How To Prevent Colon Cancer with Natural Remedies

Colon cancer also called colorectal cancer is the growth of cancer in the colon that caused by abnormal development of cells that are able to invade to the other parts of human body. There are some risk factors for colon cancer including genetic factor, lifestyle, family history of colon cancer, older age or even from other diseases such as diabetes or obesity. Its normal signs and symptoms often depend on the position of the tumor in the bowel and whether there is any metastasis or not. Some popular warning signs include blood in the stool, rectal bleeding, loss of appetite, weight loss….

Are There Some Ways On How To Prevent Colon Cancer With Natural Remedies?

Yes, there are many ways on how to prevent colon cancer with natural remedies that are very useful for you. In fact, there are also some solutions for preventing colon cancer including medications and surgery. However, they can lead to other dangerous side-effects such as aspirin with the risks of gastrointestinal bleeding and ulcers, celecoxib with the risks related to heart problems. The following include the popular and effective solutions that are found by many researchers.

1. Limit Your Alcohol Intake: 

how to prevent colon cancer-limit your alcohol intake

Alcohol is known as a dangerous factor for many cancers including colon cancer. If you want to select some things for drink, you should limit all drinks that contains alcohol. If impossible to avoid, you should get one drink daily for women and two for men.

2. Give Up Smoking: 

how to prevent colon cancer-give up smoking

Smoking is not only the dangerous factor for lung cancer but also for all digestive system cancers like colon cancer or stomach cancer besides other serious diseases. Moreover, smoke also has significant influence on other people in health and feeling. If you cannot quit it yourself, you can ask your doctor for advice on how to quit smoking effectively or get the help from your family or friends.
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3. Screening: 

how to prevent colon cancer-screening

Regular screening test for colon cancer is one of the best ways on how to prevent colon cancer effectively. By screening, you can catch colon cancer early.
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This will be very helpful for treating it. Most people at age 50 years old should get regular screening tests for colon cancer. However, it is advised that you should do it before 50 years old.

4. Avoid foods preserved with sodium nitrite: 

how to prevent colon cancer-avoid foods preserved with sodium nitrite

Some foods preserved with sodium nitrite are bacon, salami and hot dogs should be limited in your meals. As this compound encounters stomach acid, there will be a new compound named nitrosamine, a dangerous carcinogen. If you want to enjoy processed meats, you should select nitrite-free products. It will be better for you health.

5. Eat fiber-rich foods: 

how to prevent colon cancer-eat fiber-rich foods

Many researches found that one of the useful things in how to prevent colon cancer with natural remedies is dietary fiber from vegetables. It helps to get the dietary carcinogens out of the body before they make some troubles for your body, at the same time, prevents your colon from harmful toxins and all the intestinal problems. In addition, it also contributes to provide fuel to the good bacteria in your guts in order to create short chain fatty acids that are very useful for preventing colon cancer. Some fiber-rich foods include beans, bran cereal, yams, artichoke, seeds, nuts, and oatmeal.

6. Add More Green Dark Leafy Vegetables In Your Diet: 

how to prevent colon cancer-add more green dark leafy vegetables in your diet

Most green dark leafy vegetables contain folic acid that is proven to fight against cancer and necessary for creating new cells. It also has a great source of antioxidants like selenium and betacarotene that are very effective in fighting against colorectal and other cancers.
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7. Ensure Enough Calcium And Vitamin D: 

how to prevent colon cancer-ensure enough calcium and vitamin d

Calcium and vitamin D are proven to be effective in protecting against colon cancer along with other healthy benefits like strengthening bones. Some foods that are rich in calcium are milk, yogurt, salmon…. Good Source of vitamin D are salmon, egg yolks, chicken livers…. Other source of vitamin D is from the sun before 10 a.m and after 3 p.m. A necessary source of calcium is to use ID. Women at the age from 19 to 50 need about 1000 mg and so do the men at the age from 19 to 70. Women at the age 50 or more and men at the age of more than 70 years old need about 1200 mg per day.

8. Drink Milk: 

how to prevent colon cancer-drink milk

One of the good ways on how to prevent colon cancer with natural remedies also includes drinking cow’s milk. Calcium contains in milk is very helpful for decreasing the risk of the development of colon cancer.
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However, you should notice that cheese, a product from milk is not a good products against colon cancer because of its concentrated saturated fat content.

9. Flax Seed: 

how to prevent colon cancer-flax seed

Flax seed is very rich in proteins as well as omega 3 fatty acids, fibers that are helpful for preventing colon cancer. If you consumpt flax seeds regularly, you can make you colon clean and get rid of all unwanted waste in the colon. Besides that, it will help to prevent the formation of colon polyps, since then prevent colon cancer.

10. Green Tea: 

how to prevent colon cancer-green tea

As we know, green tea is very high in catchin polyphenols with very strong antioxidants that can help us prevent the formation of the cancer cells. Especially, Oolong teas or black tea is very effective in treating cancer. Some researchers found that drinking green tea regularly can help us kill the initial stage colon tumors. And over 57 % of the people that drank green tea regularly can avoid colon cancers as well as avoid its spreading in its initial stage. The usage to make a cup of green tea is very simple. You only need to boil a cup of water and use organic green tea to add into it after boiling for about 2 minutes. Two cups of green tea daily are good for your health.

11. Ginger And Garlic: 

how to prevent colon cancer-ginger and garlic

Ginger and garlic are necessary in your cooking that can make your dishes become more delicious and tasty.

Ginger is also a protestive item against colon cancer. Ginger is very helpful for reducing colon inflammation; thereby lower the risk of colon cancer. Some researchers showed that enjoying 2 or 3 pieces of raw ginger is very beneficial in dealing with colon cancer. Or, you also drink one teaspoon of raw ginger juice mixed with a little honey so as to lower colon inflammation and cancer.

Like ginger, garlic is not only delicious taste in cooking but also a good cure thanks to its medicinal properties. Garlic acids is considered as a great storehouse of organosulfur compounds that are quite good for colon cancer and lowering the risks that caused by colon cancer. There are some usages of garlic. For example, you can eat 3 to 4 cloves of raw garlic daily to help to treat and lower the negative effects on the body. Or a paste of some few pods of crushed garlic should be eaten in order to treat the colon cancer. Alternatively, two teaspoons of garlic juice is one of the good ways on how to prevent colon cancer.

12. Tumeric: 

how to prevent colon cancer-tumeric

Turmeric contains anti-inflammatory and antiseptic substances that are very good for dealing with many diseases including colon cancer. Curcumin in turmeric can help to get all the unwanted elements out of the body. Moreover, it also contributes to prevent the formation of colon polyps.

13. Do Exercise:

how to prevent colon cancer-do exercise

A study showed that doing exercise at least 30 minutes every day will help prevent colon cancer. After that you should increase the time of exercise up to 45 minutes. This action may help decrease the risk of colon cancer by 25 % as well as provide a good mental boost. You can select the type of exercise that you like such as walking, cycling, dancing or some things like that. It will provide you enthusiasm to do. If you have any problem related to your health, you had better talk to your doctor before beginning any practicing program.

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14. Keep Your Healthy Weight:

how to prevent colon cancer-keep your healthy weight

Healthy weight is also a way to keep your body always strong in order to prevent all the diseases including cancers. Many study proved that the weight of the body is linked closely to dozens of cancers including colon cancer. If you have an ideal weight, you should to maintain it by having a healthy diet and doing exercises daily.
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If you are planning to lose or gain weight, you had better ask your doctor for advice.

The above include 14 ways on how to prevent colon cancer with natural remedies that can be quite useful for you. Besides using these solutions for preventing colon cancer, you also should remember to have healthy diet full of variety of fruits , whole grains, and vegetables every day and combine with a proper exercise daily to get the best result. And the last, if you have any wonder or contribution for this writing, please write your comment in the following of this website. Your comment may be useful for readers. And we will feedback for you as soon as possible.

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