Top 30 Home Remedies For Calluses On Hands And Feet

home remedies for calluses on feet

As you can see, calluses are also one of the popular diseases which everybody may suffer from. Although this disease is very popular, there are only a few people who know exactly what calluses are, what cause calluses, as well as how to treat calluses. Now, do you want to find out the detailed information about this disease? It’s time for you to relax and go on reading this article on our page which will present to you several home remedies for calluses on hands and feet.

I. What Are Calluses?

Before finding the home remedies for calluses, you need to know what calluses are. As you can see, calluses are the thick skin area which is usually caused by friction or pressure. Usually, calluses appear on your feet as well as your hands. Actually, you may feel pain when you wear shoes or walk.

II. What Cause Calluses?

Just like a lot of different diseases, calluses have their own causes. Generally, people with diabetes as well as the peripheral arterial disease often are at high risk of suffering from calluses. Furthermore, bunions, hammer toes, and the different deformities are also the main factors which increase the risk of suffering from calluses. If you do not protect your hands properly, you may also experience calluses on your hands. [1]

III. What Are The Symptoms Of Calluses?

If you want to know whether you are suffering from calluses or not, you can depend on what you see on your skin. When you suffer from this disease, your skin starts becoming harder and thicker. In addition to the hard and thick skin, calluses also may make your skin become yellow, flaky and dry.

However, you ought to know that sometimes you may be confused because calluses are similar to corns. Now, let’s compare corns with calluses. Actually, calluses are bigger than corns. Corns may cause pain but calluses may be seldom painful. They often grow on your feet sole, particularly on the palms, on the knees as well as under the balls and heels while corns often grow on your toes.

Besides that, when suffering from calluses, you may experience some skin issues like ulceration, infection, tenderness, and so on. [2]

IV. Home Remedies For Calluses

1. Epsom Salt

If you are suffering from calluses on both hands and feet and you want to get rid of this disease as soon as possible, why don’t you try using Epsom salt? This is the easiest way which you can follow at home. When you use Epsom salt in this case, it will help you in softening your affected area. Therefore, it is easier for you to scrub the skin in this area and then prevent your feet and hands from the infection. [3]

Here is the detailed instruction for you:

– Firstly, fill the tub with the hot water and then add Epsom salt to it.

– Secondly, thoroughly stir it

– Then soak your affected skin area in the salt water for about 10 minutes

–  Next, rub this area by using the pumice stone

– After that, rinse your affected area off again in order to eliminate the dead skin cells.

– Finally, pat it dry and apply the lotion on this area so that it can be moisturized.

For all the reason above, Epsom salt ought to be mentioned in the list of the effective and natural home remedies for calluses.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

If you want to find some effective remedies for calluses on hands or feet, why don’t you use apple cider vinegar? Generally, it is used to treat a lot of skin diseases and it is also the good way to take care of skin. In this case, thanks to the acidic nature, antibacterial, and antifungal present in apple cider vinegar, it can help in softening your hard skin, together with speeding the healing process up.

Here is the detailed instruction for you:

– Firstly, take an enough amount of apple cider vinegar

– Then soak the cotton ball in it

– Next, apply it on your affected skin area

– After that, allow it to sit for overnight

– Finally, remove the cotton ball and exfoliate the skin by using the pumice stone. In order to get the best result, you ought to apply a little coconut oil or olive oil on this skin area

– Repeat this method once a day daily until you see the positive result.

3. Chamomile


In the list of the natural and effective remedies for calluses, chamomile is also mentioned because it is possible to soothe the influence of calluses on your skin. Besides that, it contains anti-inflammatory properties which are able to help in decreasing the discomfort caused by calluses.

There are 2 methods that you can follow in order to get rid of calluses

Method 1:

– Firstly, prepare a garlic clove which is crushed, a teaspoon of dried chamomile as well as a teaspoon of lemon juice

– Then mix everything well together

– Next directly on your skin area

– Finally, remove this mixture after leaving it on for a few minutes

– Keep doing this remedy once or twice per day till the calluses on your skin are gone.

Method 2:

– Firstly, make 1 or 2 cups of chamomile tea

– Secondly, pour water into a foot tub

– Then add the tea to it

– Finally, soak the feet in and allow it to sit for approximately 10 minutes

– Follow this method once a day before you go to sleep. And this method helps to moisturize your feet.

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4. Aspirin

In the list of the natural and effective home remedies for calluses, aspirin ought to be mentioned as well. Why is it said like that? As you can see, when you suffer from calluses, your skin becomes harder. And aspirin can help you in softening it. If calluses cause you to feel discomfort, aspirin can also help you to ease this feeling.

Therefore, in case you want to get rid of this problem, you had better follow this detailed direction below.

– Firstly, take 5 or 6 aspirin tablets and crush them into powder

– Secondly, add ¼ teaspoon of water as well as ½ teaspoon of lemon juice to it and mix everything well together in order to get a fine paste

– Then apply this mixture on your affected skin area and use a plastic bag to cover it

– Next, leave it on for about 10 minutes after wrapping with a warm cloth or towel

– After that, remove all the coverings and use warm water to rinse it off.

– Finally, scrub this area in order to remove the dead skin cells by using the pumice stone

– Repeat this process once a day daily until you notice the positive result.
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5. Home Remedies For Calluses – Bread And Vinegar

One more effective treatment which is also mentioned in the list of the natural home remedies for calluses is the combination of vinegar. As you have known, vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, contains antibacterial and antifungal properties with high acidity level so it can help you in softening the hard skin easily. In addition, bread, in this case, is used as the means of application. It means that you have the choice in order to make a paste easily.

Therefore, if you want to use this combination, you ought to consult the following instruction.

– Firstly, take a tub which is filled with warm water and soak the affected skin area in it

– Secondly, use the pumice stone to rub this area

– Thirdly, clean and pat it dry

– Now take ½ slice of bread and soak it in ½ cup of white vinegar. Sometimes, you can use apple cider vinegar if you don’t have white vinegar

– Then put the bread which has just been soaked over your affected skin area

– Next, use the bandage to wrap it

– After that, let it sit overnight

– Finally, remove the bandage and bread in the next morning and apply your moisturizer on this area.

– Repeat this procedure once a day before you do to bed

– Keep doing every day until you get the positive result

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6. Lemon

Another one of the natural and effective home remedies for calluses is lemon. Not only lemon juice but also lemon peel may be used to treat this disease. But why? Due to the high acidity level, lemon is able to help to soften the hard skin. Furthermore, it also helps you to relieve the discomfort caused by calluses. [5]

Thus, in order to treat calluses, you can use both its juice and its peel. Providing that you want to use lemon peel, you ought to follow the steps below.

– Firstly, apply a piece of lemon peel on your affected area.

– Then cover it by using the bandage, so that it can’t move to the different place.

– Next, allow it to sit for bandage and use a new lemon peel to replace the old one in the next morning.

– Follow this method twice or thrice a day daily until your situation becomes better

If you like to use lemon juice, you can follow this specific instruction below.

– Firstly, take an enough amount of lemon juice.

– Then soak the cotton ball in it.

– Next, apply this soaked cotton ball on your affected skin area

– Now use the bandage to secure the ball

– After that, let it sit overnight

– Finally, remove the bandage as well as the cotton ball and replace it by using a new soaked one.

– Repeat this remedy twice a day daily until your condition becomes better.

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