Top 10 Causes Of Low Platelets In Adults And Babies

causes of low platelets in adults

Low platelets, sometimes known as thrombocytopenia, are also a common disease which can occur with everyone. But how many people are there knowing the reason which causes this disease? And do you know the causes of low platelets? If you don’t know or just know a little bit, you can read our article on VKool which will present to all of you some common causes of low platelets.

Top 10 Causes Of Low Platelets In Adults And Babies

1. Immune – Mediated Thrombocytopenic Purpura

One of the major of low platelets is the immune – mediated thrombocytopenic purpura sometimes known as ITP. This is a condition which is marked by the antibodies development against platelets. The attack of antibodies to the normal cells can be what causes the low platelets count levels in the patients who suffer from ITP. Then, it will lead to immune – mediated thrombocytopenia.

Furthermore, there are two forms of ITP: chronic and acute. The chronic form is common in adults while the acute form is common in children. Moreover, about 90 percent of ITP patients are younger than forty years old. In addition, the chronic form of ITP usually affects women.

2. Pregnancy

causes of low platelets - pregnancy

One of the common causes of low platelets is pregnancy. According to some studies, they have shown that nearly 5 percent of women suffer from this problem during pregnancy. It is a reason causing this problem which is referred to as the gestational thrombocytopenia. This ought to be distinguished from ITP and the different causes of thrombocytopenia which is associated with the pregnancy like eclampsia, disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), TTP or HUS.

3. Infection

Infection is one of the main causes of low platelets. And the major cause of thrombocytopenia by infection can be viral in type. And among a lot of different examples have infectious mononucleosis, HIV and CMV. The patient’s medical history, in most of these cases, can expose current symptoms which are consistent with viral infection.

4. Malignant Disease

Lymphoproliferative diseases like lymphoma and lymphatic leukemia can be associated with the immune – mediated thrombocytopenia, which is one of the causes of low platelets.

Nevertheless, the result of thrombocytopenia can be due to the reduction of the platelet infiltration of your bone marrow or due to the cancer treatment cytostatics.

Even though immune – mediated thrombocytopenia is described in the patients who have solid tumors, the association is still rare.

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5. Dilutional Thrombocytopenia

causes of low platelets - dilutional thrombocytopenia

As you can see, thrombocytopenia is one of the main causes of low platelets. Thus, dilutional thrombocytopenia is also considered as one of them. It is a common reason causing thrombocytopenia in the hospitalized patients having lost a large amount of blood. Furthermore, it occurs when the aggressive appliance of the intravenous fluids platelet count drops.

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6. Radiation Specific

Radiotherapy is able to complicate the growth of thrombocytopenia. It is also one of the common causes of low platelets where damage can occur in your bone marrow which may affect megakaryocytes that must suffer from a certain process before the platelets become circulated. And thrombocytopenia usually happens from 7 to 10 days after radiotherapy.

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7. Drug Inducted Thrombocytopenia

Almost the medicament situations of thrombocytopenia are the result of the lately introduced drugs during therapy. The fact shows that the time which is required for the happening of low platelets is only two weeks. However, there are described situations. And in these situations, the patients have been taking the medication for about three years before it happened

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8. Alcohol

One of the main causes of low platelets is alcohol. Why is alcohol said to be one of the reasons causing this disease? Even though decreased platelet count can be because of the bone marrow suppression brought by alcohol, there are two important factors causing this problem: hypersplenism and folate deficiency due to chronic liver disease. Besides that, you ought to stay away from alcohol in order to protect your liver health

9. Heparin – Induced Thrombocytopenia


For every patient who is suffering from low platelets, it is very necessary to concern about heparin – induced thrombocytopenia because they are exposed to increase the risk of thrombosis. Furthermore, thrombocytopenia which is because of heparin may be developed from one percent to five percent of patients. In most situations, that is what causes low platelets in 6 to 10 days after the beginning of treatment with heparin. That’s why it is said to be one of the causes of low platelets.

10. Hypersplenism

When talking about the common causes of low platelets, hypersplenism ought to be mentioned, too. The platelet count of the patients who suffer from hypersplenism occasionally falls to under 30000/ uL. In addition, a platelet count which is less than this ought to compel the research for additional as well as different etiology.

Moreover, sometimes it may be presented in anemia or leukopenia but in some cases, it can be displayed in the cases of thrombocytopenia.

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That’s all about the common causes of low platelets. We all hope that after you read this article, you can know more information about this disease, particularly the reasons causing it. However, this article is only for the informative purpose. If you want to know more about this disease or other conditions, you can visit our main page Health. Also, you can leave us a comment or a message if you have any questions or you know other causes of low platelets.

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