26 Best Ways To Break Sugar Addiction Naturally Today

Updates: 05/15/2024

As many complaints from a lot of serious sugar addicts who are struggling with their addiction of sugar, overcoming their sugar cravings is so hard, and stay off it is more difficult.  Part of the reason is that over time, their brain really become addicted to natural reaction triggered by sugar consumption. So, where does the battle end?

There is not a single-cure-all the problem, yet generally, the less sweet you consume; the less you will crave them. Here are the 26 best ways to break sugar addiction naturally today that can help you pull the own sweet tooth for good. Check them out now!

26 Best Ways To Break Sugar Addiction Naturally Today – Kick The Addiction Off Fast

1. Eat Regular

To overcome overeating habit, in general, and sugar craving, in particular, it is recommended that instead of eating three large meals every day, people should eat from five to six small meals or three meal and two snacks per day. For many people, once they do not eat regularly, the blood sugar levels will decrease, thereby they are more likely to addict and crave sweetened foods or sugar snacks.

how to overcome sugar cravings review2. Consume Enough Amounts Of Protein 

A lot of people make the mistake of focusing on sweets, starches, breads initially before consuming protein. For those people with serious sugar cravings, they need to try including more and more protein in their diet. With animal meats, you had better choose hormone-free and free-range choices. Also, wild-caught fish should be added into your diet in order to reduce the intake of pollutants. Chickpeas and black beans supply an inexpensive as well as toxin-free food source. Moreover, you can follow a healthy paleo meal plan to manage your protein consumption well.

3. Check Your Thyroid Function

In fact, low thyroid function might contribute to the sugar cravings. Some of the signs of this condition are fatigue, dry skin, cold hands and feet, and constipation. The function of thyroid could be checked via some quick blood tests with the consultation of doctors. Thyroid function will be worsened by low levels of zinc and selenium.

Check out the nutrition advice for thyroid problems here if you are coping with them.

4. Let Sugary Foods Out Of Your Sight

Normally, cravings will be more frequent and stronger when sugar is easily accessible or there is nothing to eat. So, it is essential for you to keep off sweet foods in your kitchen, and at work. Do not put the sweets in your shopping cart. Instead, prepare plenty of healthy foods or snacks to satisfy your own appetite.

5. Vitamin B Complex

B group vitamins can feed the adrenal gland that is very beneficial for human health. The noticeable benefit is helping your body response to the depression or stress. In fact, stress can drive your sugar cravings, particularly when the adrenal gland becomes more tired. B vitamins are also so well tolerated.

 6.Take Advantage Of Dark Chocolatehow to overcome sugar cravings help

In term of medical feature, dark chocolate contains antioxidant abilities that are able to help your heart as well as arteries. Look for a chocolate brand with over 70 percent of cocoa content. The richer content of cocoa is, the healthier that chocolate is. Thus, enjoy it moderately or dipped in the organic almond butter.

7.Try To Find A Substitute

Generally, you tend to crave sweets after a meal or in the afternoon. It might be useful to have something else there so that you can be ready to defeat sugar cravings. For instance, making use of peppermint tea can be a great idea in the evening, raisins in the afternoon, fruits or anything else you could think of will be easy and fast choice that can keep you away from sweets. In case that you must have “sweet”, then you need to find something which is naturally and actual sweet, like 100 per cent fruit juice or dried fruit.

8. Wait Out The Craving

The sugar craving will be at its high mode only within a few minutes that you can wait it out. They will pass and you will get better thereafter. Occupy yourself for just 10 minutes as you get a sugar craving. Do this by calling someone such as your friend or your family members, or walk in nature for a while, or create some distractions.  The more you do this, the easier and faster it gets and the cravings get easier to handle with.

9. Reduce Processed Foods

The amount of sugar included in processed food is often underestimated. Even, the whole-wheat crackers, which seem innocent, also have about 4 grams of sugar per serving. The longer the list of ingredients, the more likely sugar will be included on that list. It is better for you to read the label to check sugar content, or steer clear of some packaged foods altogether.

Suffering from sugar cravings means that you are at risk of diabetes, so read on the instructions on how to prevent diabetes effectively  in our website now.

how to overcome sugar cravings pdf

10. Balanced Diet

Did you know that a salty food can create cravings for sweet foods? Eating too much of a certain flavor type may result in serious cravings for the opposite levels. So, listen to the body as well as take note of your current diet plan in order to find balance for your variety of flavors.

11. Get Moving

If you are tired, then you might boost an extreme craving for fast energy source like sugar to respond the exhaustion. Therefore, it is better for you to get enough sleep as well as exercise regularly to decrease your stress and tension, promote energy, and remove the opportunity of demanding a fast sugar rush. 

12. Choose Quality Over Quantity

Normally, you might need a sugar splurge or want to pick a wonderful decadent sugary food. Nevertheless, keep it small or stop swearing off favorites because you just turn back for it with greater portions. Incorporate small amount in your diet as I mentioned above, yet focus on filling the stomach with healthier and less sugary options.

how to overcome sugar cravings download

13. Reward Yourself 

When it comes to sugar cravings relief, to get motivated for getting better results, you had better reward yourself for successfully controling your sugar cravings. The reward can be small or large. Keep in mind why you are working on that purpose and reward yourself for every successful step.

14. Get Support

 A lot of people tend to get help from sweet foods when they are tired or depressed. Yet, in reality, foods cannot handle with emotional issues. Consider if your emotions get involved in the problem of sugar cravings or if you need another assistance to find different solutions for different emotional issues. Ask other people for their support.

15. Do A Detox

When doing a detox, you are not only helping yourself reset your appetite but also reducing your sugar cravings. After the initial sugar cravings, which could be overwhelming, your body will be regulated and even you will not want the sugar anymore so that your desire will also naturally disappear.

Refer a complete list of body detoxifying nutrition tips to get a healthy and fresh body now.

16. Visualization how to overcome sugar cravings to lose weight

This is considered as a strange and fun tip on how to overcome sugar cravings. Whenever you get the urge to eat sweets or sugar, just imagine it is the yeast bacteria talking to you. Yes, it sounds weird. But, just give it a try and you will see its effect. Remind yourself that it is only the yeastie-beasties which are yelling for the sugar thrive on. By this way, you can overcome your cravings with ease. 

17. Take Different Routes To Avoid The Nemesis 

When going to grocery store or super market, do not go down the candy aisle. Or, you should walk around the office to avoid the candy bowl, go a long way round for preventing the dessert buffet from triggering your cravings. Steer away the cookie stores in the shopping mall. The advice here is to constantly look out for sugar triggers and dangers and then give a wide berth to them.

18. Take A Hot Shower

Another way on how to overcome sugar cravings temporarily is taking a hot shower. That is really relaxing and effective for you because the hot water can burn your skin while still making you feel comfortable.

When bathing, let the water run over your shoulders and back, and then let it warm, even heat you up. Try staying there at least 5 to 10 minutes. So, when stepping out of the shower, you will be likely to have a “dazed” feeling which is similar to the feeling when you are massaged or sitting in the sauna. By this simple way, you are going to most likely flush out your sugar cravings.

how to overcome sugar cravings book

19. Make Your Real Decision

As you know, health will not dramatically change until you decide it should. When your sugar intake reduces, your preference for natural and nutritious foods will enhance. A mental sharpness, healthy weight, as well as optimal aging will be the sweet rewards for all of your efforts.

Discover some quick tips for spiritual development here if you want to boost your mental state.

20. Improve Sleep Habits & Rest

A study in 2024 indicated that our sleep cycle can be affected if we eat something late at night. In another study, it is proven that the body will be less equipped to resist a high calorie meal and sugar laden doughnuts can come to your mind if you feel sleepy through the day, according. An additional study shown that when you are sleep-deprived, your reward activation centers in your brain is greater, and make it hard to say “no” to sweetened products. In short, while following a diet and exercise routine to stay away from sugar addiction, you should pay attention to take a rest and improve your sleep for getting rid of a hunger of sweets or processed sugar.

In fact, you cannot see the results overnight. But it will help you make a nutritional shift and you will stop your sugar cravings more easily.

Read on: Foods And Tips To Stop Snoring

21. Chew Gum break sugar addiction with chew gum

A study in 2024 shown that people, who chewed gum for at least 3 hours reduced their food cravings for different sweet snacks. The participants in the study used sugar-free gums, containing artificial sweeteners, and it nonetheless provided interesting tactics to lower their sweet cravings.

22. Clean Kitchen

Clean your kitchen and toss out processed foods stored in cans and boxes with just a few real ingredients like salt, sugar and water.

Quit all drinks and foods containing sugar in different forms like honey, agave, molasses, artificial sweeteners, syrup, sodas, sports drinks, even juice adding extra sugar.

Look at the food labels before you buy them and avoid foods including high fructose trans fats and syrup.

Nix any food with refined vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils taken from soybean and  corn.

Put away dairy products, gluten and grains, as they are sources of inflammation causing migraines, joint pain, acne, sleep problems, mood swings and these factors indirectly affect your sweetened snacks.

23. Eat Sour & Fermented Foods

This is a trick! When you crave sugar, eat fermented and sour foods like Kim Chi and sauerkrauts. These foods provide you with nutrients and reduce your sugar cravings. Look for health food stores with these foods or make them easily at home.

24. Take Daily Probiotics

According to scientists, when your gut bacteria are out of balance, you can crave sugar. Probiotics can help re-plenish intestinal flora as well as restore balance to your gut system away from fungus, yeast and bad bacteria. Take at least 10 billion good active bacteria everyday.

Remember that the body is hypersensitive to sweetened foods and sugar naturally. Do not fight it. Instead, work with it. Incorporate doable strategies to stop your sugar addiction with ease.

25. Avoid The Artificial break sugar addiction with avoid the artificial

There are different artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame, and sucralose. Find these sweeteners on food labels before you want to take it home. Avoid adding these artificials to your coffee and tea. Check these ingredients carefully on sugar-free foods. Sweeteners included in sodas are also types of artificial sugar. Consider avoiding the drinks for good!

26. Never Forget The Benefits Of Sugar Breakup To The Body

Be aware of great benefits of sugar breakup to your body and you can raise your high spirit to overcome sugar craving. According many nutritionists, because sugar is linked to weight gain, people can stick to no sugar routines or reduce amounts of sweetened foods in their meals as the best ways to protect their health from high blood pressure https://vkool.com/11-home-remedies-to-lower-high-blood-pressure/, heart disease, obesity, diabetes and other serious health problems and conditions.

Follow exactly the 26 best ways to break sugar addiction naturally today in this article to see how valuable they are. As difficult as it may be to believe, you are able to get rid of the sugar craving habit. Not only will you probably reduce some weight, but also you will be healthier, feel better and more energetic. Good luck!

If you feel this article of the 26 best ways to break sugar addiction naturally today is useful for you, then leave all your comments at the end of this post. We will answer all.

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