How To Be A Better Person And Be Happy In Life

Updates: 07/15/2024

Life is a constant course of self-improvement. Everyone wants to become a better person, yet some people just do not know how. If you are one of them, fortunately, you are being at the right place. Here are top 20 tips on how to be a better person and be happy in life.

How To Be A Better Person And Be Happy In Life – Top 20 Tips

1. Work On Negative Traits

Are there any characteristics you dislike about yourself? Becoming more self-aware is considered as the initial step for everyone to learn how to be a better person and be happy in life. Have you ever wished that you acted or reacted differently? Nobody is perfect. Actually, we tend to spend most of our time on learning how to become better versions of ourselves. Your work now is to identify your own negative traits and work on them one at a go. It could be challenging to change your instincts. Nevertheless, in other words, if you work on each trait at a time, it might be more achievable and manageable.

2. Determine Your Ideal Persona

Just imagine the ideal image of yourself in your mind, then note down all of the qualities as well as traits of your ideal persona. Then, you can begin living true to your ideal self.

3. Love Yourself

In order to learn how to lose other people, it is essential for you to know how to love yourself. In reality, this is not the sort of self-absorbed love. It is the kind of love that may accept you as the kind of person you are. Forgive yourself and understand you are human and nobody is perfect. While working on negative traits, you still not to learn to stop criticizing yourself. By practicing self-compassion and self-care, you will understand clearly about yourself. Take excellent care of yourself and surround yourself with people who love you, help you grow, and want the best thing for you. Take your time to respect and count on your advantages as well as best features, both emotional and physical. The more hostile you are towards yourself, the more hostile you will be likely to be towards other people.

4. Control Jealousy And Anger

how to be a better person in 2014Though these types of emotions are often an indispensible part of people’s life, you still should not feel jealous and angry constantly towards other people. If not, you will have trouble finding happiness. Instead of comparing your own to others who you might think are much better off than you, just take time to understand and acknowledge the reality that there are a lot of people around who may be worse than you. In order to relieve anger effectively, try forgiving those people who used to do wrong things to you in the past. Holding anger as well as resentment towards someone else punished you. Forgiving is an amazing gift that you can give yourself.

In addition to these useful ways, if you want to learn more about how to become a better person and get happy in your life, you should read the Become a Better You book.

5. Think Before Speaking

The quickest way to prevent hurting others is to think of the ramifications of your words. Some individuals are defeated and beaten down by hurtful words than fists. So, do you actually need to say something hurtful? How will you feel if it were said about you or to you?  Do you use honesty as an excuse to say hurtful things? When you are hurt, does it really assist you in lashing out with your hurtful expressions? In order to avoid hurting other people as well as building good image in others’ eyes, you had better think carefully before speaking.

6. Look For And Be A Role Model

When you have a role model, you will have a concrete image of who you want to become. The best way to be a better person is to be a role model to others. Sometimes, you need to be a role model of someone as that helps get you act together. For instance, you could take a role of model of an entrepreneur. In that case, people will start to look up to you and you will become more cautious about your behaviors. You will not want to disappoint others by showing them you are immature or a bad role model. Or, you could be a “big brother” to someone, or be a coach kids’ team.

7. Listen To Other People

how to be a better person bookNowadays, people are very busy with the families, careers, and lives. You and I are in a rush, yet we rarely ever have time to listen to what other people have to say. In fact, listening to other people and give them a voice is considered as one of the most necessary and greatest things that you could do. Do not always be the talker. Be the listener if possible. And, you had better not say all things about you, let others have chance to say about them. We all know that it is actually nice to have someone to talk to, and listen to. Therefore, you should be the person that your friends can rely on for that. In other words, be a good and active listener could change your life in a positive way.

8. Be Honest

Honest individuals are hard to find recent days. Nevertheless, honesty is the great option for most situations. To be an honest person, just promise yourself that you are not going to tell any lies for the next one month. Besides, you can challenge to be honest by creating and developing good lifestyle habits. If you seem to be a compulsive liar, begin small by trying to be an honest person for a single day. When finishing your small goal, you can increase it by 2, 3 or even more days.

9. Do Something You Do Not Want

how to be a better person tumblr

To learn how to be a better person and be happy in life, you can try things that you would not often do. This is an easy way to become a better person.  By taking risks as well as challenging yourself to try things you are scared to do, you can make yourself grow up. Moreover, doing this tip can help you experience numerous new things that normally you would not have. Check out: tips to take control of life and ways to deal with anxiety easily.

In addition to these useful ways, if you want to learn more about how to become a better person and get happy in your life, you should read the Become a Better You book.

10. Be Able

If possible, you should equip yourself with skills. Skills will be used as the tools in the toolbox you have. The more skills you get, the more able you will become. There are a variety of new things you could learn, no matter how much you have already known. Actually, the more you learn, the better you will become. On the other hands, you should hone the current skills you already have. With your current skills, just consolidate and strengthen them. There is always space or room to improve a certain skill, so you could never be best at that skill. Even the greatest people in their fields, like Tiger Woods (Golf), Beethoven (Pianist), and Micheal Jordan (Basketball) never stopping improving their craft.

11. Be Adaptable

It is better for you to have goals and plans, yet be able to modify them accordingly as the situation calls for it. Rigidity is a signal of weakness, whilst adaptability makes you much more powerful.

12. Be Caring

how to be a better person quotesPeople should show their concern to others. It is not necessary to wait for a cry for help before showing their care and concern. You could do it right instantly to those people who are around you. Even if there is nothing wrong, it can warm the hearts of other people who know that you are cared. Call your friends for caring. If there are some friends whom you have not contacted for a while, then call them today to check on their health and work. They might not show their feelings clearly to you, yet they will be happy that you have just called as this showed you cared.

13. Be Appreciative

You had better stop spending your time on obsessing over things you wish you had. Instead, you had better appreciate and count the things you have. You may be surprised when knowing what is helpful and good in your life. Sometimes, chasing your dreams could make you lose the sight of what is already before you. Practicing gratitude will attract more positivity and goodness into life. Those people who do feel grateful tend to get less stress, feel more optimistic and achieve more energy.

14. Practice Self-Control

Life has to be a balance between work and play. When you constantly indulge in pleasures, such as partying or eating sweets, you will finally become bored with your life and nothing can satisfy you. Rather than creating an imbalance life, you had better indulge in these things periodically so that you are going to truly appreciate them. See: tricks to manage mind power and methods to boost brain function. To learn how to be a better person and be happy in life, even a nice person, you need to dedicate yourself to small yet essential things in daily life. It might take time, yet after that you will get amazing results that you may not expect before

15. Think Positive

In the life, there are many negative things that can create challenges for all of you. Many people are always impatient and easily put off. However, why don’t you think positive to overcome everything bad? Positive thinking helps change the way you feel and your life will become more enjoyable. In the following time, if negative thoughts happen to you, you have to pause yourself and be more optimistic with the future intention. Stay calm and get successful.

In addition to these useful ways, if you want to learn more about how to become a better person and get happy in your life, you should read the Become a Better You book.

16. Practice Gratitude

practice gratitude

You need to try to look at the positive parts. One man broke his neck and suffered from many serious injuries in a car accident. After a long time, he has expressed his thankfulness for his life. His life was explored a lot and he wants to do many things that he hasn’t tried. His injuries were healed more quickly than he expected. Thankfulness will capture more positivity and kindness into your life. Everything you have is a priceless gift that the god gives you.

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17. Set Your Boundaries And Limits

Simply, you can fathom this way that it is our responsibility to know what makes us be respected and communicated messages to many people. No one would like to be made use of and taken granted for everything we don’t feel comfortable with. For instance, if you don’t want to lend your friend your smartphone, you need to respectfully refuse. Lending this smartphone to your friend when you wouldn’t like will result in bad outcomes. We shouldn’t imagine or expect other people even your friends to behave well as we hope.

18. Be A Better Partner be a better partner

If you get attached; for example, you have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, you have to think about the way making you become a better partner to her or him. It is quite simple for you to make expectations from your partner about what he or she should do when you have a relationship. You should try to understand your partner by putting you into his or her situation before you require he or she fathoms you. To build a close relationship, you should be frank to release your demands and expectations to your partner. In this way, both of you will be much happier.

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19. Be Coachable

In the life, there are many useful things you need to learn from everyone, no matter how old he or she is and which area of expertise. Don’t miss many amazing chances to learn because your knowledge is never enough. Open your mind and look for a mentor to get new learning lessons. A mentor is very important because he will guide you to be greater than you may be on your own.

20. Recognize The Strengths In Others recognize the strengths in others

When you have a quarrel with someone else, you can stay calm and find their strengths. Particularly in working, finding out their strengths helps you understand about them, to some extent. From this, you have an objective look to assess them. Instead of thinking about what is missing in others, you should focus on his or her strengths related to knowledge, personality, talents, and so on…

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In addition to these useful ways, if you want to learn more about how to become a better person and get happy in your life, you should read the Become a Better You book.

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