Basic Tai Chi Exercises For Beginners And Seniors

Tai Chi (Taiji) is a form of Chinese martial art, which is referred to the practice of the meditation in motion. The flowing and gentle, low-impact movements in Tai Chi martial art help promote clear mind, increase relaxation, reduce stress, increase conscious awareness of present moment, improve body balance, reduce anxiety an depression, lower blood pressure, enhance better sleep and a lot more. Tai Chi exercises are generally good and suitable for different people of any physical fitness level. Now, read the entire article on VKool to know basic Tai Chi exercises for beginners and seniors and at first, discover their wonderful benefits for health!

Top Basic Tai Chi Exercises For Beginners & Seniors

I. Benefits Of Tai Chi Exercises

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Tai Chi is an effective self-healing system that inter-wines and refines a variety of internal power techniques. Tai Chi offers healing applications and potential health available in this martial art without complex choreography. The set of Tai Chi is easy and quick to learn and Tai Chi serves as the stepping-stone to practicing other more complex Tao movements.

In general, with repetitive and gentle motion, Tai Chi is to practice to:

  • Improve flexibility and balance, particularly for the joints
  • Release back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain
  • Improve digestive system
  • Increase blood flow and open vascular system
  • Relieve heart tension that contribute to regulated blood pressure
  • Boost the sex drive
  • Revitalize and energize internal organ base

For more details, Tai Chi benefits are great for you to learn because of the following reasons:

1. Tai Chi Is Good For Computer Users

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Tai Chi is specially good for computer users, business people or those who spend much time on working with machines and technology. The Tai Chi practice helps release the bound tension in neck, shoulders, hands, fingers and arms even when they are not done well particularly.

2. Tai Chi Helps Transfer Your Skills Into Form

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For anyone practicing tai chi, they can upgrade their form by doing Tai Chi to deepen their internal power and integrate the absent strands. There are 16 components generating health benefits associated with Tai Chi that can be transferred into their form. You don’t need to learn a new style of Tai Chi, just practice a few effective exercises in order to dramatically increase your form.

3. Tai Chi Helps Train Your Twisting And Shifting Weight

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Tai Chi uses the twisting, weight shifting and turning to create circles in the 2 directions on 3 planes (vertical, sagittal and horizontal) – the principle of all Tao movements with the internal content through totally 12 exercises.

The weight shifting, turning and twisting bring your legs alive to produce the power, unify the whole body and embed the core principles. They include:

  • Root your lower body for carrying your upper body
  • No moves before your spine
  • From the posture to the posture internal power that is unbroken

4. Tai Chi Helps Generate Qi For Your Vitality And Health

tai chi helps generate qi for your vitality and health download

The circling Tai Chi actions of hands help create continuous motion and create the possibility of having incredible amounts of Qi energy. The Tai Chi practitioners can seek to remove their stops by smoothing out glitches in the body and tuning them into the flow that let the Qi flow unimpeded.

Repetitive and regular practice of this martial art helps embody the foundational motions for hand, leg and body motions. Hence, it can make the practice and the refining of forming an easier obtainable process.

Tai Chi players can make their body relaxed, strong and soft while keeping their mind calm and smooth. They are actually ingredients to create excellent vitality and health.

II. 5 Tips To Do Tai Chi Exercises For Beginners

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Here are 5 useful tips for Tai Chi beginners to start doing this martial art.

Tip 1:

Each Tai Chi form has its special benefits. For instance, Wu Tai Chi style is associated to the meditation techniques. Thus, choose the best style of Tai Chi for achieving your goals.

Tip 2:

Tai Chi movements comprise about 5% of Tai Chi art. Other 95% is concerned with 16 components of the internal power. Be ware of that to learn and perform Tai Chi exercises for good.

tips to do tai chi exercises for beginners download

Tip 3:

There are 7 basic stages in performing Tai Chi. Knowing your right place on your map to overcome personal setbacks or obstacles for reaping deeper benefits of Tai Chi.

Tip 4:

Practice Tai Chi exercises with patience. Tai chi progresses from the gross to the subtle ones and they can’t be rushed.

Tip 5:

Remember that not all Tai Chi Instructors are created equally for you. Their teaching skills and ability may impart their knowledge to your safety and progress. Before starting Tai Chi practice, remember to:

tips to do tai chi exercises for beginners download

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing
  • Wear flat and well-fitting shoes
  • Do Tai Chi movements slowly, smoothly and continuously
  • Don’t continue any movement if you feel painful or have some discomfort
  • Move within a comfort range
  • Before doing a movement, stretch to about 70% of a normal range, then increase your range gradually
  • When it is appropriate, do the both sides

III. Basic Tai Chi Exercises For Beginners And Seniors

1. Warm Up Exercises

warm up exercises

When it comes to Tai Chi exercises for beginners and seniors, never skip warm up exercises. Take 1 to 2 minutes walking around and shaking your legs and hands gently. Next, clench and unclench your hands. This helps loosen your joints and body to start doing Tai Chi exercises.

According to Ellae Elinwood, a Tai Chi instructor warming up the body is important to facilitate Tai Chi movements. It helps open the body and promote the relaxation while encouraging the well-being state.

One of basic warm up in Tai Chi is the waist loosening. To do this exercise, stand with the feet parallel and wider slightly than the hip-width distance apart. Then, relax the arms by the sides. Next, rotate the hips to the right and the left. Allow the arms to follow your body movements. Then, let the arms hang loosely. Flap against the body as making each rotation. As the body’s warmed up, gently incorporate the shoulders, spine and neck in the rotations. Make each movement fluid and smooth.

2. Stretching


One of basic Tai Chi exercises fore beginners and seniors is stretching. Do each Tai Chi stretch for 3 to 5 times in any side you want to start.

For any balancing difficulty, use the wall or a chair for support.

Remember to stretch for just about 70% of your normal range and increase that range gradually.

Gently stretch 6 parts of your body: neck – shoulders – spine – hips – knees – ankles with 2 exercises for each of the body part.

3. Head Back

head back

When you inhale, slowly bring your hands up. Imagine your wrists are lifted by 2 balloons.
Next, turn the palms that allow the fingers to point upward. Then, bring them toward the chest and gently push the chin backward.

4. Head Down

head down

As you exhaling, push your hands outward to extend them in front, then press the hands down gently and slowly. At the same time, bring the head down toward the chest slowly.

5. Turning Head

turning head

Bring the left hand up and look forwards the palm. Put the right hand down near the hip and the palm facing the floor.

Next, move the left hand to the left. Turn the head to the left and keep the eyes on the palm. Come back to the face front. Then, change the palms that allow the right palm to face you, and the left palm is down at the left hip. Next, turn to your right and look at your right palm.

6. Gathering Qi

gathering qi

Try Gathering Qi among Tai Chi exercises for beginners and seniors.

When inhaling, extend your arms to the side then slightly lower the elbows than the hands. Let your palms face up with each other, then move the arms up above the head.

When exhaling, gently press the hands down in front of the body and below the navel.

7. Stretch Spine

stretch spine

Put the hands in front as if you are carrying a beach ball and inhale.

When exhaling, push the hand up against the ceiling and the fingertips are facing inward. And other hand is down in your side. Finish and change hands.

8. Spine Turn

spine turn

Next to basic Tai Chi exercises for beginners and seniors is spine turn. Put your hands in front as if you are carrying a beach ball. The left hand is on top. Slightly bend your knees and gently turn the waist to the left. Change your hands. Turn your right hand to the right on top. Keep the back upright.

9. Hip Forward Stretch

hip forward stretch

Place the left heel out in front, push your hands back to have balance. Next, step backward with the left foot that rest on your toes. Stretch the hands forward to shoulder height. Then, repeat on other side.

An alternative way is to step the toes near your right foot before your stepping backward.

Hope that this article on Tai Chi exercises for beginners and seniors is helpful for you. Share it with other people. For any comment about the writing, leave it at the end of the post.

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