Traditional South Asian Beauty Secrets – Top 7 Tips

asian beauty secrets

South Asian countries are known for numerous secret tips for beauty that pass down through generations. It has developed the natural beauty rituals.

Traditional South Asian Beauty Secrets – The Use Of Natural Available Ingredients

We all know that natural ingredients can work for our beauty. They can be not only eaten but also used to make natural facial mask. Kirin Bhatty, makeup artist, told about her own experience when she is encouraged by her mom to use natural remedies at home. Unlike chemical-laden products, natural ingredients do not have any harmful chemicals that can lead to skin irritation and burning. And of course, we are talking about traditional South Asian beauty secrets. These tips of South Asian countries, including India, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Nepal, the Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, are proven to work effectively and safely. Ancient South Asian culture used abundant natural ingredients that are good for skin, hair, and other areas in body. Therefore, on, I would like to share with you my knowledge and experience on traditional South Asian Beauty secrets that will help you become beautiful without spending much money.

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1. Rose Water: 

asian beauty secrets

It is the first choice in traditional Asian beauty secrets that you should keep at least one in your makeup kit. It can make soothing and brightening effects on your skin before you apply your makeup. All the steps you need are spraying from a rose water or using a cotton ball to spread the rose water on your face. Rose water can work as a tone which helps refresh, brighten and soften the skin. The effectiveness is so amazing that you should try. In ancient world in South Asian countries, many princesses and queens used to use this thing. The cost of a rose water bottle is cheap enough for everyone to afford.

2. Mustard Seed Oil: 

asian beauty secrets

Asking for traditional South Asian beauty secrets, mustard seed oil remain a controversy because the FDA has banned the use of this ingredient for beauty due to erucic acid. However, the omega-3 fatty acids and selenium contained in this cooking oil are proven to nourish and protect your hair. Mustard seed oil also has abundant protein which is good for hair growth. Lack of protein can easily lead to hair loss. Although its smell is a little bit unpleasant, it works for hair.

3. Henna: 

asian beauty secrets

In the history, henna was applied to hands, feet of brides and guests to make them feel relax. This tip on Asian beauty secrets was used widely in South Asian, Africa and Middle East. Moreover, not only is it used for hands and feet but it also is good for hair. Unlike other chemicals, henna does not have any harmful effects. It helps to reduce dandruff and boost the hair’s strength. You can combine coconut oil while using henna to get the better achievement.

4. Turmeric: 

asian beauty secrets

Turmeric is wonderful and excellent when you look for traditional Asian beauty secrets. It is well-known as an amazing homemade mask called Uptan or Ubtan which originate from Indian or Pakistani wedding. It would be applied on bride’s face before her marriage. Turmeric mask can help to reduce blemishes, acne and dark spots because of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. If we combine honey with turmeric, the hydrating skin effects will be added. In order to prepare this mask, all you need are 2 table spoons of flour, ¼ table spoon of turmeric powder, ¼ cup of yogurt, ½ table spoon of lemon juice and a little honey. Mix all the ingredients together until they become the smooth paste. Apply the paste to your face and leave for 20 minutes. Finally, rinse with warm water. Another recipe for Asian beauty secrets with Turmeric is 2 table spoons of floor, turmeric, a little of ground sandalwood, sufficient rose water and 2 table spoons of milk.

5. Lemon: 

asian beauty secrets

We all know lemon has the good effects of brightening, and exfoliating skin. Lemon is used nowadays for beauty. Ancient South Asian country also saw these advantages of lemon and considered it as a natural brightener and blackhead buster. Lemon has acid properties, however. If we apply lemon mask to skin in order to treat any skin ailments, we should do it carefully and keep in mind that using excessively can harm.

6. Fragrance:

asian beauty secrets

Why we need a perfume which is expensive and has harmful consequences while we can make homemade fragrance. It helps our house smell like a garden and is considered as one of Asian beauty secrets. A little fragrance is gorgeous.

7. Castor Oil:

asian beauty secrets

‘Do you want a black beautiful hair? Some people’s hair turns white when they age. And they need hair dye which has questionable ingredients and harmful effects. Fortunately, the problem can be solved with castor oil mask, a beauty secret from India. A friend told me that her grandmother died at 75 years old but her hair is not white. Amazing, right? Her grandmother’s secret is castor oil. Furthermore, castor oil is the good moisturizer for skin to prevent any wrinkles. You can drink castor oil and it will help your digestion.

The reason is that it contains fatty acids and anti-microbal ricinoleic acid.

8. Avocado: 

asian beauty secrets

Avocado is the home tip for hair growth. Blend half of a ripe avocado with sufficient olive oil to form the thick paste. This paste is used for hair mask. Massage hair and wash it off with lukewarm water. You can repeat this treatment for hair twice a week and afterward, you can see your hair look shiny and longer. This remedy works well and it is not difficult to plus it into your routine.

I guess I am a happy girl to have been told about traditional South Asian beauty secrets by my Indian and Korean friends. I hope you will find these 8 Asian beauty secrets helpful and good enough to apply. If you want to share with me your own experience, I am glad to hear. I will answer all your questions you leave bellow soon.

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