How To Feel Younger And Have More Energy – 20 Ways

how to feel younger

There is no way to reverse aging, yet there is no need to allow it to take away the happiness and fun from life. Read on top 26 ways on how to feel younger and have more energy below that collected by to start making yourself even 10 years younger from now. Yet, keep in mind that there is no magic here, just simple tricks that really work!

How To Feel Younger – Have More Energy With 20 Useful Tips 

1. See Red Color On Your Plate 

how to feel younger

Foods with red color, such as berries, watermelon, and tomatoes, are really super foods in the fight against aging. Tomatoes as well as watermelon all include lycopene, the powerful antioxidant which has anti-aging properties. In other words, berries are also anti-inflammatory anti-rich, meaning the sweet fruits could help in keeping the human brain healthy by battling against age-related mention reduction.

2. Smile

how to feel younger

Smile is always good for the human health, both physical and mental health. According to a recent study, simply smiling could make you appear even three years younger than you really are. Thus, do not hesitate to say cheese!

3. Take A YouTube Break

how to feel younger

Indulge yourself with a YouTube break as dozens of studies have proved that laughter can decrease stress, making you feel light-years younger in that moment – even when you will be back to squinting at spreadsheets in several minutes.

4. Lighten Up

how to feel younger

If you want to know how to feel younger right instantly, then you should avoid dark purple polish, as it might draw attention to any imperfections on your own hands. Therefore, the best manner to avoid crepe-y skin, sunspots, or any other age-related evidence is exfoliating the hands weekly using a homemade scrub. For example, you can mix ½ cup of granulated sugar, ½ cup of olive oil and several drops of essential oil. Then, massage that mixture onto your hands before washing off with cold water. After that, follow by polishing your nails with such a neutral color.

5. Hang Out With Friends

how to feel younger

Whenever you feel a little bored by daily life, then hanging out with your friends will be good choice to help you younger and happier. Many studies have shown that social activities could lower the blood pressure levels, prevent dementia and alleviate stress.

6. Make Time For Tea

how to feel younger

When it comes to tips on how to feel younger, teas are good options. From energy-boosting to stress-busting, many kinds of tea are believed to bring good health benefits for drinkers. Hydration, actually, is the key for looking younger, and tea is one of simple ways to warrant that you get enough liquids. Moreover, there are some evidences proving that green tea can help people retaining elasticity of the human skin when we age.

7. Make Use Of Sunscreen 

how to feel younger

You know and have heard it before, right? Yet, not only does using sunscreen – even on those cold or cloudy days – can help in preventing the wrinkles as well as sun spots which will add additional years over time, but the scent can trigger nostalgia – substance containing a lot of benefits as self-esteem improvement, and feeling more socially connected to those people you are being around with. These benefits will help you feel younger naturally.

8. Make A Realistic To-Do List 

how to feel younger

The stress hormone named cortisol can age the human body, both inside and outside. If your to-do list is not realistic which is mile-long in length and you are continuously thinking about it, then you might be living the stress response all the time. Therefore, you should try writing down only the things which are really important to you to do in that day, and enlist your mom, husband, and babysitter to assist you with the rest.

9. Lay Down

how to feel younger

Sleep deficiency could shorten your lifespan. Chronic exhaustion might send the hormones out of whacks, making yourself much more vulnerable to ailments ranging from depression and obesity. Whilst 7-9 hours of shut-eye per day is ideal, taking a 20-minute nap could give you an enhancement of immediate energy and help you combat a few serious under-eye circles. However, bear in mind that any longer of that amount of time will make you feel more exhausted than you were before.

10. Make Fun With Your Fitness

how to feel younger

Of course, exercise is good for the human health – yet how you exercise is also important. In order to know how to feel younger, you should take part in an aerial yoga class as it will not make you feel like you are exercising, but in fact, it makes you feel like you are kid again. Finding something which is really fun will renew your motivation, yet the exercise itself also keeps your own body biologically younger than normal.

11. Go For A Cup Of Joe

how to feel younger

Grabbing a cup of coffee will not only help you stay awake during the day but also make you feel younger. Not only will the caffeine can offer you ma much necessary jolt of energy instantly, but those antioxidants found in java could bring about a host of anti-aging benefits, from decreasing the risks of certain types of cancers to enhancing heart-health.

12. Change Up Skincare Routine 

how to feel younger

Once you are still using the same foundation as the one you used in high school grade, then it might be the time for you to change it up. The oil production will diminish when people age, which could lead to foundation to seem rather caky and powder-y. Instead, you should make use of a tinted moisturizer keeps your skin looking youthful.

13. Play With Food

how to feel younger

Want to immediately feel younger? Having fun with your food will somehow make you feel younger. While fried foods do not prevent aging and obviously are not the most lucid option for daily meals – seeing how the tots taste double-dipped in ranch as well as honey mustard can trigger the production of feel-good, anti-aging chemical named dopamine in the human brain.

14. Choose A Proper Lipstick

how to feel younger

As people age, they tend to lose volume in their lips. The lip plumper will help you that case. Opt for the lipstick which could multiple as a gloss for maximum effect. As there could be irritating for those people with sensitive skin, you could try it beforehand then applying it to your lips.

15. Join In A Fresh Perspective

how to feel younger

Go volunteering is also a good way to help you feel younger. For example, you can volunteer at a nursing home. That way, you will realize that your I’m-so-old complains are not true. Furthermore, more importantly, you will get away from your daily problems and concentrate on being busy and purely at a moment.

16. Whiten Up

how to feel younger

Whitening your teeth will help you look younger, did you know that? And, when you know that you look younger, obviously, you will feel younger. Many people love using a Whitestrip and think that it will help them look younger. On the other hand, people nowadays drink lots of coffee; thereby there must be negative effects on their teeth. As teeth will yellow naturally when people get older; thus, the whiter the teeth are, the younger they look.

17. Indulge Yourself

how to feel younger

A recent study has found that molecules in different prescription mood stabilizers mimic the molecules found in chocolate. Thus, you should give yourself a good treat by having a dark chocolate bar as it is jam packed with a lot of anti-aging antioxidants than the fruit juice, and also includes various heart-healthy chemicals.

18. Have A Pint At The Local Pub

how to feel younger

Have you ever heard about the benefits of red wine towards the heart health? Similarly, beer also comes with the same benefits. Therefore, do not hesitate to head to the sticky-floored dive which reminds you of the frat that you used to be familiar with in college. Drink it as if you are drinking from the fountain of youth.

19. Lie, Just A Little Bit

how to feel younger

Some women never, ever reveal their true age. And, as they never mention it, sometimes they really forget about it. Turns out, this may be helpful in keeping them young, at least in their mind. Fact is, it is shown that ruminating on the stuff bothering you – like the upcoming birthday – could age you. Thus, why don’t you let that worry go by not mentioning it (it is just one way).

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20. Go For Salmon 

how to feel younger

It is shown that omega-3 fatty acids, found in salmon, and other fish like sardines and tuna, could help in slowing down the aging process. Telomeres – the caps at the end of chromosomes which shorten when people age — are proven to be able to lengthen in those with a diet heavy in omega-3s.

Above are top 20 tips on how to feel younger that do not take too much preparation from you. Therefore, you should not overlook these super-easy mind and body tips to lighten up your life and mood right instantly now.

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