Top 35 Healthy Foods For Men Over 40 And Their Heart Health

foods for men over 40

Heart is very important part in our body and it helps us survive. The healthier the heart is, the stronger you are. As the results, we have to enhance its health every moment, every age. Actually, there are many ways to improve heart’s health including doing exercise, eating healthy foods, and getting support from supplements. However, eating healthy foods is really the most important factor that you should do every day. As the consequence, has introduced a writing of top 35 healthy foods for men, especially for the age of over 40. Keep reading the article and get more useful information.

Acknowledge Top 35 Excellent And Healthy Foods For Men’s Heart Over 40

1. Turkey Breast 

healthy foods for men

Turkey is one of the best Cantaloupe healthy foods for men’s diet. It contains high protein and low fat that can improve men’s heart health. Serving 3 times per week will support much for your heart. Besides, turkey is also full in zinc, B vitamins, amino acids, etc. you can roast, grill, or add this food into salad or sandwich dishes to taste.

2. Olive Oil 

healthy foods for men

On the top of healthy food for men, olive oil is one of the leading foods that you cannot pass over. Olive oil includes good saturated fat and can help you reduce risk of heart conditions. Moreover, olive oil may help you fight inflammation and can reduce swelling as well as pain. Olive oil also helps you reduce blood pressure very effectively.

3. Green Tea

healthy foods for men

Green tea not only helps you lose weight naturally, it also helps you prevent heart disease and Alzheimer’s. Also, green tea is perfect in helping your brain smarter, avoiding risk of cancer, improving mental health, fighting diabetes, etc.
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4. Black Beans 

healthy foods for men

Black beans are very tiny but they are really healthy foods for men because it can make them feel almost fuller than everything they consume. The reason to eat black beans is that they are full in fiber to support your stomach. Black beans are also high in proven and they do not contain saturated fats.

5. Eggs 

healthy foods for men

Eggs are high in cholesterol; however, you can add this food into your diet because it can help you reduce risk of heart disease, especially when you are over 40. Eggs include choline which can improve your memory, and they are also high in amino acids. In fact, eggs are nutritious for muscle enhancement.

6. Milk 

healthy foods for men

Milk is a super food for everyone’s health, especially for men’s heart. Actually, milk is not only good for heart health, but it is also good for reducing weight, improving your bone, reducing cancer, and reducing anxiety successfully. You can take one cup of milk on average to maintain your heart energy.

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7. Beef 

healthy foods for men

Beef is already listed in the excellent healthy foods for men’s heart according to The American Heart Association. You can eat 3-4 beef servings each week to get high amino acids, zinc, and iron that support circulation health. Beef is also high in niacin, phosphorus, selenium, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, and protein. Lean beef is really good, flavorful, and tender food to taste. You can use beef to roast, grill, cook, etc.

8. Soy 

healthy foods for men

Do you know that heart disease is on the top of the dangerous disease in America? Men in this country and in the worldwide are suffering heart-related conditions every year and eating healthy foods is a hopeful way to prevent the disease. Soy, like other foods, is very healthy for your heart. It is high in minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that are very necessary to improve your health.
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9. Almonds 

healthy foods for men

Great in vitamin E, fiber, and protein, almonds are very helpful in skin, digestion, and heart’s health. Some men are afraid of using the food because they get high calorie, but it is acceptable that you can add more almonds to protect your heart and keep your weight strong.

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10. Yogurt

healthy foods for men

In the list of healthy foods for men, yogurt is one of the most leading foods to eat. Like milk, yogurt contains high fructose, calcium, and they are very friendly not only for women but for men, as well. Yogurt can help you prevent osteoporosis, reduce high blood pressure, lose weight, improve your skin, and so on.

11. Water

healthy foods for men

You cannot find calorie in water, so it is a perfect drink for your heart. Even you feel strong now, water is mostly important every day. Actually, men drink 8 glasses of water every day will have lesser risk of getting heart disease for 54% than men drink little water each day. Water can help you get fat loss, remove toxins from body, get nice skin, etc. No matter you are at home or at work, drinking water is as essential as you breathe every moment.

12. Spinach

healthy foods for men

Each cup of spinach will give you 7 calories and you should eat 2-3 servings each week. Besides, spinach is good in calcium, fiber, and other vitamins that aid in prevention of diabetes, bone-related diseases, asthma, cancer, as well as improve hair and skin health. This is not only a tremendous food for babies, women, but it is also perfect food for men’s health. You can cook or add spinach in salads to get its advantages.

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13. Whole-wheat Bread 

healthy foods for men

Whole-wheat bread is commonly used in breakfast. You can get 6 slices of bread each week to obtain protein, fiber, and minerals for heart’s health. Bread can help you reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol, manage your weight, regulate blood sugar, and help you prevent asthma. This food also makes you feel full longer so you can add the ingredients in your diet to get rid of fat if you are overweight.

14. Broccoli 

healthy foods for men

Broccoli is a kind of fleshy green vegetable that you should add in your diet’s list. It is high in vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron that can support you in fighting colds, bone’s risk, and improving circulatory system. Broccoli is useful in batting osteoarthritis, cancer, skin-related conditions, diabetes, and heart problems.

15. Oatmeal

healthy foods for men

Oatmeal is one of the leading healthy foods for men as it contains 148 calories in each half of cup. It is also a perfect food in the mornings. Oatmeal is well-known in giving you energy and strength. This food assists you in lowering cholesterol, preventing cardiovascular disease, controlling blood sugar, and improving immune system.

16. Sweet Potatoes

healthy foods for men

Do you usually eat sweet potatoes? The good news is that consuming this food can prevent heart disease. They are full in vitamin C, vitamin E, iron, and other nutrition to keep you healthy. Sweet potatoes are one of the best foods to recover your muscles. Obviously, men need this food, right? You can boil, bake, or cook with other ingredients to eat.

17. Tomatoes 

healthy foods for men

Tomatoes are excellent foods for sexual health and they are rich in lycopene that can help you lower risk of stroke. Lycopene is a perfect antioxidant that can get rid of harmful free radicals. Additionally, tomatoes are healthy to reduce risk of cancer, blood pressure, heart diseases, diabetes, constipation, depression, and pregnant-related conditions. This food can help fight prostate cancer, which is very common in men and tomatoes are healthy when they are cooked.

18. Blueberries 

healthy foods for men

Half cup of blueberries contains 41 calories and they are amazing fruits that men should intake. Particularly, blueberries are tasteful when making smoothie, salad, or add into cereal. These fruits are full of minerals, vitamins, and fiber to help you fight dangerous free radicals in your body. Blueberries are healthy foods for a dream body and their functions are variety. Thanks to rich fiber sources, blueberries will help you debate the risk of cancer, age-related conditions, brain issues, and cardiovascular disease. Obviously, blueberries are healthy foods for men to consume.

19. Salmon 

healthy foods for men

You should eat salmon 3-4 servings per week to protect your health as it is one of the healthiest foods for cardiovascular health, mood, cognition, eye, joint health, and cancer prevention. Salmon is high in omega-3 fatty acid that can reduce memory loss and improve your heart health very effectively. This food also support you reduce weight if you are obese. Instead of eating many meats, you should add salmon into your diet.

20. Tart Cherries 

healthy foods for men

Tart cherries are usually used in producing anti-inflammatory drugs and it can help you lose belly fat, relieve osteoarthritis, lower risk of stroke, prevent risk of heart disease, fight cancer, relive pain of gout, arthritis, prevent premature aging, cure migraines, and help you sleep better at night.

21. Chocolate

healthy foods for men

Do you know that chocolate in particular dark chocolate can help you prevent heart attacks, improve sex life, and increase energy? This food is a powerful source of antioxidants that can reduce blood pressure, reduce cardiovascular risk, protect your skin, and improve your brain health. Obviously, chocolate is not only healthy for women, but it is also helpful for men’s heart.

22. Shellfish 

healthy foods for men

Generally, almost of fishes are very healthy including shellfish. It is high in zinc that can improve your heart, increase muscle, control your weight, and reduce blood pressure. Besides, shellfish is high in vitamin B, iron, and calcium.

23. Avocado

healthy foods for men

Well, avocado is a super food for you although it is rich in fat. It is an excellent fruit that can help you reduce bad cholesterol, get fitness, stabilize blood sugar, and increase heart health. Moreover, avocados can help you improve skin and hair health. It is delicious in smoothie or salads.

24. Fatty Fish

healthy foods for men

Fish is a perfect source of omega-3 fatty acids that is essential for your heart protection. If you have high risk of suffering heart attacks, you should add fatty fish into your diet. Fatty fish includes halibut, sardines, herring, and salmon. They can be drilled, cooked, or mixed with other ingredients to taste.

25. Ginger

healthy foods for men

Heart disease is one of the high-ranking reasons of death in American men. To improve and prevent heart conditions, you should intake healthy foods including ginger. This food is high in vitamin B6, potassium, magnesium, and can help you manage blood pressure and prevent heart conditions. If you are going to be a future farther, you should eat more ginger through diets and it also helps you decrease risk of colorectal cancer and diabetes, as well.

26. Bananas 

healthy foods for men

Why should you eat bananas? The season is that they can manage your blood pressure, reduce depression, increase energy, fight muscle cramps, improve bone health, improve your mood, reduce swelling, prevent diabetes, get fat loss, improve brain health, relieve anemia, strengthen blood, prevent constipation, and against risk of stroke and heart attack.

27. Pistachios 

healthy foods for men

Pistachios are rich in zinc, fiber, and protein and they are healthy snack for everyone. For men, pistachios will be good in regulating level of cholesterol, prevent heart disease, and improve male sex drive. Obviously, pistachios are worthy food for men.

28. Brazil Nuts 

healthy foods for men

Brazil nuts are also healthy foods for men because they can boost their immune system, cure thyroid gland, increase level of testosterone, improve fertility, supply omega-6 fatty acids, and provide many essential vitamins as well as nutrients for body growth.

29. High-Fiber Cereal 

healthy foods for men

High-fiber cereal can enhance men’s performance. Especially, athletes and executives also eat high-fiber cereal to increase their goals. This food is perfect for losing weight, increasing digestion health, and improving your heart health. You can mix high-fiber cereal in shredded wheat or some other ingredients to eat.
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30. Brown Rice 

healthy foods for men

Dressing up with colorful foods, you can use brown rice, which is a good source of fiber. Brown rice helps you prevent type 2 diabetes, reduce risk of heart diseases, and maintain a healthy weight. You can mix brown rice with white rice, pineapple, spinach, and lean meat to taste.

31. Asparagus 

healthy foods for men

What are reasons to eat asparagus? They supply high amount of protein, reduce weight, fight cancer, improve immune system, and improve sex life. You can grill, steam, or dress with lemon or olive oil to get a delicious dish.

32. Acorn Squash 

healthy foods for men

Acorn squash is good in fiber, potassium, magnesium, calcium, folate, vitamin C, vitamin B and it is the healthy food in reducing risk of lung diseases, fighting birth defects, promoting cardiovascular health, and reducing risks of diseases.

33. Cantaloupe 

healthy foods for men

Cantaloupe is a healthy food for hair, skin, and health. Especially for men, it is high in fiber, potassium, and essential vitamins. This food can help you increase cardiovascular health, prevent cancer, reduce stress, protect your eyes, treat insomnia, cure menstrual problems and reduce weight.

34. Papaya

healthy foods for men

Papaya is also known as a great food for men as it can help you enhance digestion health, reduce aging process, reduce inflammation, improve heart health, and good for your skin. You can mix papaya with salmon with other ingredients such as pepper, salt, lime juice, scallions, and pineapple.

35. Quinoa 

healthy foods for men

Half cup of quinoa provides 318 calories and you may eat this food twice per week. This is a beneficial food as it helps you reduce diabetes, reduce cholesterol, control blood pressure, support fat loss, and maintain healthy weight. This is also a perfect food for breakfast.

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After reading the article about 35 healthy foods for men over 40, I hope that you have got the most useful information improve health, especially for your heart. If you have any question, please leave your comments below and I will respond to you soon.

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