Fresh green tea leaves benefits: 13 advantages for skin & health

Green tea is enjoyed every day by millions of people around the world primarily for its fine flavors, but also for its various health advantages. Green tea leaves have many compounds that work as mild anti-inflammatories, antioxidants and modulators in your body. Unlike leaves of black tea, leaves of green tea are not heavily processed or fermented, which maintains the healthy compounds intact as well as biochemically active. In this article, will show you top 13 fresh green tea leaves benefit for skin and health. The writing collected a list green tea leaves benefits from reliable sources. Keep reading this article to learn more these top13 green tea leaves benefits!

Fresh Green Tea Leaves Benefits: 13 Advantages For Skin And Health That Amaze You

1. Cardiovascular Advantages

green tea leaves benefits-cardiovascular advantages

Green tea leaves that help you deal with some health problem also helps you take care of your skin. Cardiovascular diseases like atherosclerosis, stroke and heart attack lead to significant mortality in the United States. Green tea is protective agents and ability to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Particularly, most of the cardiovascular advantage is likely associated with compounds called catechins that are strong antioxidants scavenging harmful free radicals and preventing them from harming tissues — especially blood vessels and organs like the heart. In addition, catechins also assist relax arteries, fight inflammation as well as prevent clotting or abnormal platelet adhesion, which maintains blood pressure in check as well as prevents clogged arteries.

2. Cholesterol Reduction

green tea leaves benefits-cholesterol reduction

One of the green tea leaves benefits is reducing cholesterol. High levels of circulating LDL and high blood cholesterol and — a compound which transports cholesterol from your liver into the bloodstream — are related to increased chance of cardiovascular diseases. Consuming green tea, either as capsule or a beverage, is associated with significant reductions in total LDL levels and blood cholesterol.

In general, between two and four cups of green tea require to be consumed for several months before advantages are noted. Green tea is beneficial because catechins prevent the enzymes involved in the lipid biosynthesis and they decrease intestinal absorption of fat. Maintaining cholesterol levels in check assists prevent fatty plaques from creating on arterial walls that are one hallmark of atherosclerosis as well as one primary reason of high blood pressure.

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3. Potential Cancer Protection

green tea leaves benefits-potential cancer protection

One of the best green tea leaves benefits is to help protect against many types of cancer. Catechins like epigallocatechin gallate can help prevent cancer by fighting off cancerous cells or preventing them from proliferating. In addition, the anticancer properties of green tea extracts and green tea have been proved in regards to breast, ovarian, bladder, intestinal, throat, lung, pancreas, skin, stomach and prostate cancers, although more research is required before specific recommendations or claims can be made.

4. Blood Glucose Regulation

green tea leaves benefits-blood glucose regulation

Blood glucose regulation is also one of the best green tea leaves benefits. Glucose is the blood sugar that is delivered to all the cells so they may produce energy as well as do work. Especially, the hormone insulin is required for the delivery, but diabetics either do not produce enough insulin or they’re insulin resistant and cannot use it properly. Green tea consumption can be effective for people with increased oxidative stress and reduced insulin sensitivity, such as those with metabolic syndrome or Type 2 diabetes.

5. Speed Up Your Energy Levels

green tea leaves benefits-speed up your energy levels

The antioxidants of green tea leaves aid in producing energy and maintain your cells clear from time to time. In recent times, due to this reason people began using green tea diet pills. Green tea firms energy levels by balancing the blood sugar levels in the body. EGCG, one most potent antioxidant catechin of green tea boosts insulin in order to prevent spikes in the sugar levels, and crashes which can lead to fatigue, and irritability.

6. Boosts Metabolism

green tea leaves benefits-boosts metabolism

The EGCG and antioxidant plays a vital role in encouraging our body’s metabolism and may boost up burning calories. In addition, it encourages the central nervous system as well as releases fat into our blood stream. The body uses this released fat as one fuel to burn these calories, produces energy and sheds excess water.  The process of burning fuel/ fat without creating chemical energy is known thermogenesis.  Green tea leaf is also high in caffeine content that can naturally lead to the thermogenesis process, but these results are more beneficial when it mixes with EGCG and other substances of green tea.

7. Weight Loss

green tea leaves benefits-weight loss

Reducing loss is one of the top green tea leaves benefits. Consuming green tea is the best medicine and exercise for people looking to reduce weight in one comfortable way. Even those who are obese and can’t afford to exercise the body may dream to shape the figure the right way. Catechin, theanine (an amino acid), caffeine and the great trio, discovered in green tea collectively aids in decreasing weight loss reduces bloating.

8. Super Fat Burner

green tea leaves benefits-super fat burner

Surprisingly, green tea is one superb fat fighter, since it has an active ingredient known EGCG, which can boost the burning fat rate in the body. Besides burning the total body fat, this leaf targets the belly fat.

All of these active ingredients of green tea motivate fat burning genes in the abdomen to burn the calories by 77 %.

9. Anti Aging Benefits

green tea leaves benefits-anti aging benefits

Free radicals growth of in your body can damage the skin and aging of the body cells. Free radicals do naturally occur, but the concentration doubles when the skin is exposed to pollution, chemicals and UV radiation present in atmosphere. The EGCG is two hundred times more powerful than the Vitamin E at destroying the free radicals. SOD (Superoxide Dismutase) one of the chemicals produced by the human body contains the power in order to whisk away free radicals that inhibit the damage of the body’s cells and aids to decrease wrinkling. Catechins of green tea leaf improve the SOD activity, and speeds up the body’s ability to combat free radical effects.

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10. Prevents Cancer

green tea leaves benefits-prevents cancer

Preventing cancer is one of the best green tea leaves benefits. Green tea inhibits the onset of different cancer types including breast, prostate and lung cancers. Chemicals of green tea especially EGCG can target the cancer cells making the healthy cells untouched and alone. Drinking of green tea is more effective to females than males in the case of preventing cancer. EGCG appears to prevent colorectal cancers and can assist in halting colorectal cancer in the body.

11. Reduces Fungal And Bacterial Infections

green tea leaves benefits-reduces fungal and bacterial infections

Antioxidants of green tea leaf prevent the growth of bacteria, thereby decreasing the effect of getting fungal and bacterial infections.  Also, it helps to reduce the existing bacterial infections. Green tea (a cup) usually contains two hundred mg of catechins, which gives rich antioxidant advantages. Catechins in green tea prevent the key enzyme production needed by bacteria known gyrase. Gyrase is the object of many antibiotics which are chemically developed.

12. Great Benefits For Skin

green tea leaves benefits-great benefits for skin

Generally, green tea and its extracts too are used to prevent and cure a number of skin diseases like skin cancer. Antioxidants, polyphenols present in it are responsible for getting rid of free radicals from your skin prior to having the chance in order to attack the DNA in the skin cells. Else it may result in skin cancer. Using of green tea extracts may help protect the skin against UV radiation and thereby helps you keep healthy glowing skin.

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13. Good For Oral Health

green tea leaves benefits-good for oral health

Green tea leaves are one great natural fluoride source, and one compound that is included to drinking water to prevent tooth decay. Especially, green tea also helps strengthen the teeth and reduces bad breath. Because the tea controls bacteria, it reduces the acidity of dental and saliva plaque to prevent cavities. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory powers may assist control periodontal (gum) disease, as well as help in fighting off the microbes that make our mouths stinky.

To get more information related to health, skin, hair benefits of many kinds of foods, fruits, etc, go to our main Home Nutrition page. After studying the writing of 13 fresh green tea leaves benefits for skin and health, hope that this article will help you learn more green tea leaves benefits. If you have any question or comment, please leave them below, I will respond you as soon as possible. Also you can share the experience if you know any other green tea leaves benefits to us.

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