How To Improve Brain Function And Memory Naturally

People often think about how to improve their brain power, and they will go and look for the useful brain training tips, and helpful activities for them like some memory games, logic puzzles, and brain teasers. All these things can help all people improve their brain muscle. However, they should know that many other aspects of human’s health can affect the strength and efficiency of human’s brain.

People brain will connected to all body, and emotions, so when people can strengthen health of body, brain, emotions can help the other part of the total body.

Though, there is a disagreement about the brain improvement tips, most experts recommended that people should expose human’s brain to some new and effective experiences. Experts believe that the whole brain will get comfortable while facing to most day-by-day activities, and if some people want to improve their own brain performance, they must challenge themselves. A new study has shown that studying new things will physically increase the brain size, and other has shown that experiencing regular simple brain exercises will increase daily performance in all areas of the brain. Keep reading my blog to discover many brain improvement tips for growing your brain in total. 

Brain Improvement Tips – Some Things You Should Know About Your Brain 

1. Brain Is Very Special

brain improvement tips pdfIn this list of brain improvement tips reveals that human’s brains differ substantially in physically and functionally. This method can help all people study many other subjects in their way. When people are assured and calm they can use incredible and untapped brain power, they will achieve all of things they want.

2. Brain Needs A Good Challenge

If people are trying to study something too slowly, they can feel as if they are in the special drone zone. If people do not challenge their brains, they will turn off. All people can use a special stimulating environment to turns on their brains and grow them.

In contrast, if people are trying to study new things too fast all of them will feel frustrated. This is the first reason for you to find a special optimal pace to learn, in which human’s brains can be stretched, but not choked. If they can find the right awesome space, people will be exhilarated and feel accomplished. Therefore, all people must look for the right level of the challenge for their learning, like the right pace, precision.

3. Brain Is A Special Delicate Biological Organ

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Brain is a special delicate biological organ, so it will be affected by the physical condition, surroundings, and environment. To boost the learning, people should pay attention to the lighting, temperature, seating and body posture, time of day, air quality, and the nutrition.

My list of brain improvement tips shows that people should ask themselves some essential questions, such as: what make their study more exciting and comfortable? And, they should take some common simple tests to adjust their learning environment.

4. Pay Some Respect To Emotions

Each people carry the brain features and the different limbic system from the evolutionary past. These common centers of anxiety, emotion, passion and fear, can hurt or strengthen human’s learning.
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Therefore, people should activate their feelings, and boost their learning. They can use association and visualization in their learning. People should think of the special advantages which can reward them for all their efforts. People should visualize themselves as the superstars in the special field and begin enjoying common gratification. By this way people can turn the bad initial resistance into the attraction.

So people should think of what bad feelings can sappy their motivation to study, and then write all of them down, and find the best solution they deal with them.

5. People Have Multiple Intelligences

Don’t think about IQ. Maybe IQ is not a good based indicator as people think. Most human beings have six diffident kinds of the intelligence: musical, poetic, athletic, practical. People should identify their own mental strengths and find their subjects to study with them in the mind. When people encounter new different subject, the brain will be creative about the way the brain can relate.

brain improvement tips gamesPeople need to uplift their study subjects by looking at them from their favorite intelligence perspective.

6. Preview Contents Of Studying Material

People will be able to highlighten the good information to be learned, write or draw the special remarks to discriminate and differentiate the importance of all contents before them.

7. Question The Information

People should create many questions on the sticky-notes, and then put these sticky-notes in the special book margins. Then you should find the short answer in the pragmatic style.

 8. Restatements

Readers must restate the new information in the special notebook with their own special words. All the modification of the statements can lead to a complete comprehension.

 9. Illustrations

People must illustrate this new information with graphs, drawings. People should use the special brain-maps, and then flow these charts to centralize and summarize these studying materials.

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10. Imagination

This step is very simple. When people are stepping on the road, just they need to visualize a simple changing reality. For example, when the sunlight poles are bending, the cars will turn into special animals, and the sun will become green. This method is very easy, yet this method can set human’s creative mind on the fire, and people can do it anywhere.

 11. Boost Verbal Fluency

People should do this while they are waiting at the doctor’s clinic in order to kill all the dead moments while doing this tip in my list of brain improvement tips. People should take a small piece of the paper and a simple pen, and then write down a list of a simple mutual category, such as movies, capitals, countries, auto firms, books in 1 minute. After they have finished the long list, write this list again without seeing the old one. Now they need to see and count that how many items they have written in 2 minutes, and how diffident they are. Every time people do this, their list needs to become longer, to contain more items. This is because people can be more organized. And people should do this tip once per day. This tip just consumes 2 minutes of people’s time, but it can give some special substantial accumulative effects on human’s verbal retrieval speed and the fluency.

12. Games

brain improvement tips cubefieldOne important method in my list of the brain improvement tips is game. Game is a good method to challenge and boost up people’s cognitive function, while people can improve their memory. Crosswords are common puzzles that can allow people to begin with common ones and increase up to the difficult puzzles when people’s skill levels develop. Sudoku is a special awesome game that must require people to think ahead for the future moves. It means people must have the planning skills, which are the mentally stimulating activities. Chess is other common strategic game. The strategic board game is a good source for brain improvement tips. In additional, card game is a good combination of a lot of different brain improvement tips: speed, socialization, planning, decision making.

13. Meditation

Practicing meditation  daily is one of the best brain improvement tips people should do for their mind and body. Meditation can provide the relaxation, and peaceful place of the mind, work out their brain. People must look for quiet natural places where people can sit, stand comfortably for about 15 minutes. You should set time for meditation, so they need to worry about time, and then they will take deep breaths, be aware of the exhalation and inhalation and the simple pause in between.
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14. Mind Your Nutrition

People should keep a healthy diet for their own brain than it is for other parts of their own physical body. People should eat the fresh fruit, proteins, vegetables, and healthy fatty acids in some kinds of foods such as fish oils, seeds nuts, and olive oil. Low carbs are very essential, so people should eat whole wheat, grain, and bread in order to get enough fiber.

15. Story Telling

People should talk about gossip, politics, the weather, and the daily things. However, people should plan a good and simple story to stimulate their own brain and improve their memory.

 People can tell a good story about exciting thing for a more positive and better story. People should keep their story short, and simple to provide the sensory detailed vision, sound, smell, touch, temperature, and feelings. They should act out the good story in order to wonder to their brain function.

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16. Various Reading

People should read a wider spectrum about many things, subjects. People should not read their accustomed books, papers and magazines. People should reach out of their comfort zone and then expose themselves to new things, contents, and styles.
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A great mix of the science, fiction, biographies, and literature can give people with the mental substantial stimulation, and the better, integrated understanding of the big world.

17. Learning New Skills

Lifelong learning is good for human’s brain, and people should do this. This method is easy to study things they are interested in. It will motivate them to learn all of things that can support them in career and future business. People should acquire a new skill per month and the advantages will double. Knowing the effective method of learning is the most vital and critical skill of all people for practice and repetition.

18. Change Your Routines

If people should do the same things in the same way, their brain will deny these things from processes of conducting thinking in a cerebral cortex. Therefore, people should try to do all the things in many different ways.

19. Grow Plants

The garden planting can activate many of human’s senses, and strengthen the neuro-connections. People should stay close to the nature in order to increase their sense of the confidence and the competency.

20. Try Learning A New Language

brain improvement tips programStudying a completely new language is a special way to stimulate human’s brain activities. When people learn new language, their minds will be vigorously active. People should try to figure out the logical patterns and then produce some new structures, and sentences based on the root logic. People should learn a new spoken language that can help people in their business or career.

21. Physical Exercise

Most people can find out physical exercises in order to get benefits for their bodies, but they have no idea about how wonderful these physical exercises are for their own brain health. The oxygen is the most important food their brain requires. The huge amount of oxygen is delivered to people’s brain via people’s blood stream. Moreover, when people practice many physical exercises, it can increase their blood flow and delivers more oxygen to their brain. Physical exercises also release many natural endorphins which are the natural analgesic. The endorphins will cause their own bodies to feel more contented, reducing all the bad depression and the bad stress.  Physical exercises can reach this good effect such as brisk walking, aerobics, swimming, running and many other different sports. People can check out useful brain exercises  to know more about good exercises for brain.

22. Good Night’s Sleep

People should try to sleep well at night to replenish and restore their own brain every single night. It will allow time for their brain to repair completely itself and then build these neural pathways. In the other way, when people lack of their good sleep at night, it will cause their brain to be tired and sluggish and it do not have the total ability to perform at this best capacity of the brain throughout all the day. 

23. Good Eating Habits

Many healthy foods like nuts and seeds, blueberries, whole grains, and avocados are all super healthy foods. These kinds of foods can supply the nutrients with people, and support them in improving the cognitive thinking, reducing all diseases as hypertension. 

Instead of hoping people had done all the things differently in their youth, changing habits now, and they can affect dramatically their life. Following these useful and easy brain improvement tips people can improve their brain power, health, and fight against the memory loss in order to increase their quality of the life as their age.

If you think my blog contains many useful brain improvement tips, you can share for all friends and other people. And if you want to add some things in this list of brain improvement tips. I appreciate your contribution.

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