Top Ways On How To Clean Eyeglasses Lenses & Frames Without Streaks

how to clean eyeglasses without streaks

Eyeglasses are a very necessary stuff used not only for those with poor eyesight but also for everyone with the purpose of eye protection. They also make you look intelligent, studious, sincere, and sophisticated. Because of the regular usage, the eyeglasses easily become dirty with the oils generated from the eyelashes, face, and hands, which creates a thin layer of grime and dirt. Therefore, it is important to know how to clean eyeglasses carefully for one’s regular demand.

There are several ways to clean the eyeglasses including the expensive and cheap ones. Of course, it is advised to use natural and cheap ways that everyone can do by their own anytime and anywhere. Someone who has habits to use some cleaning methods that are improper needs to change them and imitate other good ones.

Now would like to show you 2 ways on how to clean eyeglasses lenses & frame without streaks. The article concentrates on 2 main parts of the eyeglasses, lenses and frames, to supply the essential methods to clean them effectively. All the methods or cleaners may be not strange for those who wear eyeglasses, but it is advised to review more carefully with some avoidable methods. For the eyeglasses wearers, keep reading our article to get more ways to clean the eyeglasses without making them scratch and streaks.

Ways On How To Clean Eyeglasses Lenses & Frames Without Streaks

I. How To Clean Eyeglasses Lenses

how to clean eyeglasses - how to clean eyeglasses lenses

Eyeglasses are very important for the Eye Health, so it is necessary to clean them carefully. The lenses may be the most important parts of the eyeglasses, which are also the place needing the clearness. It is because the dirty and smudged lenses can annoy the users and distract the interaction with others. Thus, it is necessary to find out proper techniques to wipe out the dirt and smudges, which not only increases the longevity of the eyeglasses but also makes the wearers more interested in their meetings or any social events.

Now are several ways on how to clean eyeglasses lenses:

1. Dish Soap

Dish soap is considered as the best way on how to clean eyeglasses at home and kitchen-sink soap is highly recommended for this option. It is really effective and safe to do at home. However, you should remember not to use a citric-based detergent that can damage the eyeglasses when applying this method. And as mentioned above, kitchen-sink soap is the best one. Clean your eyeglasses as the below process:

  • Dip the glasses into warm water for a few seconds
  • Take a small drop of kitchen-sink soap on your fingertips and rub it gently on 2 sides of the lenses and the nose pads
  • Use warm water to rinse the eyeglasses off and gently dry it with a soft microfiber cloth that doesn’t leave fluff thereby making the glasses absolutely clean.
  • Clean your glasses until their lenses are absolutely spotless.

Alternatively, you should dunk your eyeglasses into a full sink of warm water in which has available dish soap dollop. You then swish your glasses around while washing them under water to make them clearer and prettier.

Notice: don’t use boiled water to clean your eyeglasses as it can decrease the lifespan on coated lenses.

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2. Cleaning Tissues

Cleaning tissues may be the most common way on how to clean eyeglasses as they can be applied anytime.  It is easy to see a glasses wearer bringing individual lens wipes along with them all day.  Despite being damp in the packets, the wipes then quickly becomes dry, so they don’t waste your time while ensuring your glasses clean.

  • When the wipe is actually dry, it becomes a soft cloth.
  • Swipe the cloth gently on the outward lens to eliminate any residue
  • Pay attention to wipe the nose pads and nose bridge finally as they are the places with the most dirt and swiping them at last so as not to mark the residue on the lenses.

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3. Alcohol

how to clean eyeglasses - alcohol

Many eyeglasses looking for how to clean eyeglasses at home use alcohol as their solution. It is really safe and effective how to clean your eyeglasses using alcohol, so don’t worry about its effectiveness.  This time, vodka is recommended to combine with another household ingredient for a mixture cleaning the eyeglasses.

  • Take a spray bottle and fill ¾ of it with rubbing alcohol
  • Add 2 drops of mild dish soap liquid to the alcohol then pour water into the bottle to fill the rest.
  • Shake the bottle gently so as not to create any bubbles
  • Spray the mixture on the both sides of the lenses and clean them with a soft cotton cloth.

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4. Microfiber Cloths

A principle for the glasses wearers is not always cleaning their eyeglasses without liquid because this can cause streaks and scratch. And a microfiber cloth is the best one possible for this principle. The microfiber cloth typically made from nylon and polyester, a great combination guaranteeing not to make any scratching. Therefore, it is also used to clean other things that are prone to scratches. The microfiber cloth, however, easily catches dust and debris, so keeping it clean before swiping the eyeglasses is very important. You should wash it once a week then let it dry on its own to make it always clean.

It is advised not to use a cloth to buff the dry lens as they can be scratched indeed. You should keep a microfiber cloth in your car, at home, or your workplace if possible and avoid using paper or toilet paper because of their wood-pulp based feature harmful for the lenses. In conclusion, only cotton-based materials are highly recommended to clean eyeglasses.

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5. Clean Machine

Besides the simple ways on how to clean eyeglasses, using a cleaning machine, an expensive way, is also suggested. If you feel that your glasses really need to be much more cleaned, the cleaning machine is a good one that helps maintain the clarity and longevity of the glasses.

A cleaning machine specialized for eyeglasses is priced at about $20 in the general market. Besides the instructions along with the machine, you just have to remember one more that always use lukewarm water instead of the hot water as directed. It is because the high temperature may warp the lenses coating as well as their frames. For example, filter water is appreciated though the tap water is also used.

With a cleaning machine, every work is well done by the machine within 10 minutes. And conveniently, the edges, as well as frame gloves, are completely cleaned indeed while the risks of scratch are significantly decreased.

6. How To Clean Eyeglasses – Some Materials To Avoid

Vinegar: vinegar is believed to beneficial in cleaning many things in the household without being toxic, but it is not a good one for the lenses. Besides, other types of ammonia, window cleaner, or stronger chemical cleaner are advised not to swipe on the lenses as they can destroy the coat of the lenses.

Lemon juice: Lemon juice is also famous for its ability to clean many things but not for the lenses as its acids may damage coatings of the eyeglasses.

Toothpaste: There is some information that using toothpaste for cleaning the eyeglasses is effective without a scratch, but it is not really a good solution. Toothpaste can also damage the coat of the lenses when applied to the eyeglasses.

Shirt: You often take the shirt or any near tissue such as napkin and paper towel to quickly clean the lenses after breathing on them. However, the shirts with a lot of dust and particles can make your glasses dirtier even scratch them.

In conclusion, it is vital to pay attention how to clean eyeglasses if they are carefully coated. They need a more regular clarity and carefulness. And if you are wondering how to clean eyeglasses suitable for their coating, consult the glasses agents so that they will give you necessary advice. In addition, there is a remarkable point to remember is that the coated eyeglasses have to avoid hot water, window cleaner, vinegar, bleach, and ammonia as they may damage the coating or decrease the qualities of the lenses.

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II. How To Clean Eyeglasses – Clean Eyeglass Frames

how to clean eyeglasses - clean eyeglass frames

Eyeglass frames are the small and inaccessible parts of the glasses that are also the place experiencing a buildup of dirt and oil. That means cleaning these parts is very important though it may be a bit tedious and simple. The key of how to clean eyeglasses frames properly is considering what the frames are made of. They are commonly made up of plastic or metal. When the material of frames is determined, you can use a cleaner suitable for it to maintain the longevity and quality well. Besides, the careful maintenance is an important factor to protect the eyeglass frames.

1. Plastic Frames

  • Plastic frames are very common, which are also safe and fashionably designed. Cleaning plastic frames is fairly easy. It is advised to own the standard plastic lenses as they are harder and more scratch resistant than the polycarbonate ones. However, plastic is soft and easily scratch in spite of its hard surface and there is no way to correct once the lenses are broken up.
  • Fortunately, it is quite easy to clean haze off the plastic eyeglass lenses. The first thing to do to prevent the buildup of haze is maintaining regular washing
  • Gently brush the eyeglass frames with a mild dish or hand soap with a soft toothbrush and make sure not to rub them on the lenses.
  • For tortoise shell eyeglasses, remember not to use any cleaners containing acid and ammonia because they can destroy their belovedvintage

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2. Metal Frames

Metal eyeglass frames are more common because they are light and abundantly designed with a unique beauty.

Slippery and grimy metal frames may be annoying to wear but cleaning them is really easy. Of the ways on how to clean eyeglasses frames, a jewelry polish can be effectively used. More simply, you can dip your eyeglasses in lukewarm water containing mild dish soap overnight. By these ways, the buildup of grease and oil can be broken down, which is even better than other cleaners. It is advised to rinse eyeglasses with warm water each morning then use a clean and soft cloth to dry them.

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Our main How to page contains much health and beauty information, so you should drop by to get more. After reading the article of 2 ways on how to clean eyeglasses lenses & frames without streaks, hope that you, especially the eyeglasses wearers, can know more ways to clean the eyeglasses effectively while ensuring its longevity and quality. Now, leave your questions below and share with us your ways to clean eyeglasses daily if you have.

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