Emotional Stress And Erectile Dysfunction – Natural Treatments

emotional stress and erectile dysfunction

Emotional stress can cause a lot of health diseases such as illness, miscarriage, etc. among those diseases, erectile dysfunction is a normal result of stress and it is a common sexual disease in men nowadays. In this short article, VKool.com will show you 15 natural treatments for stress and erectile dysfunction. Keep reading the article and learn more.

15 Natural Treatments For Stress And Erectile Dysfunction You Should Know

stress and erectile dysfunction

Healing erectile dysfunction is not difficult and you can reduce the problem with some natural treatments at home. Here is the content you will read in the writing:

I. Understanding Of Stress & Erectile Dysfunction

II. Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Now get started to reduce erectile dysfunction.

I. Understanding Of Stress And Erectile Dysfunction

stress and erectile dysfunction

What is emotional stress? What is erectile dysfunction? Keep reading the article carefully and you will understand more about it.

Erectile Dysfunction is a common issue in the UK with many men experiencing it to some extent at some point in their lives. Although the occurrence itself is common and often easily treatable, it actually tends to be an indication rather than an ailment in itself. That is not to say that medical professionals will not treat erectile dysfunction, but in all cases it is an indication of the existence of another condition, whether physical or mental.

Erectile Dysfunction is often wrongly associated with old age, and the idea of using erectile dysfunction treatments like Viagra is especially so, but the truth is far more varied. Erectile Dysfunction can affect any man of any age, and the causes can include a whole host of things – from being drunk to feeling down, there really is no one definite trigger. As mentioned already, erectile dysfunction is not a condition limited only to one age group and it’s actually been found that erectile dysfunction in younger men is very often caused by emotional or mental causes, like stress.

Stress is perhaps too vague and it may be better to look at it more in terms of chronic stress or anxiety – because erectile dysfunction itself cannot be diagnosed until issues have persisted for a little while, it would be wrong to assume that not being able to ‘get it up’ once because you’re worrying about work the next day is the same as more serious cases. Indeed, it is unlikely that a medical professional would worry unless both your stress levels and impotence have continued for a longer period of time – one of the main falsehoods concerning erectile dysfunction is that failing to achieve erection even once should be classed as impotence, that’s just not true.

stress and erectile dysfunction

Stress can come in a lot of forms and the severity of it can vary from case to case; what effects one person might not affect another and so diagnoses is very much considered on a case to case basis. The team at 121doc  have had a lot of experience with the condition and will often make a point of advising patients that reducing stress as much as possible can often alleviate erectile dysfunction.

“In a lot of cases where stress is to blame, it can be as simple as calming yourself down. Though it’s very often easier said than done, eliminating the thing that’s causing you stress or else dealing with the issue effectively can result in a return of your libido. If it’s a work deadline, for example, then it could be that speaking with your boss or manager about the anxieties you’re having could help.”

“Additionally, if your condition is causing you mental anguish, then speaking with your partner about the problem can very often make a huge difference. Unlike with erectile dysfunction that’s caused by another condition, it’s almost always preferable that you alleviate the problem without resorting to medications like Viagra. In more severe cases, though, where it’s unlikely that relieving stress will help, or indeed where you have been unsuccessful in relieving your stress then medications can be a great help. In fact, in some people more stress can be added when they are unable to achieve erection, and so using medication to alleviate the problem can actually cut straight to the cause in itself.”

II. Stress And Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

1. Panax Ginseng

stress and erectile dysfunction

One of best stress and erectile dysfunction treatments is panax ginseng. This ingredient is considered as a natural Viagra that can help you cure erectile dysfunction. Another name of panax ginseng is red ginseng and almost of men can improve sexual function effectively if they take 150-200 mg red gingseng each day.

2. L-Arginine 

stress and erectile dysfunction

L-arginine is a natural amino acid in your body. It can help create nitric oxide, which can improve blood vessels that can facilitate your erection successfully. According to a report in 1999, 30% of men getting erectile dysfunction take 5gr of L-arginine each day boosted sexual function. Another method is to mix pycnogenol and L-arginine that can help you restore sexual performance.

3. DHEA 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Home remedies shown in this article for stress and erectile dysfunction will help you improve your sex drive. Among them, DHEA is a great treatment for adrenal glands. What is DHEA? It stands for dehydroepiandrosterone, which can help body covert estrogen and testosterone well. The erectile dysfunction in men will be reduced by using DHEA.

4. Acupuncture 

stress and erectile dysfunction

According to a report from 1999, acupuncture can restore sexual activity and improve erection quality in almost of the men. 39% of men participated the report can heal the problem well. Also, stress and erectile dysfunction were lowered by acupuncture as a study in 2003 said. In addition, acupuncture will increase your energy, reduce weakness, and improve your erection effectively.

5. Pomegranate Juice 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Pomegranate juice is high in antioxidant and it includes lot of advantages. Pomegranate juice can treat stress and erectile dysfunction as well as reduce high blood pressure and heart diseases. As the result, you should not ignore this nutritious ingredient.

6. Yohimbe 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Before using any Viagra or any drugs for stress and erectile dysfunction, you should use a useful herb – yohimbe (or tohimbine hydrochloride). Medications or drugs can cause some side effects and yohimbe is a great choice for almost of the patients. Moreover, yohimbe can heal headache, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

7. Horny Goat Weed 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Do you know that Chinese people usually used horny goat weed to heal erectile dysfunction? Honey goat weed is being used for anxiety and erectile dysfunction effectively for many years. Some compounds in horny goat weed like icariin has the similar function like Viagra. Additionally, horny goat weed can cure other diseases such as artery conditions, osteoporosis, etc.

8. Ginkgo Biloba

stress and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by lots of reasons such as depression, hormonal imbalances, injuries, etc. If you get erectile dysfunction due to medications, ginkgo biloba will be great for you. Some researches in 1998 and 2002 also reported that ginkgo biloba works for almost of patients with erectile dysfunction.

9. Be Active 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Along with natural herbs, lifestyle change is also very important to resolve stress and erectile dysfunction. Exercises can reduce erectile dysfunction development, improve blood flow, blood pressure, and increase nitric oxide in your blood vessels. This method also helps you produce testosterone to strengthen your sex drive and erection.

10. Balance Diet 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Foods play an important role if you want to heal erectile dysfunction. Healthy diets not only help you cure this problem but it also helps you improve your health as well as prevent other diseases. Healthy diet like fish, whole grains, veggies, fruits, and red meat can reduce risk of erectile dysfunction.

11. Maintain Healthy Weight 

stress and erectile dysfunction

If you want to strengthen your erection, you should maintain a good body weight. The more weight you have, the more risk of erectile dysfunction you will get. Likewise, obesity will increase risk of diabetes and vascular diseases. There are many ways to keep your weight healthy and you should try the natural solutions first like eating healthy foods, doing regular exercises, and having a good lifestyle.

12. Sleep Well 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Sleep well contributes a crucial factor for stress and erectile dysfunction. As a study in 2024, poor sleep will increase loss of testosterone in men. Therefore, you should improve your sleep as a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction. Sleeping trouble can be a result of your erectile dysfunction and you might have difficulty sleeping at night if you get it. However, you may try to relax.

13. Give Up Smoking

stress and erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction will result heart disease, which happens when the blood to penis is blocked or narrowed. Smoking will limit the importance of blood vessels and will increase negative effect. You should give up smoking to improve erection and prevent other diseases.

14. Limit Alcohol 

stress and erectile dysfunction

Alcohol can cause long-term and short-term erectile dysfunction. By releasing nitric oxide, you will have more opportunities to maintain erection and reduce stress. Lack of nitric oxide will cause erectile dysfunction. Alcohol can cause headaches, diarrhea, vomiting, distorted hearing and vision, stomach problem, anemia, coma, breathing difficulty, blackouts, etc.

15. Be Careful With Medications

stress and erectile dysfunction

Drug abuse is one of the reasons of erectile dysfunction that you should consider before using it. Stress and erectile dysfunction can be a side effect of other medications such as meds for baldness, chemotherapy, corticosteroids, hormone drugs, anti-psychotic drugs, cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases etc. Before using any drug, you should talk to your doctor.

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After reading my writing about 15 home remedies for stress and erectile dysfunction, I hope that you have got the useful information to get rid of those problems. If you want to have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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