How to treat pulmonary embolism naturally at home – 7 tips

A pulmonary embolism happens when the artery in your lung is blocked because of a blood clot. This clot which is formed in a deep vein, causing deep vein thrombosis breaks away and goes to the lung. If this disease is not treated well, it will lead to low blood oxygen levels. Moreover, it can affect other organs and may be life-threatening.  Sometimes, patients with pulmonary embolism may experience coughing up blood, chest pain and shortness of breath. However, half of all patients who get diagnosed with pulmonary embolism do not have any signs or symptoms. In order to cure pulmonary embolism, you should break up the clot and avoid the formation of blood clots. The common treatment for this disease is medication and drugs which will help you reduce the capacity of blood to from clot. However, in the severe and life-threatening cases, the surgery is required. However, besides medications and drugs, there are many effective solutions and home remedies on how to treat pulmonary embolism naturally at home that help you ease the symptoms of pulmonary embolism.

How To Treat Pulmonary Embolism Naturally At Home – Effective Home Remedies & Techniques

Before I mention about the alternative treatment on how to treat pulmonary embolism naturally at home, I would like to share with you the background information about this disease. Pulmonary embolism is the sudden blockage of artery in your lung because of a blood clot. These clots will affect and damage the lung. These clots will break away and goes to the lung. A clot which is formed in a vein near the skin does not cause problem; however blood clots formed in deep vein thrombosis may result in pulmonary embolism. Each year, more than 300,000 people experience the pulmonary embolism. Other things including air bubbles, tumors, fat, or amniotic fluid may block the block vessels, causing this disease. However, these conditions are rare. Some factors which increase the risk of developing pulmonary embolism include being inactive, sitting for a long time, surgery, some disease like heart failure, stroke, cancer and infection, pregnancy, smoking, taking hormone therapy and birth control pills. If you suffer from pulmonary embolism, doctors recommend some effective medicines for you. However, there are some alternative solutions and home remedies on how to treat pulmonary embolism naturally at home that help you relieve the symptoms of pulmonary embolism. If you concern, please read this article on

1. Exercise: 

how to treat pulmonary embolism-exercise

Exercise is important tip on how to treat pulmonary embolism that you should not ignore. It will make the immune system stronger and help your body to heal any problems including pulmonary embolism caused by being inactive or siting for a long time. If you do not have time, you can practice some simple exercises to strengthen the muscle and relax. You stretch your legs toward your head and relax. You should repeat the exercise for a few times. This exercise is important when you have to sit for a long time, especially during long driving trips of flights.

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2. Get Out Of Your Bed:

how to treat pulmonary embolism-get out of your bed

Because being inactive is one of the possible factors that cause pulmonary embolism, you should get out of your bed immediately after recovering from ill and surgery. It is important to move your legs and hands as soon as possible. Moreover, you can do the exercises I suggested above in order to keep the blood flowing through your legs and your hands. You should try your best to be active like taking part in outdoor activities. This treatment also helps you prevent many ailments and problems.

3. Quit Smoking: 

how to treat pulmonary embolism-quit smoking

If you want to look for the ways on how to treat pulmonary embolism, you should stay away from the irritants causing pulmonary embolism. For example, smoking habit not only causes a lot of health problems such as cough, lung cancer but also makes the symptoms of pulmonary embolism get worse. This treatment will make your immune system stronger; therefore, it will help to boost the process of healing this disease. Avoiding smoking is especially important if you are taking medicines that contain estrogen, including birth control pills.

4. Wear Compression Stockings: 

how to treat pulmonary embolism-wear compression stockings

This solution is proven to be effective as the way on how to treat pulmonary embolism. Wearing compression stockings also helps to keep you from the leg deep vein thrombosis if you have the high risk of developing pulmonary embolism.

5. Consume Fish Oil: 

how to treat pulmonary embolism-consume fish oil

The possible reason why consuming fish oil is considered as the way on how to treat pulmonary embolism may be that fish oil is high in Omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming fish oil will help you to thin the formed clots in the artery. A study showed that fish oil can help you prevent strokes because it decreases the ability of platelets. Although it needs more researches in order to prove the effectiveness of fish oil in treating and preventing pulmonary embolism, this treatment is worth trying.

6. Consume Nattokinase: 

how to treat pulmonary embolism-consume nattokinase

Nattokinase, as enzyme, happens when the soybean is fermented. Because nattokinase has thrombolytic properties, this enzyme will help you break up the formed clots in the artery. All the studies about nattokinase’s effectiveness have been carried out in test tubes and in animals. However, the safety of consuming nattokinase is not established well. It may have some side effects of bleeding; therefore it should be avoided especially in people who are taking anti-platelet medication or anticoagulant. Natto is rich in vitamin K that helps you reduce the risk of developing pulmonary embolism. However, if you decide to consume nattokinase as the home remedy on how to treat pulmonary embolism, you should consult the doctor in order to make sure that it does not cause any risks.

7. Take Vitamin E Supplement:

how to treat pulmonary embolism-take vitamin e supplement

Vitamin E has been proven to help thin blood clots. Therefore, if you want to relieve pulmonary embolism, you should take vitamin E supplement. It is important to ask the doctors before taking.

These are 7 tips and home remedies on how to treat pulmonary embolism naturally at home. I want to note that these tips are for informational purpose only. You still need to see the doctor if you have any signs and symptoms of pulmonary embolism. Do you have any questions to ask? Please raise your voice by leaving comments bellow. I am glad for your contribution.

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