The Top 29 Upper Back Pain Relief Tips And Exercises At Home

upper back pain relief tips

Do you have pain in your upper back pain? Reading this article, you will find proper tips to relieve your upper back pain at home naturally. Without expensive pills, medications, or supplements, you will be safe with adaptable tips and exercises shown in the article. I’m Hang Pham, an author from the site, and I made this article to show you the top 29 tips and exercises to help you get upper back pain relief at home instantly.

Upper Back Pain Relief – Discover Top 29 Tips And Exercises You Need For Relieving Your Upper Back Pain At Home

You will get a sore upper back if you overwork, spending hours at desk or in a position for a long time. Overworked hours are the good changes to increase the pain; however, you do not need to have surgery. By using the simple treatments at home, you can wipe out the pain quickly. But you may think of someone who can help you further if you are really painful or get some serious health problems.

1. Stop Exercising

When you exercise, if your upper back muscle hampers, you should stop immediately. You should not try to go through a cram because you will make the upper back pain more serious. If you do not stop it, you will make your muscle injury more serious.

2. Apply Back Stretches

One of the most effective ways to get upper back pain relief is stretching your back, which includes sensitive and tight muscles. By doing this way, you can increase your energy and posture levels. Back stretches also help you decrease tension headaches, reduce jaw and neck pain. You can refer some samples of stretches for upper back.

Here are 5 stretching exercises to relieve your upper back pain:

A. Eagle Arms: eagle arms

This stretching exercise is from yoga exercise. You will seat in a chair and practice it.

  • Sit upstanding, your head is vertical to your shoulders. Your feet are not extended further than hips width, and your feet should direct on the floor under your knees. If you feel painful when being flat your feet on the floor, blanket or a towel is the good choice for you.
  • Expand your arms straight
  • Cross your right bicep over your left bicep.
  • Lean your elbows, so your left elbow will catch your right forearm.
  • Turn around your right forearm to your left forearm; hold your left hand palm with the fingers of your right hand. You can catch your left thumb if you cannot achieve it.
  • Take breath for 20-30 seconds. Practice that exercise with another side.

B. Butterfly Wings:

This exercise will bring the same effect to you upper back, as well as the cat stretch that lead to the good effect to your middle back and lower back. You will seat in a chair when performing this exercise.

  • Sit straight in a chair, your head is erect, lay your hands in lap, and stretch your feet on the floor.
  • Pray and bring your hands in front of breastbone, breathe deeply.
  • Palms together, expand your hands in front of you while you exhale, around your upper back, relax your shoulders, and drop your head.
  • You face reaches to the ceiling, arch your upper back, and sweep your arms back while you inhale.
  • You will turn back your hands to the position of the prayer; your spine is straight in the next exhale.
  • Do this exercise for five to ten times.

C. Neck Rolls neck rolls

This exercise will release tension from shoulders jaw, neck, and head. If you practice every day, neck rolls will reduce the tension of upper back. It will reduce stiffness and pain in the shoulders, neck, headaches, and jaw. You can seat in a chair when performing this exercise.

  • Your head is erect, and your body is upright in a chair.
  • Lay your palms on thighs, take a rest on your arms and shoulders.
  • Keep your spine straight and take a rest while drop your head slowly and gently.
  • When you turn round your head to the left, let inhale deeply; your left ear should match with your left shoulder. Relax your arms and shoulders, follow your breath and move slowly. You should breathe deeply when your ear is over your shoulder.
  • Now your head is the center, exhale, breathe deeply, and move slowly
  • Inhale, turn your head around to the other side, your arms and shoulders relax, notice your breath
  • Practice this exercise from five to ten times

D. Seated Stretch

  • Sit in a chair, your back is straight, your feet are on the floor, and turn around your shoulders; your shoulders are bladed down.
  • Lay your hands on the shoulders, your elbows are out to the sides, and your palms are down.
  • Your elbows are in front of you; your hands are in the right place until you can feel stretch in upper back. Breathe deeply for five.
  • Turn back your elbows to the sides. You can stretch for 10-15 times.

E. Wall Stretch wall stretch

  •  Stand upright, face the wall, for 2 feet away.
  •  Lay your palms on your hands that are flat on the wall, shoulder is wide apart.
  • Your hands are down the wall, your back is straight, and your hands are straight with your waist. You can go forward or backward to make your body 90-degree angle for more comfortable.
  • Turn your shoulders back, which can be swayed gently when you can feel stretch in your upper back. Your neck is straight, and your head is not allowed to be hung down
  • Stretch this for 30 seconds or one minute. Now your hands are up the wall and turn your body back to the standing position.

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Keep reading this article to see other tips and exercises for upper back pain relief at home.

3. Walk It Out

When your cramp is passed; you do not start practicing exercise immediately. You should spend a few minutes on walking because the blood will flow back to your muscles in upper back and help you get upper back pain relief. Learn more: 18 Health Benefits Of Walking Everyday Outside Instead Of Driving

4. Chill Out

The trauma should be reduced properly by a cold bath or a cold shower if your upper back works heavily. According to Jack Foster – a world-class Australian runner, usually relieve his back pain by having cold water after every hard run. Actually, it is good enough for him after each run. Some Olympic runners use icy plunges after each harsh workout. They assure that icy can help you prevent your upper back from stiffness and soreness. Ice packs will be good for you if you see icy bath is too much. You can use cold packs for 20 to 30 minutes per time in every hour, for the first 24-72 hours after each workout. By loosening the blood vessels, which can decrease blood flow and inflammation, icy can help you avoid soreness.

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5. Avoid Heat

Beside the cold water, you can apply hot water or pad to feel better in the break; however, for upper back pain relief, it is not good because it can make circulation increase and contract the blood vessels. This thing can lead to swelling. In fact, heat can increase stiffness and soreness in upper back muscles, particularly if you put during 24 hours after tough workouts. You also should not use hear for 20 minutes in every hour if you cannot stand it for sore muscles. On the contrast, you can apply icy for one minute, and use hot pad for four minutes. When you reduce soreness and swelling after days, you can use hot bath to help your upper back muscles relax.

By bathing warm shower, your upper back will not be painful anymore. You can relieve the pain for upper back and shoulders when they are overworked. Ice pack can help you reduce soreness and swelling, so you can apply this remedy for 20 minutes in the painful area.

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6. Take An Anti-Inflammatory Herb take an anti-inflammatory herb

Some other kinds of herbs that can help you decrease your inflammation and pain are mint, chamomile, and black cohosh. In addition, lavender oil can create fragrant, which can help you relax and ease your awful upper back. Moreover, cayenne pepper can rise up circulation because it is warm. By increasing circulation, substances like lactic acid will be removed, and your upper back muscles will be rested.

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7. Do Easy Yoga Exercises

While doing something or exercising hard, you can move gently if you feel stiff and sore. Many people think that moving is not good, but it can help you warm up and go easier. You can do yoga exercises for 20 minutes to ease the pain usefully. Usually, pilates or yoga session can help you reduce the pain, as well as emotional stress that have the close connection with back pain. I will share with you one of the best yoga exercises that you should follow – Yoga Strap Stretch

Yoga Strap Stretch:

  • Step 1

Sit in a chair, your back is straight, turn around your shoulders back and down

  • Step 2

Keep your belt or yoga strap in your hands, your palms is facing out

  • Step 3

Your arms are risen up, your elbows are straight. You can expand your grip on the belt or strap until you can make your arms straight

  • Step 4

Hold the strap taunt and lower your chin to the chest

  • Step 5

Breathe deeply for five or six, inhale and exhale through your nose

  • Step 6

Your arms are lowered again. Practice the stretch many times if necessary

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8. Take A Swim

Swimming is one of the best remedies for upper back pain relief. The cold water in the swimming pool will help you decrease inflammation, and your soreness will be reduces if your back muscles move in the water.

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9. Massage It

Massage is one of the most natural treatments for upper back pain relief. Therefore, take a gentle massage if you feel painful. Massage also is one of the best ways to reduce your pains and encourage blood circulation. When you massage the painful area, let use natural oils shown above or use pepper rubs as below, to retrieve the double effects.

Massage is one of the best effective remedies that can manipulate the tissues in your body. It also can decrease the tension in your muscles, stiffness, and aches in your body. Massage can improve blood flow to the areas that can enhance healing process and crease smoothing warmth. There is a natural way to have a massage at home is to contact with professional therapist. You can get support from your friend by rubbing lotion into your sore muscles or massage by hands.

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professional masseur doing massage of female back

10. Warm Up Your Upper Back Muscles

You can make your upper back muscles warm in cold weather with adequate clothing. Layered clothing is concerned as the best way for you. Many people like warmth and compression. By running tights, you can achieve that target.

Before exercising, you should warm up your upper back muscles properly before exercising to avoid injuries and cramping. You do not need to stretch first, but you can walk a little bit, slowly, warm up your upper back. Hence, you can stretch appropriately. Even you do not work hard, but you should warm up it before doing any activity. It means that you make your upper back ready for your work. Believe me, warming up can prevent damage and cramp.

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11. Learn Your Limits

One of the most effective ways to avoid upper back pain, stiffness, and soreness is to learn your limits. If you feel sore and stiff in the following days, it means that you overwork or overdo exercise. You should exercise regularly during week. However, let begin the exercise with the short duration, and low intensity. Through the time, you will increase the intensity and duration, depends on your upper back pain. If you know your limits, you can get your upper back pain relief easily.

If you want to see other ways for upper back pain relief at home, continue reading this article.

12. Stretch Before Bed stretch before bed

Stretching before bed is one of the good ways for upper back pain relief. Before going to bed and relax at night, you can take minutes to stretch out the upper back muscles to prevent cramp with runner’s stretch. You can follow this exercise. Firstly, stand up facing with wall, far away from it for two or three feet, lay your palms on the wall that is equal to your height, you leg is straight, press down your heels opposite the floor, bend your elbows slowly, and the top of your body is toward the wall until you feel a stretch in calves. You can hold this position and then restart it.

13. Be Sure You Get Enough Calcium

You can think of calcium lack if you see nighttime cramps usually. Therefore, you should add calcium nutrients into your daily meals. Some calcium-rich foods you can use are dairy products, spinach, and broccoli. They are the useful foods if you want to supply calcium and avoid overweight. If you still see cramp at night, share with your doctor and he will describe supplements for you.

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14. Bouillon

One of the best effective remedies to skip cramps in upper back is taking warm soup before you ride a bike. You can drink a cup of chicken or beef bouillon before riding. It can help you replace sodium when sweating.


15. Epsom Salts

In order to make upper back pain relief, you can use hot bath with Epsom salts, but you should wait for 24 hours to try this treatment. Epsom salts have magnesium that can absorb the skin. Magnesium can promote torn muscles healing. You can add 2 cups of Epsom salts to hot water; simply, it can relieve your swelling.

Exactly, Epsom salt is the great source that you should try to ease your upper back pain. However, you do not use hot water, but warm water, which can keep wet for your skin. After putting Epsom salts in warm water, soak for 15 minutes, and you can apply 3 times per week. You should pay attention if you have heart problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Do not use Epsom salt if you have those health problems. Magnesium sulfate is used in making Epsom salts. Magnesium is the grateful chemical that can help you reduce swelling every quickly and effectively.

16. Banana

Banana is also an excellent fruit that you can add in your daily diet to eliminate cramping and gaining upper back pain relief. Eating banana, potassium can blame cramps in upper back. The American Dietetic Association advises you can get 2,000 mg potassium per day while one banana includes 450 mg of nutrient that can protect your upper back muscle. You will discover other ways for upper back pain relief in the next part of this article.

17. Milk

Lack of calcium is a reason that leads to cramp, so you should supply enough calcium by using the calcium-rich products including milk, which is very helpful to make your bone solid. For women, calcium is very important, especially for backbone health. For adults, you can use three glasses of milk per day. If you drink milk daily, you can get upper back pain relief without any medication.

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18. Water water

Water is good for health overall, and it is very great for upper back pain relief whenever you exercise. You always sweat when you practice exercise and sweat can make your body lack of water, cause muscles to mutiny. Before, during, and after you exercise, drinking water is the best choice for your health. Especially, let drink a cup of water per hour when you run. But you should not drink water too much because it can lead to mineral imbalance in your body.

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19. Rosemary

To stop swelling, you can try to use rosemary leaves in both dried and fresh leaves. However, fresh leaves have more volatile oils than dried leaves. There are four anti-inflammatory properties in this kind of herb. Those properties can help your upper back muscles calm and heal the pain quickly. Your skin absorbs rosemary, and eases your pain very perfectly. Firstly, you mix 1 pint jar with 1 ounce rosemary leaves, fill boiling water with the jar, wrap it, and stand it for 30 minutes. You can wash two or three times per day.

20. Eat Produce From Your Garden That Is Rich In Vitamin C And Flavonoids

In order to enhance elasticity and integrity of blood vessels, you should use flavonoids and vitamin C. Some foods that are rich in those vitamins are bilberry, hawthorn, elderberry, broccoli, citrus fruits, bell peppers, and plums.

Besides, there are some herbs that include flavonoids are skullcap, rosemary, nettle, butcher’s broom, Oregon grape. You can try to use those herbs with your favorite tea. To heal bruises, you can use externally chamomile, wormwood, and hazel.

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eat produce from your garden that is rich in vitamin c and flavonoids

21. Applying A Compress Or Taking Arnica

If you want to heal the pain quickly, you can supply St.John’s chamomile, wintergreen, wormwood, wort, witch hazel. In addition, one of the effective remedies for your upper back sprain is Arnica. You take advantage of this plant to comfort your pain quickly. In additional, you can drink tea from some herbs such as rosemary, valerian, skull cap, and so on.

22. Oral Magnesium

While missing calcium can cause upper back pain, magnesium lack can lead to upper back cramps and muscle pains. In this case, you should supply magnesium by foods including cashews, black beans, sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, cocoa powder, spinach, Swiss chard, molasses, pumpkin seeds, and squash (you can refer more information at World’s Healthiest Foods)

23. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) apple cider vinegar

There are 15 people on the Earth Clinic Muscle Cramp who uses apple cider vinegar for healing leg cramps and stiff muscles, and gaining upper back pain relief. Most of them combine one or two tablespoon in glass of water, and then drink it, some people drink directly. Some use the vinegar straightly on the upper back cramp. One fellow drinks pickle juice and receives the similar results. Judith advises 1 teaspoon of honey, a fresh mints, 8-10 ounces of cold water, and 2 teaspoons apple cider vinegar. Let mix those ingredients together and taste it.

24. Blackstrap Molasses

Ackbar the Earth Clinic user says that you can use 1 tablespoon of blackstrap molasses with a cup of coffee per day to ease upper back pain. It probably is rich in magnesium. Or you can mix molasses and ACV and it becomes a drink named Swtichel that was popular before you can taste drinks and juices for sports. This drink is lovely called Hillbilly Housewife.

Here is the switchel recipe:

  • 1/2 cup of  apple cider vinegar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons of ground ginger
  • 1/2 cup of sugar or honey
  • 1/4 cup of molasses
  • make 2 quarts with tapped water

Firstly, mix those ingredients together, add water, and mix them. You can serve yourself by ice or chill, if you like.

25. Coconut Oil coconut oil

For ailments, you can refer to coconut oil, which is the same function as apple cider vinegar. On the site of Earth Clinic, Lynn says that she usually uses coconut oil every day. By using 2-3 tablespoons in daily diets, mixing with butter, you will reduce the ailments entirely. If you want to use coconut oil to treat upper back pain, you can use coconut oil fudge, which includes cocoa powder and coconut oil.

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26. Movement

If you still feel sore and stiff, let make sure that you read the following tips. Through the times, you will improve your upper back, and do activities without discomfort. Not only standing up, sitting too much also make you stiff. Every morning, let get up and move around, move, and stretch gently. If you do not want to change, your upper back muscles will do the activities that they always do. Now you can do anything that you think active for you such as standing up, walking, running, and stretching.

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27. Hot Pepper Rubs

In hot peppers, you will find out Capsaicin, which has been used to reduce general lower, upper back pains, joint, and arthritis. You can find this chemical in omega 3 pain relieving cream or you can create your own cream by mixing ½ or ¼ cayenne peppers with coconut oil or a cup of olive oil. You also can mix with aloe vera gel. You can use the rubs in the painful areas, and then wash your hands. Remember that keeping your rub far away from mouth, nose, and eyes because it can irritate you. To make sure, you should test firstly. By the way, you will feel more comfortably when applying it in the affected areas. Some people can get allergic with this mix.

28. Rest And Relaxation rest and relaxation

Whenever you have discomfort, let lie down because moving can cause soreness much. By this way, you can stimulate the healing phase. In the downtime phase, you can apply some tips such as taking deep relax to improve your rehabilitation process. Progressive relaxation has the close association with the relaxing and tensing in variety groups of muscles, and help you identify when your upper back muscles are being tensed. Spine Universe suggests that lying down in week can cause greater problem, your back pain can be worsen, and your stiffness is harsh. Therefore, you should limit your lying down time, let move around, stretch, and slowly remove the discomfort.

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29. Begin Light Exercising To Promote Healing Of The Upper Back

In the process of upper back pain relief, you can exercise gently to enhance upper back muscle tone. However, you should not perform weight lifting or high aerobic activities when you have pain in upper back. Physical therapists suggest you do stretching to cut down pains is upper back muscles.

  • To avoid injuries and improve the upper back, you try some activities including swimming, cycling, or walking. You can do physical activities like aerobic, but notice about injuries that you can come across.
  • When you do exercise, you should increase the level gradually renew your upper back muscle function. Do not be panic, because your upper back needs time to be restored.

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To see all of our prevention tips, exercises, and remedies for upper back pain relief and other conditions at home, go to our main Home Health page.

After reading my overview of upper back pain relief at home, I hope that it helps you get more choice for gaining upper back pain relief. This post is part of a series about tips for preventing or treating common diseases and conditions. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try using some of these tips and exercises to get upper back pain relief?

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