10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Milk For Toddles And Adults

Updates: 05/10/2024

I bet no one of us doesn’t know milk. This is a common drink with different dairy products like cheese, butter, cream, yoghurt, etc and milk is made in different forms like milk liquor, milk powder and more. This writing won’t show you types of milk or dairy recipes, but focus on revealing an overview about 10 health benefits of drinking milk for toddles and adults. Are you ready to explore all new updated benefits of this super drink right now?

10 Health Benefits Of Drinking Milk For Toddles And Adults To Improve Significantly

I. Nutritional Values Of Milk 

benefits of milk

Consuming milk and dairy products is definitely beneficial to health. We start drinking breast milk when we are babies and we keep daily milk intake to maintain our health.

According to nutritionists in USDA, adults should consume 3 servings of milk each day, including different dairy products like yogurt or cheese.

The National Dairy Council uncovers 9 essential nutrients in milk, including:

Protein serves as a great source of energy and helps build muscle tissue

Calcium helps maintain bone mass and improves tooth health

Potassium helps improve blood pressure levels

Phosphorus helps in generating energy and strengthening bones

Vitamin D helps strengthen bone health

Vitamin B12 assists in maintaining healthy nerve tissue and red blood cells

Vitamin A aid in boosting the immune system and improving skin and vision  

II. Benefits Of Drinking Milks For Toddles And Adults

1. Milk Helps Improve Bone Health

Milk is good for bones because it contains a large amount of vitamin D and calcium. If your diet is lack of vitamin D and calcium, you might be in the high risk of osteoporosis.

According to many scientific studies, calcium found in milk can help improve bone density.
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The findings have shown that 99% of human body’s calcium is stored. Denser bones are, less likelihood of osteoporosis and stress factures are.

The importance of consuming enough calcium for the body starts when we are young and it extends into our adulthood. However, after the ages of 30s, our bodies start drawing from the bones to maintain other bodily functions. Therefore, it is very important to consume more calcium from milk throughout our lives. 

2. Health Benefits Of Drinking Milk For Teeth

Benefits of drinking milk for teeth

Milk is high in calcium and phosphorous so they are beneficial to maintain healthier teeth.

In addition, protein in milk is protective and casein (as thin film) on your teeth’s enamel surface. This surface helps reduce and prevent the loss of phosphate and calcium from the enamel when your teeth are exposed to acids from daily meals. Dentists and scientists have also suggested that people should drink milk to lower the dangerous effects of carcinogenic foods on your teeth and mouth.

However, milk is still a food, so you are recommend drinking milk after meals and after night’s sleep to prevent you from tooth decay.

3. Milk Helps Regulate Blood Pressure

It’s recommended that consuming 5 portions of vegetables and fruits, along with 3 portions of milk or dairy products can lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases in both children and adults. 

In addition, calcium can bind harmful fats in the gut and stop their absorption to regulate blood pressure.

Besides, an increased sodium potassium intake can play an important role in lowering high blood pressure.

In a study from America, people who consumed potassium (4069%/day) had lower the risk of ischemic heart disease by 49%, in comparison with people who consumed just 100mg of potassium/day.

4. Health Benefits Of Drinking Milk In Weight Control

Benefits of milk in weight control

Many people think that consuming milk can gain weight. In contrast, recent researches have found that milk and dairy products aid in controlling weight. In a study from Brock University, in Canada, the scientists have shown that milk had some controversy influence on body fat and weight loss. There were 2 groups of people who took part in an investigation. The first group consumed milk as a part of calorie controlled diet. The second group consumed different drinks, which contained the same nutrients and energy. The results have shown that the first group lost more weight than the second group.

5. Milk Helps Reduce The Risk Of Type II Diabetes

The regular consumption of dairy products helps you reduce type II diabetes effectively, according to a recent research of over 37,000 women.

A research of men conducted in 2005 has proven that daily intake of milk and dairy foods can help prevent type II diabetes. In fact, milk and dairy products contain low levels of glycaemic index, thus they help control blood sugar and fight off the risk of diabetes.
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6. Health Benefits Of Drinking Milk In Cancer Prevention

A research of 45,000 Swedish men have proven that men reduced the risk of diseases by 35% when they had daily intakes of milk (1.5 glasses/day) than people who consumed other drinks or had low milk intake (less than 2 glasses/week).

There are also many considerable evidences have shown that milk and dairy products have protective effects on breast cancer, ovarian cancer and colorectal cancer.

A study from Norway has shown that more than 40,000 women, including children and adults drank milk in a certain time and they achieved lower risk of breast cancer than those who didn’t take part in that investigation.

Scientifically, Calcium in milk and dairy foods also suggested consuming as a protective component to beat colon cancer.

According to the researchers, linoleic acid and vitamin D in milk play an important role in regulating the growth of body cells and boost cancer protection.

7. Milk Helps You Become Rehydrated

Milk helps you become rehydrated

Re-hydration after doing exercises is very important to get rid of lost fluids. A study from America has found that milk helped human body recover after having exhausting activities or doing exercises!

It is recommended consuming milk as an excellent fluid everyday because this drink helps you relieve irritable feelings and helps you have high concentration. 

8. Consume Milk For Glowing Skin

Milk was used to enhance skin beauty by Cleopatra. The history revealed her stories on taking milk baths to have soft and glowing skin. You can do the same! Milk and dairy products contain antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and amino acids that help moisturize your skin, prevent damages and toxins from our environment. Therefore, do not forget to consume milk in your daily diet to aggravate your healthy skin.

9. Health Benefits Of Drinking Milk In Relieving Stress

Milk is high in different nutrients and this beverage is also a great way for you to de-stress after a long working day. Before going to the bed, remember to have a glass of warm or hot milk. This is the best way to relax your tense muscles and soothe your frayed nerves.

Soak your body in milk also help you get relaxed totally.

In addition, vitamin D in milk also helps product serotonin, a hormone related to your sleep, appetite and mood. Therefore, consuming milk help boost your energy, beat your chronic fatigue, PMS and depression effectively.

10. Milk Is Good For Muscle Building

Benefits of milk for muscle building

Milk is good for muscle gain because milk is high in protein. If you plan to gain muscle, add milk to your diet to increase your muscle building and repair.

Today’s Dietitian had shown that increased milk consumption helped boost muscle strength and growth in both young and old people.

Brazilian had shown that calcium in milk and dairy products is necessary for your circulatory and muscular function.

People who work hard should maintain a diet plan with high amounts of calcium to rebuild muscle and relieve muscle pain.

The nutritionists suggest that people should consume 3 glasses (3-ounce) of milk per day. It will help you supply your body with 75% of your daily nutrient and mineral need, including protein, your vitamin D, phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin A and more.

III. Tips To Consume More Milk For Better Health

The doctors and nutritionists recommend eating a varied and balanced diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans whole grains, seeds, lean proteins, team water and milk.

Milk and dairy products fit nicely to your daily eating plan and they are partnered with other super foods for delicious and healthy dishes.

Here are some tips for consuming more milk and get benefits of milk on health:

1. Start A Day With Milk

Milk can be added with oatmeal and cereal for the perfect breakfast with various nutrients.

Benefits of milk 2. Consume Milk As A Snack

Milk is an ideal afternoon snack. It gives you many carbohydrates and protein with mildly sweet.

Actually, drink a cup of cold or warm milk mid-afternoon is an easy way to make your stomach full and puck up energy and get you to your dinner without good appetite.

3. Consume Milk In Your Dessert

Milk is a low fat food but it contains essential minerals and vitamins, which are not found in cookies, candy, baked goods or other treats. Therefore, add milk to your dessert to supply your body with enough nutrients for better health.

4. Milk – A Good Post-Exercise Beverage

As I mentioned above, milk is good to drink after doing exercises. This beverage helps supply your exhausted body with 90% of water. Thus, it helps you get rehydrated.

Instead of drinking water, you now can consume milk and enjoy its taste after playing sports.

5. Drink Milk For Better Night’s Sleep

Poor sleep can cause many health problems like getting low metabolism, getting chronic disease and a good night’s sleep will help you regain energy for a new working day. Hence, learn how to have sound sleep by having milk intake every night before going to bed.

It’s hoped that you now have updated all 10 health benefits of drinking milk for toddles and adults and gotten useful tips to consume more milk for better health.

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