What Are The Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy

Could you be pregnant? Some signs and symptoms of pregnancy might show up about the time you have missed a period – or a week or two later. Normally, 7 out of 10 females have symptoms by the time they are six weeks pregnant.

This article from VKool.com will give you the answer of the question: “What are the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy?” so you can use these symptoms to check for your case.

I. Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy – Top 16 Signs 

1. Shortness Of Breath 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Some women find it difficult to breathe, especially during their first pregnancy. Sometimes, this phenomenon also takes place during the nine months of pregnancy. The cause of dyspnea during pregnancy is because you need more oxygen to the growth of the fetus or the significant increase of progesterone hormone. It is considered the first sign of pregnancy of a normal woman.

Solution for you: Wear cool, loose clothing; avoid hard work, do breathing exercises , sit up straight …

However, if you notice an abnormality as mentioned below, then you need to visit the doctor:

  • You find it suddenly hard to breathe even while not doing exercise
  • Shortness of breath accompanied by pain with no known cause.
  • The feeling of breathlessness become worse when lying down

Even, this may be a sign of a more serious disease.

2. Breast Tenderness

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

The increase of the size of boobs is one of the first signs and symptoms of pregnancy. If you notice, you will see that your breast somewhat sore than normal. However, all these symptoms can be seen right before each menstrual cycle. Yet, if you are awaited good news, this is a hopeful signal. If you are already pregnant, you should also learn about how to care for your breast.

3. Fatigue 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

In the first weeks of pregnancy, you will feel tired because you are unfamiliar with the body condition which always works 24/7 to provide additional nutrients to the fetus. More secretion of progesterone after conception causes your body temperature to rise, and burn more energy. Your heart rate will also increase to ensure adequate oxygen supply to the ovaries. All of this leads to consequences that you feel like you have been so exhausting.

4. Nausea

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Nausea or morning sickness is one of the uncomfortable signs and symptoms of pregnancy. It can start as soon as your pregnancy is 4 – 6 weeks and occurs at any point during the day, not just in the morning. If you notice that you suddenly feel nausea or sick, it is a common sign of pregnancy.

5. Urinating More

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

If you suddenly urinate much more than usual, this may be an early signal of pregnancy. The phenomenon of urination may occur 6 weeks after conception, and is resulted by a number of factors. One of those factors is the pregnancy hormone and the increase of blood flow in body. The first months of pregnancy, the uterus enlarging inserts into the bladder, causing to push the bladder upward. As a result, pregnant women will urinate more.

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6. Headaches 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Some women often have headaches during their pregnancy. This is related to the rapid increase of the progesterone hormone in the body, plus with the shortage of water, leading to the rapid decline of hemoglobin in the blood. In this case, you should increase the amount of water every day and check the amount of hemoglobin in the blood.

7. Backache 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

If you feel lower back pain occurring or tired spine, this may be due to the ligaments being stretched. When the abdominal muscles become loose due to adaptation to the developing uterus, back muscles must work harder to compensate. Many women do not care about this sign during pregnancy because the majority of them think that it is back pain due to weather or strenuous work. The back pain will “attack” you much more when the fetus begins to grow.

8. Cramps 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

During pregnancy, your uterus will be stretching a little bit to prepare for the arrival of the baby in the next nine months. Its weight will put pressure on the blood vessels in the lower extremities, causing a cramp. You should take enough calcium and do gentle massage.

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9. Disordered Eating Habits

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Before your pregnancy, you might not like to eat pickles or ice cream, but recently you have the appetite of any pickles or any food to avoid the feeling of faint mouth. These may be an early sign of pregnancy. This preference can also extend throughout pregnancy. Contrary to some women having morning sickness, many other women may be the victim of “insatiable appetite” in time “having pregnant”.

10. Constipation And Bloating

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Constipation is a common phenomenon of pregnant women and the symptoms will increase with the development of the fetus. Expectant women also experience the phenomenon of bloating and flatulence. It is caused by the increase of progesterone hormone during pregnancy, affecting the digestive system. Drinking enough water will help soften and the waste block move easily, eliminating the risk of constipation. Every day, you should drink 7-8 glasses of water.

11. Mood Swings 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

The dramatic changes of hormone levels in the body will lead to erratic mood changes. You will feel bored, unhappy; get angry or upset, or irritable. Once you are familiar with this situation, those erratic changes will naturally disappear. At this point, you do not need to resort to any medical therapy to stop this situation.

12. Abnormal Body Temperature 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

A change in body temperature tends to occur more often on the  6th to 12th day after ovulation. If you pay a little attention to your body temperature, you will recognize this sign.

It is believed that the phenomenon of heat rash only appears in baby, but pregnant women are also at risk of coping with this situation. It is caused by an increase in body temperature when having pregnant, and  the sweat is not gotten out of the skin, due to the friction between different skin areas (in the fold skin) or between skin with clothing.

13. Sensitivity To Odors 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

You can become sensitive to any taste. It could be the smell of some unpleasant things like cigarette smoke, even the familiar fragrance of your husband that you still love so far. For some people, having themselves become overly sensitive towards scents makes them feel uncomfortable and miserable. There is no way to avoid this phenomenon but avoid them if you can. You need to pay close attention to cigarette smoke because it can affect negatively your health and your baby’s.

14. Dizziness Or Fainting 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

No wonder if sometimes you feel dizziness during pregnancy. In this period, your cardiovascular system undergoes dramatic changes: increased heart rate, increased heart rate pumping and increased blood flow in the body. In normal pregnancy, your blood pressure decreases steadily during at the beginning, reaching its lowest level in about mid-pregnancy. Then, it begins to increase and return to normal in later pregnancy.

Virtually, your cardiovascular and nerves systems can automatically adjust to fit all these changes at all times. However, sometimes the adjustment is not timely and makes you feel a bit dizzy. If you actually faint, it could be a sign of a more serious health problem and you should see a doctor.

15. Missed Menstrual Cycle

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

This is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy signs you often see in all women. If you are pregnant, you will not see the obsolescent menstruation. However, some women also have bleeding during pregnancy, but that phenomenon often takes place in a short time and at less-than-normal level.

16. Positive For Blood, Urine Test

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

In the middle of the first month of pregnancy (ie when you missed about 1-2 weeks), you can identify whether you are pregnant or not by a blood or urine test. Both of the two types of tests are based on the amount of HCG hormone in the body only appearing when pregnant.

The easiest way is to perform a urine test at home with test strips purchased at a pharmacy. The most expensive is not necessarily the best thing. You should use branded goods which are used by your acquaintances, friends. You should try in the morning when you wake up, also when HCG hormone is at the highest level.

Buy 2 sets of test strips. You are in the very early stages of pregnancy, so those inexact results might happen. If you can repeat the test again and compare the previous result, it is better for you.

For the blood test, you need to go to an antenatal clinic. Blood test for HCG hormone gives completely accurate results, so you can be assured for preparation for 9 months of pregnancy.

II. Early Signs And Symptoms Of Pregnancy – You Are Pregnant, Now What? 

early signs and symptoms of pregnancy

And, if you are reading this part, then you might be pregnant. Well, congratulations! In those rare moments, you might be wondering what you need to do next.

Here are some of the most crucial things you should do:

1. Calculate Your Own Due Date 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

You should not bother with a paper or pencil, just use the due date calculator available on the Internet. Not only will it help you calculate the date that you will be looking forward to all pregnancy long, but also gives you a customized calendar that shows when you will be able to hear the heartbeat of your baby, find out the sex of your baby, and much more.

2. Opt For A Prenatal Caregiver

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

You are going to see a lot of family physician, obstetrician, or midwife over the upcoming months, so it is crucial for you to find a proper choice. If you have made your own decision, then you should help get your pregnancy off to a good start by simply scheduling the first prenatal appointment.

3. Prime The Body 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

It is always important for people to maintain a healthy lifestyle, particular for pregnant women. However, when you are living for two, it is more vital. Thus, you should make sure that you get enough folic acid, begin taking a prenatal vitamin, plan a healthy pregnancy diet, create a healthy pregnancy-friendly routine of exercise, and get adequate sleep.

4. Avoid The Pregnancy No-Nos 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

While having pregnant, you do not need to live in such a sterile bubble, yet some things that are harmful should be nixed. These contain some special foods, cigarette smoke, alcohol, too much caffeine, some types of medications, recreational drugs such as marijuana, and a variety of toxins, and certain activities as well as behaviors. You should discuss your caregiver in order to find out more about what you personally need to stay away from.

5. Be Prepared For Your Pregnant Symptoms 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

In fact, not every pregnancy sign will occur to all women, yet educating your own ahead of time will help you prevent yourself from being blindsided. Maybe, you experience vomiting and nausea, jaw-dropping tiredness, sore breasts, odd food cravings, and maddeningly regular bathroom trips. These are more common complaints, not to mention to other signs as well.

6. Decide The Time To Announce Your Pregnancy 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

In reality, there will be no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of what the proper time to share the good news of pregnancy to your family and friends is. Some women want till after the first trimester, when the risk of miscarriage reduces. On the other hand, some women might wait to tell to their colleagues or boss in order to avoid the “separate treatment” at work, whilst others might want their office buds to understand the reason why they are green a little bit around the gills.

Now, you need to think what will work best for you, and consider how you can make that good news public – whether by phone, in person, in writing, or by video or picture. Choose your own approach or even get creative inspired from other people.

7. Vitamins In Pregnancy 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

Vitamins will help you have a healthy pregnancy. If you have not received a prescription from your gynecologist, you can select a number of vitamins for pregnant women in reliable pharmacies. If you are still wondering what the best brand is, please ask your pharmacist for further advice. This is a simple thing you can do to help your baby to have the best start.

8. Maternity Leave Plan 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

It would be a good idea to begin to learn the time and mode of maternity leave at work. The best way to do this is to plan very soon. Also, you should consider working interest in pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Knowing your rights will help you feel more confident in handling your stage of pregnancy at work.

9. Abandon Some Habits 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

When you know you are elected, there are habits that you should stop, for example, stop drinking alcohol, not smoking and limiting use of the hot tub. Although most doctors agree with a small amount of caffeine during pregnancy, but you should not overdo.

10. Start Eating Healthy 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

If you do not have a healthy diet, please start in a hurry now. If you need precise information for nutritious foods to eat during pregnancy, the food pyramid can help it. Food pyramid will direct you to the diet with lean meats, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. In addition, ask your doctor to explain your calorie needs if you have any questions.

11. Celebrate 

signs and symptoms of pregnancy

And, of course the last thing you need to do is to celebrate the good news then! Now, the family you are about to add a new member to prepare “household registration”. This is a wonderful period in your life. Let’s celebrate in a memorable way, and enjoy this wonderful stage.

These are all necessary things you need to know about signs and symptoms of pregnancy and what you should do after knowing that you are going to have a baby. Keep calm and start scheduling your healthy diet and lifestyle so that your baby will grow in such the healthiest way.

Share your thoughts with us below this post to let us know about your thoughts, when it comes to early signs and symptoms of pregnancy. We welcome all ideas and will respond all soon.

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