How to prevent myopia in children – 9 tips

Risks of myopia in children have been increasing and become a big concern of many parents. It is very important for parents these days to know how to prevent myopia in children at home without the need for any type of drugs as medicines and drugs are completely bad for children’s growth.

Here are the causes and tips on how to prevent myopia in children parents should know first:

According to many researchers of myopia, the number of myopia patients tends to increase rapidly.

The main cause has not yet been clearly defined. However, through research, scientists found that the work regulated by the eye for a long time (look at the small figure, read a book, work with your computer monitor screen …) under the insufficient light condition is related to myopia. In addition, genetic factors, nutrition, also have related to myopia.

I. What Is Myopia?

Myopia is a refractive error type that affects the convergence mechanism of eyes. As eyeballs are being stretched, the light will converge ahead of the retina instead of replacing the retina. And the result of this is that we can only see clearly if the objects are near while distant objects are seen blurred.

II. What Causes Myopia In Children?

how to prevent myopia in children

  • Symptoms of myopia in children

If you suffer from myopia, you will often encounter difficulties in reading and seeing distant objects clearly. The signs and symptoms of myopia, including squinting, eye strain and headaches. Feeling tired when driving or playing sports can also be one of the common symptoms of myopia. If you see these signs or symptoms while wearing glasses or contact lenses, then you will need to go for a check at the nearest prestigious Eye Institute to know exactly about your myopia degree.

There are two main causes that lead to myopia, and the first is from genetics. The second is due to bad daily habit. As we know, at present, the second cause is the main cause that leads to myopia among children and even adults as well. It is very necessary for parents to know how to prevent myopia in children, so they should look at some most common reasons for this condition:

– Children who lack sleep or sleep infrequently: especially about the time from 7-9 years and 12-14 years of age, are very likely to get myopia. If the child sleeps too infrequently or has not enough time to sleep because of studying too hard, then it is very easy to cause myopia.

Children born with light body weight: most children born with body weight below 2.5 kg will be likely to get myopia when they reach their teenage age.

– Children who watch television too close: If a child watches TV more than 2 hours every day with a distance between her/his eyes and the screen less than 3 meters, than the eyes will be impaired gradually.

In addition, sitting at a wrong posture or learning and working in an environment that lacks the light are also the main causes of myopia in children.

III. How To Prevent Myopia In Children – The Best Ways To Avoid The Risk Of Myopia:

Daily eye hygiene is essential as it helps to reduce the stress on the eyes, relax the eyes and prevent myopia. Here are a few tips on how to prevent myopia in children parents should know:

1. Allow Your Eyes To Be Rested:

how to prevent myopia in children - allow your eyes to be rested

This tip is the simple but very useful as it will help your children’s eyes relax. Keep working for about 20 minutes, and you ought to look away from one to two minutes, or close your eyes for 30 seconds to a minute. If the feeling of blurred still remains, you need to do longer.

People also need to proactively control eye blinking. Blink of an eye is a physiological movement that helps to grade tears spreading on the surface of the eyes, relax them, and reduce the strain on the eyes. We should not force the eyes to work more than 45 minutes constantly. Your children need to have a break, play, and do exercises between lessons, (avoid reading comic books and gaming during the break). During the day, everyone should have a certain time to relax the eyes by looking away or do some fun exercises in open places.

2. Eye Exercises:

how to prevent myopia in children - eye exercises

Doing exercises for eye training is also one of the most useful tips on how to prevent myopia in children that people should not look down!

Here are simple steps parents should help their children practice:

  • Sitting or lying neatly, using powerful massage hands together to warm up. Use the hands to reach up the eyelids. You can use your hands to rub your children’s eyes up to 5-10 minutes, and then the feeling of aches on their eyes will be reduced.
  • In 4-5 seconds, relax the body, open the eyes, hold for 4-5 seconds, then closed both 2 eyes. Perform this exercise within 3-5 minutes. Your children’s eyes will feel less stress.
  • Continue to exercise the eyes but instead, massage the eyes under the clockwise for about 1 minute, and then apply it again. Do so within minutes, and your children will get reduced eye fatigue feeling.

This is a useful exercise and also a wonderful tip on how to prevent myopia in children that will help every parent should know and try making use as soon as possible.

Eye exercises can not only help to prevent myopia but also help to improve eye health, so try it!

3. Pay Attention To The Light Condition.

how to prevent myopia in children - pay attention to the light condition

One of the essential factors of a good vision is to give the eyes appropriate light when working or learning. Please always make sure your child has a good light when reading or studying, even on daytime or nighttime. If the light is too strong or too dim, your children’s eyes will be tired, so you need to help them avoid this. Do not let your children read books, write letters…for a too long time constantly. Additionally, you should not allow them to watch television for more than 2-3 hours.

4. Reading And Writing In A Right Distance.

how to prevent myopia in children - reading and writing in a right distance

The gap from the eyes to the subjects when reading and writing of high-school students is 30 to 40 cm. Younger students will need to ensure a healthy gap of 25 cm. Reading or writing too close will lead to systems of myopia and will make the eyes tired, as well as having poor vision.

If you children learn in front of a computer screen, you should keep the distance from their eyes to the screen at 60 cm to reduce the risks and bad influences of the light display.

5. Posture

how to prevent myopia in children - posture

Posture with a neatly back and straight neck will help to prevent tiredness and scoliosis in children. You should ensure your children not to lie when reading because it will cause eye troubles, eye fatigue, and aches together. Avoid reading books when on the train or cars as reading when the distance changed continuously with vibrations is very harmful to the eyes.

6. Watching TV

how to prevent myopia in children - watching tv

Allowing your kids to watch TV for just about one hour per day is also a good tip on how to prevent myopia in children. To avoid the effects of refraction, you should let your children wear glasses when watching TV or using a computer.

Set the TV away from the sofa or bed at least 2 meters, and parents should encourage the children to sit far away from the computer screen for about 50 cm with a proper table, and the table should be equipped with an extra layer of glass against myopia before the screen and adjust the light on the appropriate levels.

7. The Nutrition

how to prevent myopia in children - the nutrition

A proper nutritional plan with balanced nutrient components plays an important role in how to prevent myopia in children. The range of substances such as vitamins A, vitamin E, vitamin C, and minerals contained in vegetables, fruits, meat, fish, and eggs can help to maintain the hyaline environment of the eyes. It also helps the eyes increase the ability to regulate and prevent the degeneration of the retina and the point of the eyes. Some cases of myopia progression can be quickly replenished with the use of an eye tonic.

8. Check Your Children’s Eye Regularly

how to prevent myopia in children - check your children's eye regularly

Children should be tested for sight at least once a year to ensure proper development of the vision. If you suspect that your child is suffering from myopia, then check immediately for his/her vision to find out more severe conditions. The best time to go for a children’s vision test is before the children start going to school. The symptom of dim eyes that is not detected would be a likely cause in the future of myopia, particularly during the important stages of eye development; for example, from 6-9 years.

9. Wearing Sunglasses

how to prevent myopia in children - wearing sunglasses

The last tip on how to prevent myopia in children is to wear sunglasses as it can help to fight against wavelengths so it can help to prevent your risks of having cataract or retinal black spots. At best, you should force your children to use sunglasses regularly whenever they go out of the road, especially in those areas with intense glare (near the water or snow), and remember that sun glasses should not be used only in the summer. You should choose good glasses for your children as their eyes are very sensitive.

Glasses are made of special materials and are 100% protective against sunlight. According to experts, the blue and purple waves are harmful to the retina of the eyes. Amber, yellow-orange, and brown eyeglasses are especially effective in preventing the purple and blue waves.

* You should note that eating too much bread will lead to myopia.

The study of the United States and Australia has indicated that eating too much bread when you are young is one of the causes leading to myopia. Refined flour contained in bread and cereals can increase the insulin levels in the blood, causing the eyeballs to grow longer than normal and cause myopia. This hypothesis was released by the scientists at Colorado State University (USA) and the University of Sydney (Australia). People should also notice that people with obesity or diabetes are more likely to have the common myopia syndrome. In both cases, insulin concentrations are high. Myopia syndrome also progressed more slowly in children who have diets rich in protein. In the current, about 30% population of USA has myopia.

After reading the entire article that reveals the best tips on how to prevent myopia in children at home, readers should also spend time reading another related article – the List Of 8 Best Exercises For Eyes. This is also a very useful article that will help you know how to exercise your eyes and your children’s eyes with ease, in turn, can improve eyesight naturally without making use of any type of drug, pill, or medical intervention. This article combines the best exercises that were proven good by scientists and professionals so that you should feel secure when making use of them!

Nowadays, there are more and more children suffer from myopia. It is very important for parents these days to know how to prevent myopia in children, keep children’s eyes healthy is our duties. And I hope that after reading this article on, readers will be able to find and apply the best tips on how to prevent myopia in children at home and have their kids healthy with good vision.

The article today reveals an entire list of the most effective tips on how to prevent myopia in children so that if you are among parents who are concerning about this problem, you should read this article carefully and make use of the tips and tricks revealed inside as soon as possible. If you feel that this article is good and useful, then you should share this list widely to make use with other people. If you want to ask anything about this writing, leave your questions in the comment section below and wait for my replication.

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