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Demograss is a supplement that comes from Mexico. It works to suppress the appetite, metabolism, reduce cellulite, boost energy and more. The product is made entirely from herbal ingredients like guarana, aloe vera, pineapple enzymes, and prickly pear.

The official Demograss website mentions that the capsules work to improve your immune system and thyroid. Simply put, the product aims to detoxify the body, and provides a bit of energy and may function as a slight laxative.

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Demograss Overview

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many English-language descriptions of Demograss and how it intends to stimulate the metabolism, or aid in weight loss. The product is an affordable, natural weight loss solution. For example, you can find a 30-count box of Demograss at Walmart for $9.99.

The product features ingredients like aloe vera, prickly pear, and pineapple. Aloe functions as a source of key nutrients, as well as a laxative.

Used daily, Demograss might help utilize stored fat, block the absorption of carbohydrates, minimize cravings and improve overall digestive function. For best results, the makers suggest eating foods containing plenty of potassium and making sure you’re staying hydrated.

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Demograss Claims

The so-called original fat demolisher, Demograss is a weight loss tool made from herbal ingredients that work together to minimize hunger and increase fat burning with use. There’s not a ton of information available about how the product is supposed to work, as much of the literature is in Spanish and what they’ve provided to Walmart and Amazon covers the basic bullet points.

The product is made from aloe, plus digestive enzymes, and guarana. So, in all likelihood, this product provides a bit of energy, plus a laxative effect with use. Digestive enzymes might help reduce bloat, leading to a slimmer look.

The product is made to be taken once a day with breakfast as a way to minimize cravings and improve digestion throughout the day.

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Demograss Ingredients

Demograss’ ingredient profile contains aloe vera, prickly pear and pineapple enzymes, as well as a little boost of caffeine from guarana. Here’s a look at the potential of Demograss, as means of losing weight, as well as any of the potential side effects.

  • Guarana seeds
  • Prickly pear enzymes
  • Pineapple enzymes
  • Aloe vera

Guarana seeds are a popular source of caffeine native to the Amazon. The ingredient has become a popular addition to many energy drinks and weight loss supplements for its caffeine content—which is 2-3x more than what you’ll find in coffee. Aside from caffeine, guarana contains theophylline and theobromine, plus tannins and phenols—which have antioxidant effects.

Just like other caffeine sources, guarana is used to stimulate focus, increase mood, metabolism, and energy. That said, WebMD states that the safety of using guarana for weight loss purposes is unproven.

Additionally, this ingredient may produce mood swings, paranoia, and anxiety, a rapid heart rate, agitation, and heightened blood pressure.

In rarer cases, guarana may cause cardiovascular damage, heart attack or stroke.

Aloe vera is best known for its ability to heal wounds and burns, but it may also be used as a weight loss tool. This ingredient, which comes in the form of a juice, latex or gel, provides 75+ vitamins, minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients, works as an energy source, a laxative, and a way to control blood pressure levels.

Prickly pear is a fruit that comes from a Mexican cactus and is thought to slow down the absorption of carbohydrates. Unfortunately, there’s not much information backing these claims. An article here and there highlights the use of prickly pear as a weight loss aid, but there don’t appear to be any comprehensive studies of the plant.

Pineapple contains an enzyme, called bromelain, which works to break down proteins from the foods you eat, ultimately, speeding up the digestive process. You’ll often see pineapple enzymes marketed as a way to soothe the digestive system after overeating, but research backing its use as a weight loss supplement is somewhat scarce.

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The Science of Demograss

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that Demograss doesn’t clearly show all the ingredients included in this formula, so we don’t know for sure the extent of its content. The formula does contain some elements known to stimulate the metabolism and aid in digestion, but it’s not especially clear how this product works to suppress the appetite.

On top of that, most of the official content linked to this product is in Spanish, and we were unable to find any clinical studies or other data supporting the use of this product to lose weight. Enzymes from prickly pear and pineapple might provide some nutritional benefits and help move digestive processes along, but there is no substantial evidence pointing to their efficacy as weight loss supplements.

Because of the presence of guarana, there may be some adverse effects linked to use. Side effects might include dizziness, constipation, loose stool, nausea, vomiting, nervousness, and heart palpitations.

Interestingly, sleepiness is one of the side effects listed on the Demograss website—which seems a bit strange, given the fact that guarana is one of the key ingredients used in this blend. In most cases, users shouldn’t experience any severe side effects, those listed above are more for people who are very sensitive to caffeine or have a pre-existing heart condition.

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Word on the Street About Demograss

Reviews for Demograss were mixed. People mostly liked the product, describing is gentle laxative properties as a good way to combat bloat and essentially, reset their digestive systems.

This product didn’t seem to come with too many negative effects, but that doesn’t mean they can’t happen. Guarana, due to its high caffeine content might cause diarrhea, anxiety, heart complications and more.

We like a lot of the ingredients included in this particular formula, but it’s hard to see Demograss as a viable option for promoting any meaningful weight loss. Any results are likely linked to the strength of one’s stomach, as this product did have a laxative effect on some customers, while others reported nothing.

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Is Demograss is Worth a Try?

Having all natural ingredients does not make a weight loss product effective. This particular product is a disappointing mix of caffeine and fruit extracts, which isn’t particularly dangerous (for most people, anyway), but doesn’t stand to accomplish a whole lot regarding weight control. Ideally, you should be consuming Demograss along with a healthy diet and a regular exercise regimen.

There’s also just not a ton of information available regarding the use of Demograss in people trying to lose weight or any clinical studies that back the product’s safety and efficacy. This lack of studies pertains both to the individual ingredients and the product as a whole.

Some users found that this product was a useful weight loss tool, while others claimed the product was ineffective. It seems to be used as a mild laxative due to the presence of aloe vera, but the caffeine may give consumers a slight energy boost.

Still, the effects remain unproven, and for that reason, we believe there are better products on the market for helping users reduce their body weight.

Demograss FAQs

  1. Where can I buy Demograss?
    Though this product is made in Mexico, it’s relatively easy to find in US stores. We found this product on Amazon and Walmart, as well as an online store called Innovacion Natural.
  2. How much does Demograss cost?
    Demograss typically costs users about $9.99 for a 30-day supply.
  3. Does science back the claims put forth by the makers of Demograss?
    There is scientific evidence backing the use of a number of the items used in this product, just not the product as a whole. Guarana does boost energy, due to its high caffeine content?
    Aloe vera, for example, is often used as a way to stimulate bowel movements, especially if the latex is included in the formula. Unfortunately, we don’t know if this product contains the latex or a different part of the plant.

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