How To Be A Better Soccer Player Fast In A Week

how to be a better soccer player review

Congratulations! You are about to become a better soccer player in just weeks! All I will ask from you is maximum effort! Fair trade? Good. Now read on…

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Soccer is the best sport on the planet. To become a better player you need to develop your soccer skills every day. However, you also need to know how to avoid making unnecessary mistakes while playing soccer. The fundamental skills can be developed via repetition, visualization, and observation. With regular training and practice of a specific movement or technique, the player builds confidence and the skills become natural.

However, to become a good football player, you need to combine all techniques of playing football including dribbling, crossing, passing, heading, shooting, taking throw-ins, penalties, tackling, corner kicks and free kicks, receiving, shielding, marking, juggling, clearing, etc. So, in order to answer for the question of how to be a better soccer player, in this article, I will give you top 14 tips that you can easily apply for yourself and start to become a better football player quickly.

How To Be A Better Soccer Player – Top Tips You Must Know

1. If you want to become a better football player, you need to work on your own techniques as well as the skills that I mentioned above.

Every day, you should spend at least half of an hour to practice those skills. Especially, it is recommended that those people who practice step by step and often will improve their skills faster and better than those who practice all at once. Actively practicing and frequent training plus with firm soccer fundamentals, all of these factors will turn you into a better soccer player. If you constantly practice, you will see huge improvements in your skills faster than others.

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2. Try out for the local club teams, if you are not already on a certain team. Also, look for local “club” teams to try out for. Depending on your current ability will dictate what clubs you can play for. Do research on the clubs history as well as the coaches and their backgrounds.

3. It is necessary for you to know how the ball feels with your own feet. Try to roll the from side to side, use the sole, the inside and outside of each foot to control the ball. This will help you get familiar with the ball. Remember that it is rather different between playing with bare feet and with the soccer boots.

4. There is a small point, but not less important that you need to practice with various sized balls. In fact, if you practice with a mini-ball or tennis ball, you will have finer skills rather than a bigger ball. By this way, you are able to control the ball more easily when coming to play with a match ball.

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5. If you are right-footed, then your left foot is weaker in compare with the right one. So, try to kick the ball by the weaker foot as many times as possible in order to improve the power as well as skill of that foot, and vice versa. The exercise is very simple that you can practice by passing against a certain wall with different balls and from different distances. Do it over and over again with the weaker foot. In fact, players who can use skillfully both two feet efficiently are in high demand. 

6. Try to develop the passing skill so that you can pass the soccer ball to the closest team-mate rapidly. Develop your ability to pass the ball to the nearest team-mate quickly. The more often you practice to pass, the more exact your shooting is.   

During a match, we intend to pass the ball to a certain teammate who is in a better position than we are. Like the above tips, you also can pass the ball with different balls and from different distances and with both feet.

7. Practice dribbling the ball so that you can keep it under your control and can change the direction easily and exactly.  Dribbling is a basic soccer skill for all players. The fundamental idea is that you should move the ball with small movements and ahead of you so that the defender thinks that you are going one direction while you intend to go in a different one. This will make the defender panic when you run right at them. 

8. Learn a new trick to improve your advanced skill. When you see a new trick by a professional, watch it closely over and over again before attempting to imitate it.

Online video is good for your purpose. Every day, you just need to spend 10 minutes on learning and perfecting the trick. Do not try it in a game until you could do it perfectly every time and also do not overuse it or your opponents will figure you out.

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9. One of the most helpful tips on how to be a better soccer player that you need to keep in mind is to understand the important role of keeping possession of the ball. You absolutely do not give it away if there is no advantage for your team in that case. Your team cannot score goals and win the match if you do not have the ball. That means you have to awareness how to shield the ball. This is a fundamental skill for all soccer players. If you can keep the ball and hold it up so that you can pass it to your team-mate for taking a shoot at goal, then you are successful. The way to do it is position your own body between the opponent and the ball, or cut back with either foot to protect the ball, or to turn away from pressure and keep the ball away from the opponent.  You can refer how the pros do it via videos to improve your skill.

10. The next skill you need to practice is heading the ball. At first, simply and gently bouncing the ball on to your forehead with your hands. Then, throw that ball against a certain wall and head it back on to the wall from different distances. After that, you can practice with a friend and speed up the level increasingly. While bouncing and heading, you need to focus your eyes on the ball. The heading skill is great for passing, controlling the ball, clearing the ball from danger, scoring, and defending.

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11. Follow a soccer fitness plan carefully and frequently. As a football player, you are constantly running up and down the field for 90 minutes a match. That means, in order to keep up the match as well as stay fit, you need to exercise daily for developing your stamina and also strengthening your muscles. There are three main fitness facets that you should work in order to make your soccer fitness better. They are endurance, strength, and speed. Running is a great method to work on your endurance, simply set a weekly goal like running 2-3 miles twice a week, and each time try to improve the time and distance. To work on your speed, you should try sprinting, use the lines of a soccer field to set the distances that you want to make. You could sprint from the goal line to the midfield line, and then jog to the end line. Do this a several times for about 15 minutes. At the last, to work on your strength, do some exercises such as Squats, power jumps, uphill runs, lunges and leapfrogs.

In order to get the best physical state, you can learn some tips of strength with tactical gymnastics training workouts program.

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12. If your goal is becoming a better, even a professional football player, then you need to improve the peripheral vision. This is a small part of vision that enables you to concentrate on the whole field of vision instead of concentrating on just one spot. Also, it allows you to notice tiny movements at the edge of your sight, and be more aware of the surroundings as well as ready to react to anything happening directly in front of you. This peripheral vision technique could be practiced. Those soccer players who regularly see objects in their peripheral vision can improve their abilities comprehensively.

They are able to take control of the ball when still looking up for a team-mate to pass the ball to. The critical factor is that you do not look directly at the soccer ball with your two eyes, yet instead of concentrating on a defined point in mid-air. 

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how to be a better soccer player review

13. For becoming a good football player, you also need to apply a healthy diet plan that contains right food. Nutrition is important for everyone, especially athletes. Then, after a soccer match or intense sessions, you need to eat carbohydrates as well as protein in about 45 minutes that can guarantee for your muscle development. Also, you can drink some healthy drinks such as a shake with water, protein powder and fruit. Remember that, you should eat before a game about two or three hours.

With these great tips on how to be a better soccer player, hope you have learned something new! Well, following the tips on how to be a better soccer player above requires much effort and patience, and maintaining it sustainably is the key to make you successful.
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