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Sunwarrior is a plant-based protein powder with a whopping 17 grams of protein per 80 calorie serving. While not a standalone shake, this powder aims to bring amino acids and protein to vegans and vegetarians who may be missing out on these nutrients. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the formula behind Sunwarrior to see if this protein powder is worth a try.

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Sunwarrior Overview

Sunwarrior is a vegan protein shake mix that comes in three different flavors, vanilla, chocolate, and natural. The shake is made with whole-grain brown rice at its core—including the endosperm and bran. Additionally, you’ll get a range of essential amino acids and a touch of iron.
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Sunwarrior isn’t a meal replacement shake like many of the other products we’ll look at, rather it’s a vegan source of protein and amino acids—nutrients that can be hard to come by when you’re strictly plant-based. The product contains brown rice only (in the case of the classic) and is meant to be mixed with greens, nut milk, fruit, or whatever else you add in your favorite smoothie.

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Sunwarrior Claims

The makers of Sunwarrior don’t really make any broad sweeping claims. What’s on the label reflects the sales copy, which doesn’t seem to overstate the benefits of using this product. They don’t try to tell you the product is a weight loss tool, nor do they try to get consumers to sign up for a subscription service or multi-level marketing scheme like we’ve seen with other shakes.

The product is simply a whole grain rice protein—which, while not a complete protein like whey, is still a decent choice for a low calorie, low-carb source of protein.
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That said, this product doesn’t really compare with other weight loss shakes or meal replacement drinks. Those types of products function as a sort of—just add water or milk of your choice and go. Sunwarrior requires a little more planning and preparation if you intend to use the product as a weight loss tool.

But, that difference makes Sunwarrior a versatile way to sneak some protein into a wider array of consumables—the product does come in the shake friendly chocolate and vanilla options, but the unflavored natural may prove to be a secret weapon for those missing out on key nutrients.

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Sunwarrior Ingredients

Sunwarrior is a pretty simple product. It contains brown rice protein and amino acids, and that’s it. So, below, we’ll take a look at what this soy and whey alternative stands to do for your body and where it comes up short:

  • Brown Rice Powder
  • Amino Acids
  • MCTs

Brown Rice Powder: Brown rice protein powder is often used as a began alternative to soy and pea proteins. Though rice is generally thought of as a high carbohydrate food, brown rice protein powder is made by extracting the protein from the grain, so the end result is a high protein, low carb mix that can be added to just about anything. Brown rice protein is surprisingly rich in antioxidants that support liver function.

It’s also easy to digest, good for your kidneys and may help lower high cholesterol levels.

The downside to brown rice protein is, it’s not a complete protein. This means that it is lacking in some of the essential amino acids needed to get the most mileage out of your protein—such as what you’d get if you ate meat or swapped your rice protein out for whey protein. Still, this isn’t a bad option if you’re unable to consume dairy for whatever reason.

With that in mind, it’s important to note that the makers of Sunwarrior have supplemented their rice protein with a complete amino acid profile—so you’re getting what you need from this one source. Additionally, this product contains MCTs, a type of fatty acid used to promote brain function and help you maintain a healthy weight.

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The Science Behind Sunwarrior

While we wish this product contained more in terms of vitamins and minerals, the combination of MCTs, amino acids and rice protein promise to add a ton of value to a basic fruit smoothie.

Brown rice protein is a good alternative to soy or whey, as it’s vegan, relatively low in carbohydrates, and it doesn’t contain any phytoestrogens, which is the main gripe against soy. Additionally, brown rice is essentially hypoallergenic—suitable for people who can’t consume animal products, gluten, nuts, or soy.

The website itself states that the original formula is designed for people who don’t want a ton of additives Sunwarrior, vitamins, sugars or flavors, rather a whole food source of protein. So, that makes it a little different than some of the superfood drink mixes we’ve taken a look at. That said, the important thing here is, Sunwarrior contains a complete amino acid profile, which means you’re getting a complete protein.

Aside from their ability to boost protein synthesis, amino acids are thought to play a role in helping people maintain a healthy weight. Studies have found that amino acids may help play a role in fat burning.

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Word on the Street about Sunwarrior

People generally seemed to have a positive response to Sunwarrior. The protein powder is surprisingly versatile—especially the “natural,” and can be incorporated into a variety of dishes, shakes, smoothies, and whatever else you can think of.

Sites like iHerb showcased that most users found this product generally yielded a positive response, but it’s worth pointing out that the majority of those positive responses came from vegans seeking out a reliable source of protein.

Additionally, for all the comments touting the benefits of Sunwarrior, many other people found that the product had a weird taste or was too sweet.

During our research, we also found that some people found the sodium content a bit too high in this powder—to the tune of 50% of your daily sodium intake. This could be an issue for those people on a restricted sodium diet or who have heart disease or other underlying health conditions.

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Is Sunwarrior Worth a Try?

Sunwarrior could be worth a try. This product doesn’t contain any harmful additives, and they’ve made it into a complete protein. But, this product isn’t designed to be a meal replacement shake, so if that’s what you’re after, you’re probably in the wrong place.

That said, if you’re up for making your own smoothies, Sunwarrior could be a great addition to your diet. Reviewers seemed to like the product—the company is transparent; the product comes with a whole host of benefits.

The main difference between this product and the countless other shake options on the market is, this shake isn’t really a whole shake–it’s a supplement to your existing foods, it’s not loaded with the vitamins, minerals, and other elements you might find in

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Sunwarrior FAQs

  1. Sunwarrior is vegan, is it a complete protein?
    Yes. Sunwarrior’s classic protein powder is a blend of brown rice, quinoa, and peas—which work together to provide a complete amino acid profile. What’s more is, Sunwarrior is a vegan protein product that does not contain soy.
  2. Where do I buy this product?
    Shoppers may purchase this product directly from the manufacturer through their online store. You can also find Sunwarrior at iHerb, Vitamin Shoppe, Thrive Market, Amazon, Jet and more. It’s pretty widely available—both in person and online.
  3. How much does it cost?
    The product is available in a variety of serving sizes—from 17 servings to 47. The price offered on the website ranges from $23.99 to $52.95, based on size. Other stores seem to offer Sunwarrior at a similar price, though we have seen some fluctuation here and there.

What Actually Works?

As far as meal replacement shakes are concerned, we have found that 18Shake works best as a meal replacement and a source of protein that can be used to make a range of smoothie recipes.

18Shake gets its name from the 18 vitamins and minerals present in the blend. Additionally, users get a complete protein in the form of non-GMO whey.

Additionally, the product contains digestive resistant fiber, which will keep you full, despite its low calorie count, and just one gram of sugar. For more about getting started with 18Shake, click here.

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