actually, either way, your own cells are not getting the glucose that they need, and that way your body will let you know by giving you the signs and symptoms.

Check out top warning signs of diabetes in men and women below – from VKool.com – so you will be able to prevent it beforehand!

10 Warning Signs Of Diabetes – Symptoms In Men And Women 

1. Frequent Trips To The Restroom

warning signs of diabetes

If recently you visit the bathroom too frequently, then there might be too much glucose in your blood. If insulin is ineffective or nonexistent, your kidneys could not filter glucose back to the blood. Then, they become overwhelmed and try to draw additional water out of your blood in order to dilute the glucose. This will keep your own bladder full, thereby keeping you running continually to the bathroom.

2. Extreme Thirst

warning signs of diabetes

Do you feel like you could not get enough water and you tend to drink much more water than normal, then it can be one of warning signs of diabetes to pay attention to, particularly if it seems to go hand in hand with frequent urination. Once your body is pulling additional water out of your own blood and you run to the bathroom more, you will be dehydrated and feel the demand of drinking more to replace the water lost.

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3. Weight Loss Without Trying

warning signs of diabetes

The condition of overly high blood sugar levels could result in weight loss – about 10-20 pounds over 2-3 months – but this is actually not a healthy and safely weight loss. As the insulin hormone is not getting glucose into the cells, where it could use as the energy, the human body will think it is starving and begins breaking down protein from the muscles as an alternative source of fuel.

Also, the kidneys are working overtime to eradicate the excessive sugar, and this causes calories reduction.

4. Feel Very Hungry 

warning signs of diabetes

Another sign of diabetes is excessive hunger. As mentioned earlier, the excessive sugar that leads to frequent urination also results in the excessive loss of sugar, which means that the human body is losing calories, counting for a sudden loss in weight. However, this loss of calories will leave the human body feeling extremely hungry, result in more eating, therefore perpetuating the cycle. Thus, feeling excessively hungry all day long, plus with other symptoms on this list, should prompt someone to see their doctor.

5. Fatigue And Weakness 

warning signs of diabetes

The glucose from what you eat will travel into your bloodstream where insulin is supposed to assist it in transitioning into the body cells. The cells use it to manufacture the energy necessary for living. As the insulin is not there or if the cells do not react to it anymore, the glucose will stay outside the body cells in the bloodstream. As a result, the cells will become starved and you in turn will feel tired and run down.

6. Numbness In Hands And Feet

warning signs of diabetes

Excessive sugar in the blood plays a main role in nerve damage, a condition named Diabetic Neuropathy. This damage is considered as one of the major causes of amputations among diabetes. Thus, if an individual notices tingling or numbness in his/her hands and feet, or if he/she is experiencing a burning sensation in her arms, hands, legs or feet for an extended span of time, then he/she should definitely visit a doctor. The nerve damage might be not reversible in most cases.

7. Slow Healing Sores 

warning signs of diabetes

This sign might be still a mystery. Diabetics alike and doctors have observed for many years that wounds and sores seem to heal at a very slow rate. Nevertheless, no one really knows the reason behind it, yet it has been observed that those who are diabetic do not heal fast. That might be due to the excess sugar in the blood interferes with the ability of the human body to heal, yet more research should be carried out in this area.

8. Blurred Vision 

warning signs of diabetes

Diabetes, in fact, pulls the fluids from tissues, leading to dehydration. When the fluid is pulled from the eyes, as usually occurs in diabetes sufferers, the consequence is an inability to concentrate the eyes. And, if the condition is not treated, over time, it could impact the blood vessels in the eye causing partial vision loss or even total blindness. Thus, if you notice that your vision suddenly changes, then it should be concerned and checked out.

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9. Swollen Gums 

warning signs of diabetes

Among warning signs of diabetes, this might be overlooked oftentimes. Diabetes, in reality, could weaken the ability of the human body to defeat germs, many of which break through the body via the mouth. This could lead to a lot of problems with the mouth containing painful swollen gums, the erosion of jaw bone, and overtime, tooth loss. If you had dental issues before developing diabetes, you will find that these problems will get significantly worse.

10. Skin Problems 

warning signs of diabetes

Itchy skin, maybe the consequence of poor circulation and dry skin, could usually be a warming symptom of diabetes, as are other skin problems, like nigricans and acanthosis.

This is a darkening of the skin around the armpit and neck area. Those who have this already have an insulin resistance process happening even if their blood sugar may not high. If you see this, you should check their blood sugar.

Diabetes is really a serious medical problem that, if left untreated, could fatal. However, this does not have to be the case. The earlier diabetes condition is diagnosed, the earlier treatment could start. So, lookout for the warnings signs of diabetes in men and women above, and be sure that you visit your doctor regularly.

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