How to prevent balding early at young age – 10 tips

Baldness is a situation of hair loss that can be caused by alopecia areata that is an autoimmune disorder. It is rather common in many people and not linked to any age or sex. If your hair loss is continuous in a long time, you can face with baldness.
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There are many reasons for balding such as heredity, depression, hormonal imbalance, lack of nutrition, and hypertension.
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In order to stimulate the hair growth, you have to use some methods. However, if you dont want to face with balding, you should have methods to prevent.

How To Prevent Balding At Young Age With Natural And Effective Home Remedies.

Besides some medicinal techniques for how to prevent balding early, you should also see some following home remedies for balding. Although medicinal techniques are rather effective, home remedies are rather good and safe for your scalp and your health. However, if you want to prevent balding with home remedies, you need to be patient. Here are some ways on how to prevent balding at young age that you should discover:

1. Be Gentle When Drying Your Hair:

how to prevent balding-be gentle when drying your hair

If you want to prevent balding, you need to be gentle when drying your hair. If you are busy and make your hair with vigorous towel or using hair-dryer with hot setting, it can lead to breaking hair. So, you have to be gentle and patient in drying after washing your hair.

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2. Stop Smoking:

how to prevent balding-stop smoking

Many young people have a bad habit like smoking. However, this bad habit can lead to many problems related to your health as well as your hair. Some researches show that smoking is linked to hair loss closely. So one of the good ways on how to prevent balding at young age is to stop smoking, at the same time, protect yourself from other serious diseases like cancers.

3. Do Exercise Regularly:

how to prevent balding-do exercise regularly

A regular exercise every morning for about 45 minutes is very useful for preventing balding. If you do exercises regularly, it will help boost your blood flow to the hair and enhance the root of the hair, since then, help prevent balding. Medication is one of the good exercises for you. You can spend 30 minutes per day for meditation. It can contribute to reduce the stress, one of the main reasons leads to hair loss. In addition, you also should manage your scalp for about 10 minutes per day so as to stimulate your blood flow to the hair and prevent balding.

4. Coconut Milk: 

how to prevent balding-coconut milk

This is a good source of protein that necessary for your hair. You can use coconut milk on your scalp daily to boost your hair root. It is very easy to make some coconut milk. Firstly, you need to take a coconut and pick the coconut white out so as to grind it. After that, you squeeze it to have the coconut milk. However, you cannot use it immediately. You must filter the coconut milk before using it.

5. Neem:

how to prevent balding-neem

Neem is considered as a traditional method for many diseases. Many studies show that it is very helpful for health as well as beauty. However, you need to do something to use it. Firstly, you need to boil water with neem leaves. You have to boil until the amount of water decreases to half amount. If you want to use it, you can wait until water is lukewarm. If you wash your hair with this neem water, the hair loss can be prevented effectively.

6. Bhringaraj: 

how to prevent balding-bhringaraj

Bringaraj is also a good herb for the hair. It can help prevent balding, at the same time, contribute to retain the original color of the hair. But, you should use bhringaraj with coconut oil to get the best result. You only need to mix the bhringaraj leaves with coconut oil and boil it until it becomes cool. Use this mixture can help to protect your hair very effectively.

7. Aloe Vera:

how to prevent balding-aloe vera

Aloe vera is an excellent plant for our beauty and health. Hence, it is not amazing when it becomes a good item for preventing balding. For its usage, you need to use the pure aloe vera juice to apply it on your scalp. After that, you should massage your scalp for some minutes and then, wash your hair with water. If you follow this remedy regularly, you can protect your hair from balding.

8. Reetha:

how to prevent balding-reetha

Reetha is very good for our hair with many benefits. It can help clean hair root and get rid of dandruff. Moreover, some studies also show that it can contribute to stimulate hair root. Reetha can be considered as a shampoo to use. You can grind reetha with a little water and use this mixture to apply directly on your scalp. And do it with the same steps when you shampoo as usual.

9. Massage Your Hair:

how to prevent balding-massage your hair

This is a good way to prevent balding effectively. When the hair becomes dry and dormant, it is the time your hair is very weak. This situation is continuous can lead to hair loss and baldness seriously. So, you need to stimulate your hair growth quickly. Massaging the hair is one of the effective ways to stimulate your weak hair. Do it two or three times a day can help to stimulate the blood flow and then, make your hair follicles to be active well.

10. Good Diet:

how to prevent balding-good diet

A good diet will have a positive effect on preventing hair loss since then avoid balding. A good diet for your healthy hair should include the foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, protein, iron, vitamins, magnesium, selenium. All these substances are very useful for promoting healthy hair growth as well as the elasticity to your hair. You can find them on the foods like flaxseeds, salmon, oysters, tuna, dark leafy greens, whole grains.

The above includes 10 natural ways on how to prevent balding early at the young age that you should know. If you want to have a healthy hair when you remain young, these remedies will help you a lot.

You can follow them and tell us about your result by commenting in the following part of this post. We are always glad to see your comment.

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