All Facts About Stress And Anxiety You May Not Know

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In these days, when people are surrounded by a lot of things to care, including family, workloads, responsibilities, and so on. Such things put us under the pressure; as a result, stress and anxiety are indispensable. They have impacts on both the mental and physical health of human beings, which negatively affects our lives. Actually, people are very familiar with the word “stress” and many of them often face with it. However, what we know about stress and anxiety is quite narrow.

In fact, there are some quick and interesting facts about stress that not every of you acknowledges and understands clearly. Therefore, would like to show you in this article.

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All Facts About Stress And Anxiety You May Not Know

I. What Are Stress And Anxiety?

Stress is perceived as any demand placed on our brain and physical body. Humans can report the stressful feeling when multiple competing demands put them under pressure. In addition, it might be triggered by an incident that makes you nervous and frustrated. Meanwhile, anxiety is considered as the feeling of worry, fear, and unease. This mental phenomenon can be categorized as a reaction to stress. Also, it happens in those who get lost in identifying and balancing significant stressors in their daily life.

That is how stress and anxiety happen. In fact, they are unavoidable, especially in these busy days. However, if we understand it deeply, we can manage it well. Keep reading the following parts of the article to know much more facts about stress and anxiety.

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II. Signs Of Stress And Anxiety

According to psychologists, stress and anxiety reveal outside through both psychological and physical symptoms. Actually, if many people do not know these facts about stress and anxiety, they still keep their perception that these conditions are only mental problems. In fact, there are different physical symptoms, including stomachache, headache, muscle tension, sweating, and rapid breathing. Besides, people can experience dizziness, fatigue, trouble sleeping, and diarrhea as well.

Mental and emotional symptoms are another of facts about stress and anxiety that you need to acknowledge. They can be feelings of impending doom, difficulty concentrating, restlessness, irrational anger, and panic or nervousness.

More seriously, people who are under stress and anxiety in a long time may suffer from other negative health conditions. It is more likely to get heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, even depression and panic disorder. Therefore, they need doctor’s interventions to stop these problems. Those are additional facts about stress and anxiety that you need to concern.

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III. Causes Of Stress And Anxiety

facts about stress - causes of stress and anxiety

Regarding facts about stress, we cannot skip its causes. Actually, stress and anxiety can come and go but they often occur after you experience a particular life event. You can think of some common stressors such as moving, illness or injury, starting a new job, getting married, having children, family incidents, and so on.

Drugs and medications are also causes of stress and anxiety. Particularly, drugs containing stimulants, regular use of illicit drugs and caffeine may worsen the stressful and anxious symptoms.

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Of course, it would be a big mistake if we do not mention tips on how to reduce stress and anxiety in the topic of facts about stress. Therefore, you are supposed to visit our suggested article to know more about that.

IV. Other Interesting Facts About Stress And Anxiety

1. Though a little stress is a good thing, if you do not give yourself a fix or break once in a while, your body will force itself to take a rest. As a result, the functions of every organ will be negatively affected. As mentioned, too much stress could result in physical problems such as heart disease, chest pain, high blood pressure, and an irregular heartbeat. Furthermore, stress is also called as a silent killer because people do not take stress too seriously when it begins to build up. Therefore, you should listen to your body and take off all the pressure to get a balanced life. Facts about stress and anxiety are various, thereby reading to perceive more.

2. Stress changes the neurochemical makeup of the human body. According to an estimation of researchers, stress is the cause of nearly 30% of the infertility problems. On the one hand, it affects the maturation and releasing process of the human egg in females. Moreover, it could lead to spasms in the fallopian tubes along with the uterus, which in turn, impacts implantation. On the other hand, too much level of stress and anxiety could affect sperm count in males as well.

3. Another of facts about stress and anxiety is that males are easily prone to have stress-related disorders. As can be seen, women are better at dealing with emotional issues than men are. Perhaps, it is because men hardly reveal their emotions and feeling. They tend to hide them deep in their heart. That’s why they are put under pressure. However, it does not mean that women are less likely to have stress and anxiety. They even have bigger problems than men do. Therefore, both men and women need to avoid these health conditions.

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4. During high-stress situations, the pupils dilate. That is another of facts about stress. Actually, this is similar to how your own pupils dilate when you notice someone that you are seduced or attracted to. The dilation results from a natural reaction of the human body that attempts to take more information about the situation.

5. Do you know that stress could cause hair drop? Many people suffer from hair drop but do not know the reason why. Facts about stress will show you. As normal, after over stressful situations, the condition of hair loss could occur and last for up to three months afterward.

6. Besides, stress can have negative impacts on the blood. Not only high blood pressure but also sticky blood can happen if you have too many stressful and anxious events. This reaction is categorized as a preparation of the human body for an injury. It also causes capillaries to close, which resists bleeding in case you have a wound.

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7. Think about stress relief can relieve stress in reality. When it comes to facts about stress, this is true, because by positive thinking, visual fantasies, and affirmations, you could lower the levels of stress. Because stress usually results from over-thinking, if you change your thoughts and your attitude, you can get an instant relaxation.

All facts about stress and anxiety will be released in this article, thus, you should not skip it.

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8. Stress could lead to the premature aging. Among facts about stress, this might discourage you. In general, stress can add fine lines to different areas of your own body that leads to the premature aging condition. The natural results of this process could occur earlier for those who are usually overwhelmed and stressed. Therefore, to protect your beauty and avoid premature aging, we should not only focus on following balanced diets or exercising programs but also taking care of our mental health.

9. Just simply by changing your attitude in life, your stress level will be altered, which is particularly true for those pessimists, perfectionists, and type A personalities. Living your life with a positive and optimistic attitude can help you avoid stress and anxiety, which is also one of the facts about stress that I highly appreciate [1].

10. Another of interesting facts about stress you should remember is that simple things could reduce stress. For instance, dark chocolate, music, meditation, laughing, doing exercise, and sleeping can help you reduce stress and lift your mood. To get more tips on how to manage stress and anxiety, you can reach here [2] or other articles in our tag Stress Management

11. More detailed, laughing can lower the stress hormones such as epinephrine, cortisol, and adrenaline. Simultaneously, it strengthens the immune system by producing health-improving hormones as well.

12. Do you know? The top three stressful cities in America are Illinois, Los Angeles, and New York.

13. Stress can make the condition of acne worse. Those who often have stress and anxiety also get more acne on their face. It is because of facts about stress showing that stress-related inflammation is blamed for an increase in sebum, known as the oily substance in human skin.

14. Besides, stress is connected with sex leading causes of death, including cancer, heart disease, accidents, suicide, and liver cirrhosis. Therefore, people should pay more attention to reduce stress and anxiety, do not put ourselves under too much pressure. You are also supposed to take care of others around you and help them to avoid and reduce stress. Otherwise, the consequence might be uncontrollable and unimaginable.

15. Cortisol is known as a steroid hormone produced in the adrenal glands. High cortisol level in the blood also causes stress and anxiety.
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Moreover, this hormone not only contributes to accumulating abdominal fat but also enlarges individual fat cells, causing “diseased” fat.
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facts about stress - stress kids

16. Extreme stress and chronic stress could impair the development growth in kids. The reason for that is stress could reduce the growth hormone production from the pituitary. Furthermore, chronic stress can flood the human brain with hormones, which are meant for temporary emergency events. Even it can damage and kill your brain cells as well. Plus, chronic and extreme stress enhances cytokines, which causes inflammation. As consequences of constant stress and inflammation, people might damage their arteries and other organs. Hence, do not ignore the bad effects of stress and anxiety. According to a 2024 study on facts about stress published in HSS Public Access, psychological interventions are proven useful for dealing with stress-related disorders as well as influence the course of the chronic disease [4]

17. There is another of facts about stress you should perceive. Women with a moderate level of stress tend to have a lower risk of suicide than those others who have an extremely high or extremely low level of stress.

18. Sometimes, stress and anxiety are not really bad things. They are considered as a part of the evolutionary drive that enables people to survive. In particular, stress increases the awareness of a person and improves their physical performance. In general, if people have a proper level of stress, they might have more motivation to live and work. However, it is recommended as a proper level that you can manage well. If the level of stress is rising too much to control, you need other intervention to bring it balanced again.

19. Chronic stress also worsens Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), which is known as a common and long-term condition that irritates the large intestine and leads to bouts of stomach cramps, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating as well [5].

20. It is shown that HIV-infected males will be prone to progress to AIDS if they are suffering from high levels of stress in comparison with those who have low levels.

21. An interesting research shows that young individuals from the military families who have a deployed parents might have higher levels of stress and mental problems than those who adolescent as well as teens.

22. As mentioned, stress and anxiety can cause different physical problems. Especially, headaches are more likely to happen as consequences of the human body rerouting blood flow to other parts of your body.
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23. One more thing in the list of facts about stress and depression is that these conditions might create hormonal changes in the body, which in turn, could reduce libido as well as sex responses.

We have shown you almost all facts about stress and anxiety that you may not know. All of them are proven scientifically so that they are reliable. As you know, in a very short moment, stress is not a bad thing in life. However, in a longer term, it should be a threat to our health and life, thereby needing to manage it well.

If you have any questions, ideas, and feedbacks about the topic, you are encouraged to leave them here. For more information, please refer to our main page Health

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