16 Nutritional Benefits Of Seaweed On Health And Beauty

benefits of seaweed

Seaweed is one of sea vegetables that are rich in vitamins and nutrients. This sea vegetable is called an ancient super food and it was the ancestor’s secret to longevity and health. For thousands of years, our ancestor ate seaweed for gaining optimum nutrition. Besides, seaweed has been considered as the perfect food in china for more than 2000 years. According to nutrition experts, seaweed can draw an amazing wealth of minerals from the sea, which counts for up to 37% of its dry mass. This sea vegetable is high incalcium, magnesium, iodine, iron, protein, Vitamins B, vitamins C and A, fiber and, EPA, alpha linoleic acid, and so much more. So, this is an abundant food in dietary fiber. From the site Vkool.com, I made this article to show you top 16 nutritional benefits of seaweed on health and beauty.

16 Benefits Of Seaweed On Health And Beauty Are Revealed

I. Benefits Of Seaweed On Health

1. Seaweed Is Great For Digestive Health

seaweed is great for digestive health download

Scientists have researched alginate, a compound in the brown seaweed, and found that this substance can strengthen the gut mucus (that helps protect the gut wall), make foods release their energy more slowly, and slow down the digestion (so you can feel fuller for longer). In addition, seaweed is high in fiber. A study on Japanese women showed that the high seaweed intake can increase the good bacteria in your gut. Besides, the enzymes in kombu that you can add in the dried form tostews and soups, can help pre-digest pulses that in turn reduce wind.

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2. Seaweed Helps You Have Healthy Hears And Improved Memory

seaweed helps you have healthy hears and improved memory download

According to studies on seaweed, researchers found that sun dried or raw seaweed contains:

  • More vitamin C than oranges
  • High mineral content, especially: magnesium, iodine, iron, and calcium
  • A high amount of protein: from 21% in green algae to 71% in spirulina
  • Natural iodine substance that helps maintain a healthy thyroid function
  • Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Calcium: it is one of the richest plant sources that contain calcium
  • Polysaccharides: this substance is important in preventing degenerative diseases such as diabetes 2 and cardiovascular, increasing a significant amount of feel-good chemicals in our brain, improving liver function, and stabilizing blood sugar

The result from studies have shown that seaweed gives users a wide range of health benefits including clear skin, good eyesight, healthy hear, improved memory, improved immune system, healthy thyroid function, dental health, prevented allergies and infections, lowered blood pressure,normalized cholesterol levels, nurtured healthy heart vessels, supported bon health, and improved waste movement and digestion.

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3. Seaweed Helps Keep Your Bones And Teeth Strong 

seaweed helps keep your bones and teeth strong download

If you want to keep your bones and teeth healthy and strong, you should add seaweed to your daily meals because it helps you boost your intake of calciumproperly. Experts say that most of our body’s calcium goes toward maintaining our bones and teeth strong, because this nutrient makes up the part of hydroxyapatite, a mineralized tissue, which comprises a large portion of our bones. Specifically, a smaller amount of calcium also helps our muscles contract, assists in cell communication and contributes to our nervous system function. Keep reading this writing to know other benefits of seaweed.

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4. It Helps Produce Energy Needed To Fuel Our Day-To-Day Activities 

it helps produce energy needed to fuel our day-to-day activities download

According to studies on see foods, researchers indicate that sea vegetables, involving some varieties of seaweed, are very rich in iron. This substance will help people produce energy needed to fuel their day-to-day activities. It also can help nourish our circulatory system to boost blood flow to our tissues. If someone with low iron levels, this condition will cause the iron-deficiency anemia that is characterized by shortness of breath, decreased energy levels, and a pale complexion. To get a moderate iron intake, seaweed is a good food for you. A cup ofwakame seaweed or kelp can offer 1.1 or 1.8 milligrams of iron, respectively, while every tablespoon of the dried spirulina can provide people with 2 milligrams of the mineral. You need to incorporate the seaweed into your meals to help reach to 18 milligrams of iron that is required daily for women, or 8 milligrams for women.

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5. It Increases The Progress Of Forming Blood Clots From Wounds

it increases the progress of forming blood clots from wounds download

Seaweed is an excellent source of vitamin K that is a fat-soluble nutrient. This vitamin helps communicate with platelets, a type of cells, which form blood clots. In case you have an injury, this vitamin will help send a chemical signal, which will tell your platelets to aggregate and then form a blood clot, in order that your body will stop the blood flow from your wound. There are a few types of the seaweed, which will help you reach to your daily required intake of vitamin K of 120 for men or 90 micrograms for women. With each cup of kelp, there are 26.4 micrograms of vitamin K – 26% to 29 % percent of the daily required vitamin K intake for men or women, respectively. In addition, wakame seaweed contains less the amount of vitamin K than Kelp. With each cup of wakame, there are 2.1 micrograms of vitamin K while dried spirulina can contain 1.8 micrograms/tablespoon.

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6. Seaweed For Stress Relief

seaweed for stress relief

Seaweed has been proven to support people through their stressful situations. It provides magnesium, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid that are necessary for energy production. Experts say that pantothenic acid is very important forthe adrenal glands and the overall health. The adrenals help people control almost functions of their body and they play a vital role in resistance to stress. When you do not haveinadequate supplies of essential nutrients such as pantothenic acids, stressful times may exhaust your adrenal glands resulting in the chronic fatigue, lowered resistance toinfection and allergies, and the feeling of being overly anxious or overwhelmed.

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7. Seaweed Helps Keep Healthy Thyroid Function 

seaweed helps keep healthy thyroid function download

The health benefits of seaweed are not limited to preventing cancer. This food is also a nature’s great source of iodine that is known as a component of the triiodothyronine and thyroid hormones thyroxine – both of these substances are very essential to the human life. The thyroid gland adds the iodine to amino acid tyrosine to produce these hormones. If adding iodine intake to our body is insufficient, our body cannot synthesize the triiodothyronine and thyroid hormones thyroxine. Because these hormones can regulate the metabolism in each cell of our body and play a vital role in all of physiological functions, so if we have an iodine deficiency, it will have a devastating impact on our health as well as well-being. Experts indicate that one of common signs of thyroid deficiency is a widened thyroid gland – commonly named a goiter. Experts also uncover that goiters are estimated to impact to over 200 million people worldwide, and in 4 percents of these cases, the risk factor is iodine deficiency.

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8. Seaweed Is Good Way To Prevent Birth Defects 

seaweed is good way to prevent birth defects download

One of nutritional benefits of seaweed is to contain the folic acid, a substance that plays a wide range of important protective roles. Many researchers have shown that adequate levels of the folic acid in daily diet are needed to avoid certain birth defects such as spina bifida. In addition, folic acid also is needed to help break down a middle dangerous chemical that is called homocysteine. This chemical can damage our blood vessel walls, and the high levels of homocysteine are linked to a considerably increased risk of the cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

9. Seaweed Helps Reduce The Risk Of Cardiovascular Disease

seaweed helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease download

Sea vegetables such as seaweed pack a double punch against the heart diseases. Seaweed not only contains the high level of folic acid, but it also is a very rich source of magnesium that has been proven to lower the high blood pressure or hypertension and prevent heart attacks.

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10. Seaweed Offers Cancer Protection

seaweed offers cancer protection download

Lignans found in seaweed have been indicated to inhibit blood cell growth or angiogenesis, a process through which the fast-growing tumors not only achieve extra nourishment, but they also send cancer cells out in a bloodstream to create metastases or secondary tumors in the other areas of body. Additionally, lignans have been proven to inhibit estrogen synthesis in the fat cells as efficiently as a few of the drugs used in the cancer chemotherapy. For postmenopausal women, the fat tissue is known as a primary site where the estrogen is synthesized, and certain estrogen metaboliteswithhigh levels are considered as an important risk factor for the breast cancer.

Seaweed not only contains lignans, but it also is a great source of the folic acid and vitamin B. Many studies have indicated that the diets with folate-rich foods are linked to a considerably reduced risk for the colon cancer.

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11. It Gives You Sexual Health Benefits

it gives you sexual health benefits download

Seaweed is known as one of the best foods to increase the overall health. Some people often forget the wonderful benefits of sexual health that it offers. For both women and men, seaweed has been associated with an increase in the energy and libido levels. All of types of seaweeds including blue green, green, brown and red seaweed have indicated that they have the aphrodisiac properties as a result of mineral manganese, which they contain.

it gives you sexual health benefits download

Additionally, their B2 vitamin content provides you with assistance in the hormone production. In some studies on seaweed, the bladderwrack seaweed has proven evidence that this food can lengthen women’s menstrual cycle that in turn will put off menopause. This result is because the seaweed can exert antiestrogenic effects in the premenopausal women.

Moreover, men also have sexual health benefits from eating seaweed because this food is high in E vitamin, and it helps men produce healthy sperm. This progress is accomplished by functions of vitamin E to defeat free radicals that are found within the sperm membrane that regulates overall functioning of sex glands.

II. Benefits Of Seaweed On Beauty

1. Seaweed Helps Beat Acne

seaweed helps beat acne

Seaweed has anti-inflammatory compounds that can bring a positive effect on the acne explosions. American Academy of Dermatology made a study on acne that has shown that acne is caused by the release of oils or sebum that prevent your skin from drying. Besides, pimples are signs of inflammations of skin pores that trap the oil, leading to whiteheads or blackheads, cystic acne or deeper pimples. Seaweed with its anti-inflammatory effect will help you reduce the swelling of explosion. Seaweed also can be applied as a natural exfoliation remedy to remove your dead skin cells that can block pores.

2. Seaweed Is Known As A Detoxifier Or Thyroid Booster

seaweed is known as a detoxifier or thyroid booster download

In spa centers, seaweed often is used for exfoliating and cleansing qualities. When appliedto your body, seaweed will draw excess fluid as well as waste products from your skin. This food also is used as a cleanser for your dead skin cells together with other impurities on your skin surface. Seaweed is a sea vegetable that is very rich in iodine that has ability to boost your thyroid functions. In addition, the thyroid gland in your body produces the amino acids, which help absorb iodine, and creates a chemical that helps regulate metabolism in the bloodstream. Furthermore, this metabolism regulator will help rejuvenate your skin.

3. Seaweed Is Used As A Scalp Strengthener

seaweed is used as a scalp strengthener download

The black-brown seaweed or called Arame, which has long used in the sushi food and other Japanese foods, also helps nourish the hair follicles and scalp. In addition, this mineral-rich vegetable can nourish the hair ducts and shafts of scalp, strengthen the hair health and make it look stronger and healthier.

4. It Helps Beat Rosacea 

it helps beat rosacea

May be you know about rosacea as well as its effects on your skin. Rosacea is known as a skin condition that will cause the facial inflammation,a red discoloration and swelling. To get rid of this condition, you should add seaweed into your daily meals or use it as a natural skin mask for treating rosacea. This sea vegetable is a rich source of vitamin B 12, B6, B3, and B2, a natural anti-inflammatory. Eating or using this food as skin care mask will help reduce the pooling of blood under skin, and alleviate the symptoms of rosacea. Topical creams and lotions with seaweed may nourish your skin from the outside, and cause a similar or dual effect.

5. Seaweed For Hair Growth

seaweed for hair growth

Seaweed is one of the best foods in the worldwide because it contains a number of necessary minerals and vitamins needed for your hair growth. For example, according to a wide range of studies on seaweed and its benefits for hair health, researchers found that omega-3 fatty acids in seaweed can help feed your hair follicles to stimulate your hair growth. Besides, seaweed also contains a high level of iron and zinc that can maintain the hair production. Researchers indicate that the zinc deficiency will lead to a hair shedding. Furthermore, vitamins C and A, found in seaweed, are essential nutrients that are also required to produce sebum, which has ability to act as a safe and natural hair conditioner. Vitamins B and E in seaweed also help you maintain a healthy hair. Moreover, calcium, high in seaweed, is considered as another vital mineral in the hair production.

To see all of our writings about topics on foods and its benefits for health and body, go to our main Nutrition page. After reading my writing of 16 nutritional benefits of seaweed on health and beauty, I hope that it helps you understand more about seaweed and its benefits on your health and body. I also show you a wide range of benefits of seaweed on your beauty and your skin problems. Got a question? Need answers? Leave a comment below. Now are you ready to try adding seaweed to your daily meals or using it as a natural and safe remedy for your hair and skin?

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