How to make your hands look younger naturally: 7 powerful tips

how to make your hands look younger

If you want to know the real age of a certain person, then look at their hands. If you see dark spots, fine lines and veiny skin, then these are signs of aging.

So, why hands show the real age? There is really a simple answer. Sun damage might be the biggest culprit. More times in the shade means that your skin will be less damage when you age.

To know how to make your hands look younger naturally, you will need to follow a step-by-step regime. By following an efficient skin-improving regime, you could make your own hands appear youthful and supple and keep other people guessing how old you actually are. Fortunately, this article from will show you such complete regime. Check out below!

How To Make Your Hands Look Younger Naturally – 7 Useful Tips 

1. Age Spots Are Not Forever

how to make your hands look younger

In order to get younger looking hands, then you need to treat your hands similarly to how you treat your face. Moisturize frequently, make use of sunscreen, and minimize the exposure to the harmful elements. It is recommended that people should use a moisturizing, anti-aging hand cream with brightening ingredients like mushroom extract, licorice, kojic acid, and vitamin C to fade dark spots you might have. Remember to use the hand cream for once or twice per day. Depending how often you use, you will begin to notice a big difference within 2-3 months.

2. Go For Some Home Remedies

how to make your hands look younger

Another tip on how to make your hands looking younger naturally is to keep them clean and exfoliated. You could finish all of this at once with a once-weekly homemade scrub. Combine equal parts of olive oil and sugar and then massage the final solution into your own hands. When your hands feel greasy after wiping of the mixture, then you can wash it off. Simple and sweet, right?

3. Prevent Your Hands From Aging

how to make your hands look younger As mentioned before, the best way on how to make your hands look younger and stay away from aging is keeping them out of the sun. Just as you should be wearing sunscreen on your face and body all year long, you should also apply it to your hands. Sun damage could result in dryness, wrinkles and age spots. Wear sunscreen on face and body as usual and then rub your hands together with the leftover lotion, focusing on the outside of your hands. In case you have to drive a lot, you need to wear gloves. The harmful UV rays come through the car windows and a good pair of gloves could make a big difference.

Also, wear gloves when cleaning. You had better protect your hands when cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, floors and so on. In detail, you should protect your hands with rubber gloves when working around the house and wear gardening gloves when working outdoors. The harsh cleaning chemical could break down and then dry out the human skin to make it look old. Bleaches, hot water, degreasers, soaps and anti-bacterial agents are the culprits for aging and drying. You should apply a moisturizer or balm on the hands before wearing your gloves. The hot water could be helpful in helping the lotion penetrate the skin better.

And, slathering hands with moisturizer before layering on soft cotton gloves whilst you sleep is a good way to infuse dry skin with the moisture overnight.

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4. Protect The Nails

how to make your hands look younger
You should also not bite the cuticles as it might lead to torn, loose skin which could eventually crack. The cuticles, nails, and skin could become more fragile and dry when people age due to the lower oil production of the body. Thus, you should warrant that you rub healing ointment or lotion every morning and night. Alternatively, you can use Chapstick to keep your hands moist. And, if you want better-looking hands from your wrist to your fingertip, then you need to care for the nails by periodically giving the nails a break from polish – it could be hard on the nails. Just take several days off to let the nails recover.

5. Exfoliate The Hands Weekly how to make your hands look younger You should use oil-based, enriched scrubs. Actually, the elasticity of human skin might be getting loose over time and a safe and good exfoliation could help in restoring silky smoothness. You can use a homemade scrub to do the trick. Just simply combine ¼ teaspoon of olive oil and the same amount of sugar and then rub the mixture onto your hand skin. Olive oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is considered as a potent moisturizer while the sugar could exfoliate by eliminating dead skin cells to expose younger skin.

6. Pay Attention To Dryness

how to make your hands look younger

When it comes to culprit causing old looking hands, dryness is the most critical. If you have dry hands, then you should use cream or lotion which consists of lactic acids, AHAs, alpha hydroxyl acids and hydrating urea. Remember to apply them after you wash the hands, have a bath or shower so that it can lock into the skin.

Also, look for a cream with a nutrient-rich formula with skin-friendly fatty acids and antioxidants.

7. Decrease Freckling And Dark Spots 

how to make your hands look younger

Once you have begun to notice some dark spots on the hands or “liver spots” that are hyperpigmentations caused by sun exposure, then you had better resort your favorite face cream to reduce dark spots. After putting your own facial cream or corrective cream, you rub the excess on the hands to take its advantage.

Above are 7 big skin care steps you need to carry out to learn how to make your hands look younger naturally. These steps are simple but effective and if carried out often, they will make a big difference on your hands. Trust me!

If you have any ideas about this post of tips on how to make your hands look younger, feel free to leave your words below the post. We will answer soon.

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