How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast – Check Out Top 8 Tips

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You have all tried tips and tricks to hide your double chin like wearing a high-neck scarf or tilting your heads just right as your photo is taken.

There is no denying your truth. The layer of fatty tissues under your chins is often because of your overweight condition. Sagging skin under your chin also occur when you age and your skin loses the elasticity.

While surgical procedures are used to eliminate the double chin condition, they may be expensive for many people. There are various easy yet effective home treatments to improve a double chin. In this article, on VKool site, we are going to show you proven tips on how to get rid of double chin fast as well as enhance your beauty and confidence on face. Check out all of these tips below!

How To Get Rid Of Double Chin Fast & Naturally

1. Lose Weight

get rid of double chin

First, to get rid of double chin, you need to pay attention to your weight condition. If you are overweight, this is absolutely a main cause of face fat as well as your double chin. When you are fit, your face will hardly have this extra layer of fat under your chin.

You have to do something to lose your fat from the entire body immediately. When you start burning fat via exercises, excess fat in your body will disappear first from the face.

Besides, consider having a healthy diet plan with lean meats, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, whole grains and vegetables to reduce your excess fat. Also, avoid salt, sugar and any form of fat.

Especially, you should do aerobic exercises at least 30 minutes a day, 3 times weekly as it helps raise your heart rate and burn extra calories for fat burning.

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2. Practice Good Posture

get rid of double chin Next to easy tips to get rid of double chin, always remember to sit up straight and practice good posture. By sitting up straight, it will make a double chin become less noticeable. Moreover, it can help strengthen jaw muscle, keep the face fat from building under a chin. Especially when you are at work at your desk, you should use a posture-correcting chair for more relaxation and for your double chin-free face. Read on: Skintervention Guide

3. Chew Gum

get rid of double chin Do you often chew gum? It’s is well-known that chewing gum can help you reduce anxiety, but now you know that gum is also beneficial for sculpting your face without double chin. Next time, if you chew gum, opt for sugar-free gum for your weight control. In fact, chewing gum can work for double chin because when you chew it, your jaw and your facial muscle have to work to tone the chin area. In other words, chewing gum is a natural exercise for toning your face, strengthening your facial muscles and skin firm. Simply, just chew sugar-free or sugarless gum a few times a day for getting of double chin as fast as possible. In addition, some special sugar free or sugarless chewing gum can help maintain your healthy gums and teeth. Read on: Rose water recipes for skin: top 13 simple recipes

4. Do Double Chin Free Exercises

get rid of double chin Now, let take a closer look at exercises to get rid of double chin fast. Double chin workout focuses on the facial muscles and the jaw for toning and firming them. In concrete, these double chin exercises work to keep your facial skin from sagging to eliminate the appearance of your double chin.

a. Double Chin Free Exercise 1

get rid of double chin

The best exercise works on platysma. This is a facial muscle, which runs from your jawline through down to the shoulder. Here are detailed instructions to workout your platysma muscle for your double chin improvement.


  • First, open the mouth wide
  • Next, pull the bottom lip tight over the bottom teeth
  • Then, move the lower jaw up & down

At first, repeat the exercise for 10 – 15 times, then add repetitions so that the facial muscles will get stronger. As a result, you can make your double chin disappear.

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b. Double Chin Free Exercise 2 get rid of double chin Next to exercises to get rid of double chin, try doing the following exercise that helps tone and stretch your jaw muscles.


  • First, assume a  seated or standing position
  • Next, tilt the head back until you are looking skyward
  • Pucker the lips, as if you are kissing someone
  • Then, hold the pucker within 5 seconds
  • Keep other muscles in the face relaxed when you’ are doing the exercise.

At first, repeat the exercise for 10 – 15 times, then add repetitions so that the facial muscles will get stronger. As a result, you can make your double chin disappear. Read on: How to get lighter skin color naturally at home in a month c. Double Chin Free Exercise 3 get rid of double chin Neck roll exercise is another effective way to tone and stretch the muscles at your jaw, neck. You can perform this exercise anytime when you are seating or standing, depending on your preference. Be sure that you keep the spine straight while doing this exercise.


  • Begin by slowly and carefully moving your chin to one shoulder.
  • Allow your head to drop and slowly roll into a center position.
  • Gently roll your head back up the other way, until your chin rests on the other shoulder.

Perform this double chin exercise 10 to 15 times per workout.

5. Massage With Cocoa Butter

get rid of double chin

Beside these 3 exercises, you can make use of other massage techniques to get rid of double chin naturally with ease.

Consider cocoa butter to massage your face and chin, it can help improve the elasticity of skin and remove your double chin.


  • First, warm several tbsps of cocoa butter in a microwave, then it cool down
  • Next, massage the oil into the neck and chin for a few minutes
  • Do this massage twice daily, before you take a bath every morning & every night before bed.

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6. Massage With Wheat Germ Oil

get rid of double chin Face and chin massage with pure wheat germ oil also work to remove your double chin like cocoa butter. Wheat germ oil can work thanks to high content of vitamin E that nourish and tighten your skin.


  • Gently rub some wheat germ oil around your chin area every night before going to sleep
  • Next, gently massage from your chin and neck for about 10 to 15 minutes
  • Then, leave the wheat germ oil on the skin overnight
  • Repeat this regularly to notice improvement in your chin

7. Apply Egg White Mask

get rid of double chin Next to natural home remedies to get rid of double chin, this is egg white. How to use this simple ingredient for your double chin free appearance? Below are detailed instructions to make a homemade egg white mask for getting off double chin!


  • First, whisk 2 egg whites with 1 tablespoon of milk, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoons of lemon juice
  • Mix them well, then add several drops of peppermint oil
  • Apply the mask to your skin around your neck and chin area
  • Let it sit there for about 30 minutes
  • Then, wash it off with water, finally pat your skin dry
  • Repeat this once a day for the best results

Egg white is a great help in eliminating double chin appearance because it contains a tightening effect for skin. Moreover, it is very good for the overall skin health.

8. Apply Glycerin, Peppermint Oil & Epsom Salt Mask

get rid of double chin

Continue to the list of natural remedies to get rid of double chin, why don’t you try using glycerin and some other simple ingredients available in your kitchen. In fact, Epsom salt is a common name of magnesium sulfate. This is safe for skin. Beside, glycerin and peppermint oil is also safe and it supports each other to tone your skin naturally.


  • First, mix1 tbsp of glycerin, 1/2 tbsp of Epsom salt, plus several drops of peppermint oil
  • Next, use a clean cotton pad to apply the mixture on your chin and neck
  • Let it sit there for a few minutes so that the solution can absorb into your skin
  • The, wash your skin thoroughly with lukewarm water
  • Repeat this 3 to 5 times weekly to get better results

I’ve shown you top tips and ways on how to get rid of double chin fast. Hope that you find useful information from this post and treat your chin appearance effectively. For any comment on the writing, feel free to leave your feedback at the bottom of the page. Thanks for reading!

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