20 natural home remedies for sinus infection pain in adults & children

home remedies for sinus infection

If you have ever had a sinus infection, you know the pain as well as discomfort it could cause. Medically termed sinusitis, a sinus infection happens when the cavities around the nose become inflamed and swollen. Western medicine often treats sinus infection with antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medication, steroids, and sometimes surgery. Most of those methods come with high potential to be more harmful than not. So, before you go for these risky methods, you can consider some other natural home remedies for sinus infection here. Before getting to know those remedies, it is better to acknowledge some basic information about sinus infection. Take a look from VKool.com!

I. What Is A Sinus Infection? 

II. Causes Of Infection 

III. Types Of Sinusitis 

IV. Who Gets Sinusitis? 

V. Symptoms Of Sinusitis 

VI. 20 Natural Ways

VII. Tips To Eradicate Possible Causes 

home remedies for sinus infection

I. Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – What Is A Sinus Infection? 

A sinus infection happens when a pathogenic microorganism (a fungus, bacterium, or virus) grows in a sinus and leads to intermittent blockage of the sinus ostium. The drainage of mucus and pus usually happen when the blockage is relieved. The drainage often goes from the nasal passages to the throat or out the nostrils. Those infections will lead to inflammation of one or even more sinuses. This could block the openings of the sinuses, thereby leading to discomfort.

In fact, the inflammation of the air cavities in the passage of the nose might be referred to as sinus infection – sinusitis. This could be resulted by infection, yet could also be resulted from irritation and allergy of the sinuses.

Sinusitis is considered as one of the most common problems that could affect people throughout their lives. Sinusitis popularly happens when environmental pollens irritate the nasal passage, like with hay fever. Sinusitis could also be resulted from irritants, like chemicals or the use of OTC nasal sprays, and illegal substances which might be snorted via the nose. It is estimated that about 30 million mature people are suffering from sinusitis.

II. Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – Causes Of Infection 

home remedies for sinus infection

Any condition which blocks off the sinus drainage channels could lead to a sinus infection. The sinus openings might be blocked by swelling of the tissue lining and adjacent nasal passage tissue, for instance with allergies, common colds, and tissue irritants like OTC nasal sprays, cigarette smoke, and cocaine. Sinuses could also become blocked by growths and turmors which are close to the sinus openings.

A sinus infection might happen after a cold or might result from anatomic problems like a deviated septum that refers to a shift in the nasal cavity. If not cured, a sinus infection could last for many weeks.

III. Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – Types Of Sinusitis 

home remedies for sinus infection

Sinusitis might be classified in different ways, based on the time span of the problem (subacute, acute, or chronic) and the kind of inflammation (either infectious or noninfectious).

Below are some types of sinusitis:

  • Acute sinus infection: is often defined as being of less than 30 days in duration
  • Subacute sinus infection: is defined as being somewhere from 1 month to 3 months.
  • Chronic sinus infection: is defined as greater than 3 months of duration. This condition might be further sub-classified into chronic sinus infection with or without nasal polyps, or allergic fungal sinus infection.
  • Infected sinusitis: is often caused by uncomplicated virus infection. Less regularly, bacterial growth leads to sinus infection while fungal sinus infection is rather infrequent. Subacute and chronic forms of sinus infection often are the consequence of the incomplete remedy of an acute sinus infection.
  • Non-infectious sinusitis: is resulted from allergic and irritant conditions. This condition follows the similar general time line for subacute, acute, and chronic as sinus infection.

IV. Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – Who Gets Sinusitis? 

home remedies for sinus infection

As mentioned earlier, about 37 million Americans suffer from at least one episode of sinus infection annually. People who have the following the conditions might have a higher risk of sinus infection:

  • Nasal mucous membrane swelling as from a common cold
  • Structural differences which narrow the drainage ducts
  • Blockage of the drainage ducts
  • Nasal polyps
  • Those conditions which result in an enhanced risk of infection like immune deficiencies or taking medications which suppress the human immune system.

In children, those common environmental factors which contribute to sinus infection contain allergies, illness from any other children at day care or pacifiers, or school, bottle drinking whilst lying on one’s back, and smoke in the surrounding environment.

In matures, the contributing factors are most regularly infections and smoking.

V. Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – Symptoms Of Sinusitis 

1. Pain 

home remedies for sinus infection

The most common but most unpleasant symptom of sinusitis is pain. You have some different sinuses above and below the eyes, and behind the nose. Any of those could hurt as you have a sinus infection.

Inflammation as well as swelling within the sinuses might cause them to ache with such a dull pressure. If you are suffering from a sinus infection, you might feel pain in the forehead, or on either side of the nose, in the upper jaws and teeth, or between the eyes.

2. Discharge 

home remedies for sinus infection

The pain resulted from a sinus infection is really no fun, and the nasal dischage will not be great either. Upon suffering from a sinusitis, you might need to blow the nose more often due to a greenish-yellow discharge. It might come from your own infected sinuses and drain into the nasal passages.

The discharge might also bypass the nose and then flow down the throat. You might feel an itch or tickle down the back of the throat, which is called postnasal drip.

3. Congestion

home remedies for sinus infection

At the same time that you are handling with the drainage, your inflamed sinuses might also be restricting how well you could breathe via the nose. The sinus infection causes swelling within the sinuses and in the nasal passages. Due to the nasal congestion, you might experience a decreased sense of taste and smell.

4. Headache 

home remedies for sinus infection

The swelling and relentless pressure in the sinuses could reverberate throughout the skull and leave the sufferer with a massive serious headache. This pain also shows up in places that people may not expect. Sinus pain could give people toothaches, earaches, and pain in the cheeks and jaws.

In fact, sinus headaches are usually at their worst in the morning as fluids have been collecting throughout the night. People might also experience a worsening of headache as the temperature of the environment modifies suddenly.

5. Cough 

home remedies for sinus infection

When the discharge from the sinuses drains down the back of the throat, it could lead to lots of irritation, particularly over such a long span of time. This could result in annoying and persistent cough.

A sinus cough might be especially aggravating as it tends to be much worse at night, thereby making sleeping difficult. So, to reduce the frequency as well as intensity of coughing, you could sit upright to sleep.

6. Sore Throat 

home remedies for sinus infection

The irritating postnasal drip could leave a sufferer with an aching and raw throat. Though it might start as an annoying tickle, it could even get worse. If your infection lasts for several weeks or more, the mucus could inflammation and irritate your throat when it drips, causing a painful sore throat.

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So, what happens if sinus infection is not treated?

Delaying treatment for sinus infection might result in suffering from unnecessary discomfort and pain. In extremely rare circumstances, untreated sinusitis could lead to meningitis or brain abscess and infection of the bone.

VI. Home Remedies For Sinus Infection – 20 Natural Ways

Though it is more important to cure the root sickness rather than treating the symptoms, let’s face it. When having a sinus infection, your top concern is feeling better. Thus, before trying to concentrate on enhancing your own immune system and clearing the causal factors of the sinusitis, let’s work on curing the symptoms.

1. Garlic 

home remedies for sinus infection

Garlic includes some chemical substance that could kill bacteria and fungal infections, and virus. As a sinus is a bacterial infection, using garlic could help you damage the bacterial infection and then treat sinus problem. There are a few ways to use garlic as one of home remedies for sinus infection. Some of them are:

  • You need to prepare 3 to 4 cloves of garlic, and crush them well. At the same time, add water into a pot to start boiling it for several minutes. After the water begins boiling, you add the crushed garlic into. Remove pot off the heat and cover the pot with a wash cloth or a towel so that the steam will not get away. After that, you inhale the steam so it can help you get an instant relief from your sinus infection by thinning your mucus. It is recommended to use this method whenever you want to get a quick relief.
  • Alternatively, you could make a juice or soup made from garlic, turmeric and water. Just need to prepare 2-3 garlic cloves, a half of teaspoon of turmeric powder, and 1 cup of water. After boiling the garlic in the water, you mix turmeric powder in it. Then, you drink the final mixture daily till you get good results.
  • Another option is to take several fresh garlic cloves to eat. You had better eat them as often as you could to help get a quick relief. Or, eat the garlic pizzas or bread to get relief from the sinus infection.
  • You should make sure that you do not offer that garlic to your children to eat because it might result in possible other problem without the consultation of the doctor.

You can refer some amazing health and beauty benefits of garlic here.

2. Fenugreek Seeds

home remedies for sinus infection

Having anti inflammatory property, fenugreek could help treat sinus infection naturally.

You could take advantage of fenugreek by pouring it in one glass of water. Then, mix them well before boiling it for several minutes. Drink this mixture when it is still warm. Do this process daily for a few times per day to get a natural relief from sinus infection. However, because fenugreek might have some side effects for some individuals so you should consult your doctor before using it.

3. Hot Tomato Juice 

home remedies for sinus infection

Thanks to the high content of vitamin A and the anti-inflammatory property, tomatoes are able to repair the mucus membranes in your sinus cavity.

What you need to prepare are 1 cup of tomato juice, 1 tablespoon of garlic which is chopped, ½ tablespoon of hot sauce, 1 tablespoon of lemon juice, and a pinch of celery salt. After having all of these ingredients, you boil tomato juice poured in a saucepan. At the same time, you add the remaining ingredients into it. Mix them well before boiling it for several minutes. You had better drink this mixture when it is still hot at least two times per day to get good results.

Refer 13 benefits of tomato juice for health and beauty here so you can make use of this fruit effectively.

4. Onions 

home remedies for sinus infection

Containing sulfur which acts anti-bacterial, onion is able to treat sinus problem.

You just need to take one onion to chop it into many small pieces. Then, add these pieces into the pot of boiling water. Start boiling it for 5 minutes. After that, pour this solution into a bowl before inhaling it for a few minutes. That way, you can get an instant relief from a clogged nose as well as sinus infection.

Or, you could cut the onions into two equal parts before taking one of them to inhale. Do this process daily to get good results soon.

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5. Horseradish

home remedies for sinus infection

Having the quality of curing congested nasal resulted from sinus infection, horseradish is considered one of the most effective home remedies for sinus infection.

You can take a horseradish to grate into small pieces. Hold a pinch of these pieces in the mouth. Wait for several minutes so its flavor will move up to your own sinus to dissolve the mucus.

If you think that the flavor gone away in your mouth, you can swallow the grated radish to eradicate the mucus from your own throat.

6. Acupressure

home remedies for sinus infection

Using acupressure also helps your cure sinus infection rapidly. Do it by using your fingers to gently apply the pressure of the pads on all sides of the nose and between the eyebrows as well, thereby you can eradicate the pain and also boost blood circulation to the membrane lining the cavities. By this way, you will decrease the inflammation, making you feel much better. Make sure that you apply the pressure at the correct point.

7. Stay Hydrated 

home remedies for sinus infection

You had better drink lots of water without added sugar, or clear broth or hot tea. These fluids can help you thin out the mucus and drain it from irritated sinuses. You should stop drinking alcohol, sugary drinks, caffeine, and smoking as well. All of these substances just dehydrate your own system, causing mucus to thicken and clog already inflamed airways.

8. Dissolve The Excess Mucus 

home remedies for sinus infection

In order to alleviate your symptoms of sinus infection, you should use or create your own mucus dissolving elixir. Go for spicy foods like horseradish or cayenne pepper which are mixed with apple cider vinegar as well as lemon juice to get your own mucus dissolving solution.

9. Pressure Point Activation

home remedies for sinus infection

A solution for temporary relief of closed nasal passages is face massage. You can follow 5 steps below to clear a blocked nose in just 5 minutes:

What you need for this simple face massage is your index fingers. Apply firm pressure on several points on the face, as illustrated below:

  • Step 1: begin with the points on each side of the nostrils. Rotate the index fingers till the two nostrils are closed. Apply this for about 10 seconds.
  • Step 2: apply the similar rotating pressure with the two index fingers a little above the inner corners of the eyes – also for 10 seconds.
  • Step 3: head over the cheek bones to apple another pressure for 10 seconds.
  • Step 4: use the two index fingers, stroke the cheekbones to the ears and apply proper pressure, behind the earlobes. Do this for 20 seconds
  • Step 5: massage the ear lobes gently for no less than about 30 seconds. By this way, you will get an amazingly calming effect.

The entire time of this exercise is 1.5 minutes – giving you a temporary relief, like any other OTC medication in the market. If you still feel your own nose blocking up, do the 5 steps above once again. When done well, this exercise will help you breath more easily.

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10. Steam Inhalation

home remedies for sinus infection


Break up the thick mucus with several drops of Peppermint oil or Eucalyptus in the hot water. With the face down and over the prepared water, you drape the soft towel over the back of the head before inhaling the steam.

11. Salt Water Rinse 

home remedies for sinus infection

Another one in this list of natural home remedies for sinus infection is using salt water. With a Neti pot, you can make use of salt water to relieve your blocking nose. This handy little device will make it easy to irrigate your nasal cavity, removing unwanted mucus and other inhaled contaminants which might be caught in there. Try to use the Neti pot twice per day to get good results.

12. Use Grapefruit Seed Extract

home remedies for sinus infection

In reality, grapefruit seed extract is the natural antibiotic made from the grinding dried grapefruit seeds and pulp into the fine powder. As administered in the nasal spray form, grapefruit seed extract could help in clearing out the mucus and might also prevent any other microbial contaminants from taking root in weakened as well as inflamed sinus tissues.

13. Ginger / Turmeric Root 

home remedies for sinus infection

There are many benefits of turmeric you can take advantage of and one of them is sinus infection relief. Turmeric root is a powerful fragrant spice popularly found in some Middle Eastern and Indian dishes. Turmeric contains the natural anti-inflammatory curcumin and anti-oxidant as well. If combined with the spicy ginger root and then brewed for the hot tea, it could help in loosening mucus from clogged nasal passages, lessen sinus pressure, and make you feel much better. Additionally, ginger root has a calming effect which can help soothe your upset stomach – a common side effect of excessive nighttime  sinus drainage.

14. Apple Cider Vinegar 

home remedies for sinus infection

When it comes to apple cider vinegar, its huge array of benefits might range from hair care, skin care to overall health care. To use apple cider vinegar for sinus infection relief, you take 2-3 tablespoons of unfiltered, raw apple cider vinegar and add them to one cup of hot water or tea. You can take the combination thrice per day to thin out the excessive mucus, alleviating congestion and sinus pressure. To have more tastes, you can mix it with honey and lemon.

15. Hot Compress 

home remedies for sinus infection

If the pressure is getting to you, you can run a washcloth under hot water, lie down and place the fold hot compress over the eyes.  Then, gently press along the sinuses, massaging your sensitive areas for loosening up the mucus.

16. Sleep With A Humidifier 

home remedies for sinus infection

If the symptoms of sinus infection are worse at night, you can keep your head slightly propped up with a few pillows, and sleep with a cool mist humidifier on your night stand. Breathing in the moist air will greatly improve your condition in the next morning.

17. Get Sweaty 

home remedies for sinus infection

Doing a high-intensity cardio workout to get your sweaty and hot is one of great home remedies for sinus infection. However, it should be preferably done on your own so you will not risk getting other sicknesses.

And, when you have lessened some of the congestion and pain, you will want to concentrate on bolstering your own immune system to help the body beat off infection. The next tips will help you improve your immune system with ease that you should not skip.

18. Vitamin C 

home remedies for sinus infection

In order to fortify your immune system, you should go for vitamin C. available as liquid, caplets, and chewables and other forms, vitamin C might be the most common OTC immune booster. It is shown that vitamin C can help the human body to resist immune system deficiencies and enhance overall health. To get the best absorption possible, you should opt for a supplement including Acerola.

19. Fermented Cod Liver Oil 

home remedies for sinus infection

FCLO – Fermented cod liver oil is high in vitamin A and D, and omega-3 fatty acids. The fermentation process by which this oil is extracted from the cod livers will not ruin the nutrients, thereby making the potential health benefits of this supplement greatly long list. Some of the benefits are the ability to cure skin issues, balance mood as well as hormones, and treat auto-immune disorders.

20. Oregano Oil

home remedies for sinus infection

Use several drops of oregano oil put in a cup of water, juice or tea daily to relieve your sinus infection. It is because oregano oil has anti-biotic, anti-fungal, anti-viral properties upon taken internally. Also, you can also use it topically to defeat cold sores, dandruff, and nail fungus among other things. Oregano oil might also be steam-inhaled as an effective alternative to ingestion.

VII. Tips To Eradicate Possible Causes 

home remedies for sinus infection

In case you followed the home remedies for sinus infection above yet still cannot get rid of it for good, then there might be some underlying dietary or environmental factors at work. Here are some possible culprits and a few simple solutions for them:

  • Indoor Allergens

Dust, animal dander, mold spores, and pollen are considered as the most popular airborne irritants which lead to sinus inflammation as well as congestion. That case, the easiest method to resolve the problem is upgrading your air filter. Make sure that you change your filter at least once a month. Try marking the calendar on the specific day you change the filter or note down the date somewhere on the out-facing side of your new filter before you install it.

On the other hand, keep your pets outside, or at least warrant that they are brushed or bathed often. Vacuum your home at least once a week. If you have your pets inside your home, do vacuuming more often.

Maybe, indoor allergens hide in the air ducts. To solve this problem, you can attach cloth to the outside of the air vents to operate as a filter. This will not only prevent allergens from entering your home, but also show you what may need to be cleaned out of the air system.

You can get the air purifier for the spaces or rooms where you seem spend most your time in. These devices will circulate the air in the room via a HEPA filter and an ionizer to remove most popular allergens. As an alternative, you could use an Activated Charcoal filter to cleanse your house’s air.

  • Outdoor Airborne Allergens

Smog, pollen, and car exhaust are considered as some popular outdoor irritants. If you know you will be exposed to any of these allergens, you should wear a mask to keep them out of your own airways. Just drive the windows up and set the car ventilation system to circulate so you will not bring allergens from the surrounding environment into the cab where you might inhale them.

  • Dietary Irritants

Food sensitivities and allergies like those to dairy, gluten, and sugar could lead to sinus infections. You should eradicate these types of foods from your current diet if you experience sinus problems.

Obviously, it is not necessary for you to follow exactly every part of the steps above, you should try one or two items from each list to realize what will work best for you. When finding the right equation, you can identify the right one for you as your stuffy nose and headaches fade away.

Aside from the tips mentioned above, there are some small but important preventive steps you could take to reduce your risk of recurrent sinus infection:

  • Treat the colds and allergies faster when you have just been affected by it as it might lead to sinus infection if left untreated.
  • Avoid contaminated air as it might irritate your nasal passage and harm your sinusitis.
  • Avoid strong fumes and chemicals which might irritate your sinus linings.
  • Practice good personal hygiene because viral and bacterial infections are most popular causes of sinusitis, like washing the hands when necessary.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
  • Drink lots of water; make your own home clean and neat from the dust particles.

Hopefully, you have learned something useful for treating your sinus infection, and cured this uncomfortable condition once and for all without any side effect. If you have any idea about the topic of home remedies for sinus infection, share your thoughts with us by dropping words below this Home Remedies post. We will feedback soon.

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