Top 30 Home Remedies For Calluses On Hands And Feet

home remedies for calluses on hands - home remedies for calluses

23. Licorice Powder

One more method which is also mentioned in the list of the effective home remedies for calluses is licorice powder. But how do you use it? Here is your needed answer.

– Firstly, prepare a teaspoon of licorice powder as well as a teaspoon of mustard oil

– Then mix both ingredients well together in order to make a thick paste

– Next apply this paste on your affected skin area directly

– After that, allow it to sit for about  20 minutes

– Finally, wash it off with lukewarm water

– Follow this remedy twice or thrice per day at your sweet home in order to inhibit the calluses, together with easing calluses on your skin.

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24. Home Remedies For Calluses – Turmeric Powder

If you are finding the way which can help you to stay away from calluses, why don’t you try using the turmeric powder? Because of containing antiseptic properties, turmeric can help you to heal your skin quickly and then make it softer as well as suppler when you combine it with honey. [7]

Here is what you need to do.

– Firstly, prepare a tablespoon of honey as well as a teaspoon of turmeric

– Then mix them well together

– Next, apply this mixture on your affected skin area

– After that, allow it to sit for about 20 minutes

– Finally, rinse it off with the help of lukewarm water

– Repeat this process once a day daily so as to shrink your calluses within 2 days.

25. Aloe Vera

One of the natural home remedies for calluses which you are able to follow is aloe vera. In general, aloe vera is said to be a good way to take care of your skin. Thanks to the moisturizing properties of aloe vera, it will help you to keep your skin smooth. As a result, it makes the calluses be removed easily. In addition, aloe vera also contains antibacterial properties which prevent the development of bacteria in the area. Therefore, it can help you to prevent the infections of any types.

Here is the detailed instruction for you:

– Firstly, take 2 or 3 cotton balls and dip them in one tablespoon of aloe vera gel

– Then, apply the soaked cotton ball on your affected skin area

– Next, keep it standing still by using the bandage

– After that, leave it on overnight

– Finally, remove the bandage and use lukewarm water to rinse the gel out

– Repeat this method at least twice a day daily so that the calluses on your skin can be removed

26. Oatmeal

When talking about the natural home remedies for calluses on your feet and hands, there is an effective treatment that you ought to use. It is oatmeal. Why is it said like that? The exfoliating agent in oatmeal can act wonders on your skin.
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Particularly, oatmeal helps you fade the dead skin cells which are accumulated in the calluses. If you want to use this method, you ought to follow the detailed direction below. [8]

– Firstly, take 4 tablespoons of plain oatmeal as well as a cup of water

– Then boil the oatmeal in the water until a thick paste is formed

– Next, allow this mixture to cool

– After that, apply it on your calluses and keep it for about 20 minutes

– Finally, rinse off the paste by using warm water

– Follow this remedy once every day in order to get the quick cure from the calluses as well as their symptoms.

27. Sugar Scrub

home remedies for calluses - sugar scrub

As you can see, sugar is a great skin exfoliant. In this case, it can help you to remove the dead skin cells and make your hard skin which is one of the symptoms of calluses become softer. Hence, it is considered as one of the natural home remedies for calluses. Here is the detailed instruction for you.
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– Firstly, prepare a few drops of lemon essential oil, mineral oil, along with half a cup of granulated sugar.

– Then make your affected skin area moisturize

– Now mix everything well together until you get a loose paste

– Next, take an enough amount of this paste and apply on your affected skin area

– After that, massage it gently in the circulation motion for about 15 to 20 minutes

– Finally, wash off this paste with lukewarm water

– Repeat this procedure 2 or 3 times per week.

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28. Home Remedies For Calluses – Turpentine Oil

In the list of the natural and effective home remedies for calluses, turpentine oil is one of them. This oil contains the potent antiseptic and antibacterial properties which can help to minimize the risks of suffering from an infection as well as calluses. Besides that, it also readily penetrates into your skin and boosts the healing process. This is the detailed instruction that you can follow.

– Firstly, take an enough amount of turpentine oil

– Then soak a cotton ball in this oil

– Next, apply this cotton ball on your affected skin area

– After that, keep it overnight by using a bandage

– Finally, remove this bandage and the cotton ball in the next morning

– Follow this method once every day until your condition is better.

29. Papaya Juice

The different one of the natural home remedies for calluses that you can follow to apply is papaya juice. It is able to assist you to heal your skin more quickly.
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Therefore, what you need to do is to follow these steps below.

– Firstly, take a little papaya juice and rub it on your affected skin area.

– Then use a bandage or a cloth to cover it

– Next, let it sit overnight

– Finally, take off the bandage or cloth as you wake up

– Follow this remedy once every night until your calluses are completely removed

30. Home Remedies For Calluses – Salicylic Acid

Another one of the effective home remedies for calluses is the salicylic acid. As you can see, your skin starts becoming harder when you suffer from calluses. If you use salicylic acid, it helps you to soften the dead skin cells in order to rub off the calluses. Now what you need to do is to follow the instruction below. [9]

– Firstly, soak your affected skin area in the tub with warm water for about 5 minutes

– Then use the pumice stone to scrub this area

– Next, wash it off, take an enough amount of salicylic acid gel and apply a thin layer

– After that, allow it to sit for nearly 5 minutes

– Finally, wash off your skin again

– Keep doing this method twice per day until you get your satisfied result

V. Additional Tips For Preventing And Treating Calluses

Besides applying one of the home remedies for calluses which are mentioned above, you ought to follow some tips in order to prevent or treat calluses as well.

– Do not try to eliminate calluses by slicing or cutting them because the risk of infection will be increase if you do that.

– Be sure that you are wearing the comfortable footwear. If you find that your footwear doesn’t fit you or it is too tight, it’s high time for you to change it now.

– Stay away from wearing high heels whenever it is possible if you are suffering from calluses

– Wear socks that are not too tight. It is much better if you wear cotton socks.

– Apply your quality cream regularly in order to moisturize your feet as well as your toes

– Usually, wear gloves when you do gardening or hammering

– Wash your legs and hands more often

– Have a medical checkup if you see that your condition becomes worse

– Maintain the clean and dry skin

That’s all about “top 30 home remedies for calluses on hands and feet”. We all hope that this article will help you to find out the best treatment for your condition. Furthermore, this article about the home remedies for calluses on our main page Home Remedies is only for the informative purpose. If you want to apply one of these home remedies for calluses, you had better ask the doctor for his or her advice first.
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In case, you have any questions or you know more home remedies for calluses, please do not hesitate to let us know by leaving us a message or a comment. We promise that we will response your message or comment as soon as we can. Moreover, we also think that you should read these following articles which are related to some different skin diseases, including calluses and urticarial, how to deal with them and how to improve your skin health.

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