How to prevent epilepsy attack naturally

Epilepsy is also called seizure disorder. It is the disease related to neurological condition which can affect your nervous system. Epilepsy often occurs when the patients have two or more seizure attacks that do not have medical triggers. There are many ways that epilepsy can attack you, including genetic disorders, stroke, head stroke and infections. However, you can avoid epilepsy with effective solutions and home remedies on how to prevent epilepsy attack naturally.

How To Prevent Epilepsy Attack Naturally – Effective Solutions And Home Remedies

Before I mention about the effective ways on how to prevent epilepsy attack naturally, I want to introduce the simple background about epilepsy for you to understand. Epilepsy is the condition which affects the brain and leads to repeated seizures. Repeated seizures are also known as “fits”. This disease is common in the UK as it is estimated that about 500,000 people in the UK suffer from epilepsy. It means that this disease attacks one in every 100 people in the UK. Neurons which are the cells of the brain can carry electrical signals in order to communicate with each other. When you experience the seizures, neurons react abnormally to electrical impulses. As a result, your body and your brain behave strangely.

Depending on the severity of seizures, reaction is different from person to person. In the mild cases, patients will experience the “trance-like” states for a couple of minutes or seconds. However, there is no loss of awareness. In more severe cases, loss consciousness or convulsion may happen. If seizures may rarely happen in your life, it means that you do not have the high risk of developing epilepsy. The possible reason may be that epilepsy only occurs when you suffer from repeated seizures. Symptoms of epilepsy include unpleasant sensation in the stomach, feeling usual smell or taste, a tingling sensation, sudden feeling of panic, fear or joy. In some cases, the patients with epilepsy attack may smack their lips, move their arms around, have unusual posture, rub their hands, or make strange noises. It is said that epilepsy can attack any people at any age but it most start during childhood. It is difficult for you to identify the particular main causes of epilepsy. However, scientists showed that epilepsy which happens later may be caused by brain damage, brain tumours, head injury or strokes. Moreover, some epilepsy may result from changes in the brain due to the genes inherited from your father and mother. Epilepsy can be avoided with effective solution and home remedies on how to prevent epilepsy naturally at home. Therefore, if you concern, please read this article on to know more.

1. Special Diet For Epilepsy – Ketogenic Diet: 

how to prevent epilepsy-special diet for epilepsy – ketogenic diet

It is the first effective tip on how to prevent epilepsy you should know. The possible reason why this diet is effective in treating or avoiding epilepsy may be that if the body burns fat, it can produce the substances called ketones. It is proven that the ketogenic diet is specially designed for patients with epilepsy or seizures. This diet will help your body burn more fat stead of glucose. In ketogenic diet, you should make sure that you provide your body 4 grams of fat in every 1 gram of carbohydrate and protein. It means that the patients who get diagnosed with epilepsy should consume more fatty foods including cream, peanut butter, and butter. Plus, you should limit amount of foods such as pasta, vegetables, fruits, bread. The total calories should also be limited. Therefore, you should measure the right amount of each food carefully. Even small changes in ketogenic diet will cancel the result. Because this diet is strict, therefore, it is difficult for the patients to follow.

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2. Other Diets For Epilepsy: 

how to prevent epilepsy-other diets for epilepsy

Beside ketogenic diet, there are many special diets on how to prevent epilepsy naturally you should not ignore. The first diet is the medium chain triglyceride (MCT) diet. In this diet, you should consume an oil supplement instead of fat. It is easy to follow. Because of limited fat, you should eat more carbohydrates and protein. The second diet I would like to introduce is the modified Atkins diet. In Atkins diet, you should consume more protein and limit carbohydrates. The low glycemic index diet does not need to restrict the calories or fat you consume. It is prove that this diet also help you prevent the risk of developing epilepsy.

3. Prevent The Head Injuries: 

how to prevent epilepsy-prevent the head injuries

In order to reduce the risk of developing epilepsy, you should prevent your head from injuries. Therefore, the helmet is required, especially when you take part in some activities including riding a motorcycle, playing football, boxing, ice hockey or any contact sport, horseback riding, snowboarding or skiing.

4. Get Enough Sleep:

how to prevent epilepsy-get enough sleep

How many hours do you spend on sleep? How comfortable and deep is your sleep? It is not surprising that sleep is vital for your brain as well as your survival. It will keep your nervous system function well. Many scientists have done a lot of researches to show that the deep sleep will increase the people’s memory, concentration, mood, coordination.

The relationship between sleep and various diseases including pink eyes, conjunctivitis, and seborrheic dermatitis is also discovered. Moreover, your body and your brain need sleep in order to heal any problems. With these benefits, it is recommended sleeping enough 8 hours per day as the way on how to prevent epilepsy.

5. Avoid Stress And Depression:

how to prevent epilepsy-avoid stress and depression

Stress and anxiety may be the factors causing epilepsy. Therefore, if you ask me the ways on how to prevent epilepsy, I would like to recommend avoiding stress and depression. In order to limit negative emotion, there are many relaxation techniques that can help you boost your positive mood. Yoga and meditation are the best exercise for stress and depression relief. They will not only calm your mind but also keep your body in shape.

6. Limit Time You Spend On TV And Computer:

how to prevent epilepsy-limit time you spend on tv and computer

It is the fact that lights which flash brightly will over stimulate the sense.  As a result, it increases the risk of developing epilepsy or seizures. These lights may come from your computer or television. Therefore, it is needed to avoid playing video game too much. Moreover, you should limit the time you spend on TV and computer as possible as you can.

These are 6 solutions on how to prevent epilepsy attack naturally. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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