38 Tips On How To Treat A Hematoma Naturally At Home

how to treat a hematoma at home

A hematoma is known as an abnormal blood collection outside of the blood vessel. It often occurs as the wall of a blood vessel wall, vein, artery, has been damaged and as the result, the blood has leaked into tissues. Hematoma may be tiny or it can be large, resulting in significant swelling.

Top 38 Tips How To Treat A Hematoma Naturally At Home

The blood vessels are under constant repair. Sometimes, this repair fails in case the damage is extensive. In case there is pressure within the vessel, the blood will go on leaking through the damaged blood vessel wall and of course, the hematoma will expand.

Now, in this article, I will reveal some of the best tips to cure the hematoma issue effectively. Discover how to deal with this skin condition by reading this entire article right now!

I. Causes Of A Hematoma?

The hematoma is often caused by falls, collisions, traffic accidents, collisions in sports activities, occupational accidents, etc. When injured, the blood vessel walls can be rupture, the blood escapes and then gathers under the skin to form the black blood. When blood vessel walls under the skin are damaged, the pigment of blood is absorbed and the bruise will get blue.

If you often suffer from hematoma for no reason, you should visit a doctor as this can be symptoms of some diseases.

II. Symptoms Of A Hematoma

Blood that escapes from a blood vessel is irritating to the tissue around it and it may cause some symptoms of inflammation such as swelling, pain, and redness. The symptoms of a hematoma also depend on their size, their location and whether or not they cause associated edema or swelling. A hematoma may be present anywhere in the body. Regardless of where it is located, it will keep a collection of blood clotting outside of the blood vessel.

III. How To Treat A Hematoma – Top 38 Home Remedies

Most of the hematomas are not serious. Nonetheless, they have the negative effect on the appearance. Thus, treating the hematoma is essential for patients at all. There are a plenty of tips to cure a hematoma at home. Now, I will reveal some home remedies that can help those wanting to learn how to treat a hematoma that are very effective for the skin.

Here are the top 38 home remedies for curing a hematoma that you should consider making use of to get rid of these hematomas and bruises naturally at home.

1. How To Treat A Hematoma – Pineapple

Pineapple has an enzyme called bromelain. Once you consume more of this enzyme, it may help with your damaged blood vessels.


  • Simply, cut out a slice of pineapple and then gently apply it on your affected skin
  • Allow the slice of pineapple to stay on there for 3 – 5 minutes. After that, remove it from your affected skin. You should avoid placing the pineapple slice on there for more than 5 minutes as it can burn your skin.
  • Alternatively, you can also try consuming fresh juice from pineapples as frequently as possible for an extra result.
  • Also, you can take 500 mg of bromelain daily to help you deal with hematoma faster.

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2. How To Treat A Hematoma – Onion

how to treat a hematoma - onion

Onion may be effective in helping you treat a hematoma naturally if you do not have any cut. Onion is packed with a substance called allicin which may make you tear. When you apply onion directly to your affected skin, allicin will help you in increasing the lymphatic flow in order to push away the excess blow under your skin.


  • You peel and cut out onion slices, depending on the size of your hematoma.
  • Place these onion pieces on your hematoma area and then leave them on there for 12-15 minutes.
  • Alternatively, you can use these onion slices in another different way. You soak the onion slice in the apple cider vinegar and apply it on your affected area.
  • Repeat either of home remedies on how to treat a hematoma with onion on a daily basis until this condition has completely gone.

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3. How To Treat A Hematoma – Sugar Syrup

This is a natural tip that can help people cure a hematoma and you should follow in case you are suffering from this skin condition. To treat a hematoma naturally with sugar syrup, take the following steps:


  • Apply the hot sugar syrup on your affected skin area and then tie it well with a bandage.
  • In case you are scared to use the hot sugar syrup, you can apply a thick layer of the sugar syrup on your hematoma skin and then use an ice pack.
  • Allow the sugar to air-dry and then remove it with clean water.

This solution will help you naturally tighten your skin so that your hematoma cannot spread all over.

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4. How To Treat A Hematoma – Chocolate

When it comes to natural tips to treat a hematoma, chocolate may be one of the best options for you. Warm chocolate pack method can help compress your damaged blood vessels, hence controlling your blood circulation and reducing bruises fast.


  • You melt a piece of chocolate and then apply this warm chocolate on your affected area.
  • Cover it with the help of a bandage so that the melted chocolate cannot run over your hematoma area.
  • Note:When you use melted chocolate pack, avoid rubbing too hot chocolate on your hematoma skin as it can hurt you more.

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5. How To Treat A Hematoma – Epsom Salt

Using Epsom salt water can help you effectively reduce the appearance of hematoma. According to a study [1], Epsom salt is well-known for its ability to relax muscles, relieve pain and swelling around your hematoma area.


  • Simply, you mix 2 cups of Epsom salt with some warm water bath.
  • Soak your hematoma area into this solution until this water becomes cool.
  • Finally, you wash off your skin by using clean water.

Keep in mind that Epsom salt may cause a skin irritation as it can make your skin dry out and leave some crystals on the surface of your skin. Therefore, you should completely wash off your skin with water to make sure that all of the magnesium crystals are completely removed from your skin.

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6. How To Treat A Hematoma – Witch Hazel

how to treat a hematoma - witch hazel

Witch hazel has been used as an alternative treatment for many skin issues. According to a research about how to use witch hazel on the skin [2], due to its natural astringent properties, witch hazel becomes a great treatment that can help to heal a hematoma on your skin. Addition to this, witch hazel can be also good for fading discoloration and increasing the healing process.


  • Firstly, you place a thin washcloth or cosmetic pad in witch hazel.
  • Rub this directly to your affected area and then keep it in place with a bandage.
  • After a few minutes, remove it from your skin
  • Repeat this home remedy with witch hazel twice a day until your hematoma can be removed completely.

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7. How To Treat A Hematoma – Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is highly recommended for your skin problems. It is also very good for cleansing and soothing cuts, hematoma as well as other kinds of skin irritation. According to a study about lavender oil for scars [3], lavender oil is packed with antiseptic and antibiotic substances, which make this oil become a good tip to cure a hematoma by boosting up the healing process and reducing scars. Plus, lavender oil also helps you relieving swelling and pain naturally.


  • Pour some cold water into a bowl and then add some drops of lavender oil to it.
  • Stir it well and then soak a clean cloth in this solution.
  • Then, apply it directly on your affected area.

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8. How To Treat A Hematoma – Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is a wonderful item for both human beauty and health, so it is not amazing when I mention turmeric powder in this article as one of the great home remedies for the hematoma. In fact, turmeric contains antibacterial, antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory properties that can help you prevent further inflammation and infection of the hematoma. Addition to this, according to a study about health benefits of turmeric [4], essential oils found in turmeric powder can help to increase the blood flow.

The ways to use turmeric powder to treat hematoma is very simple. The only thing you need to do is to add a pinch of turmeric powder to a glass of lukewarm milk and then mix it well. After that, drink this mixture once a day. Repeat this method regularly until your hematoma goes away completely.

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9. How To Treat A Hematoma – Cabbage Leaves

You can make use of some cabbage leaves as an effective remedy that can help you say goodbye to a hematoma naturally. This is because cabbage leaves are packed with vitamins and phytonutrients that are known as good sources of anti-inflammatory properties. Addition to this, cabbage leaves also have a high content of vitamins C and K that are powerful anti-bruising substances.


  • Firstly, you remove the hard stems of some cabbage leaves.
  • Soak these cabbage leaves in the hot water until they get softer.
  • Knead on them using a rolling pin to create a paste.
  • Then, place the crushed cabbage paste on your hematoma area.
  • Keep it in place with the help of gauze and after half an hour, remove it out
  • Repeat this process several times daily until your hematoma goes away completely.

In fact, this is one of the best tips on how to treat a hematoma naturally that you should know and make use for good.

10. How To Treat A Hematoma – Toothpaste

Toothpaste is another tip on how to treat a hematoma which can make the swelling and discoloration on the skin go away faster. Addition to this, toothpaste also has the power to calm down the inflammation.


  • You mix some toothpaste and your mild lotion and then apply this mixture to your hematoma skin area before you go to bed.
  • Cover your affected area with the help of a bandage in order to prevent it from staining your bedding.
  • Allow it to stay overnight and then wash it off the next morning.
  • Repeat this home remedy daily for 2- 3 nights to get the best results.

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