How To Be A Successful Personal Trainer – Top 12 Tips Revealed!

how to be a successful personal trainer

Today, fitness trainers is more than a designer of programs, he or she is an instructor, supplying instructions in many aspects of fitness, from exact exercise techniques to equipment as well as apparel selection. Here, we cover a lot of steps on how to be a successful personal trainer that will help you get your successful career as a personal trainer easily. Check them out now!

How To Be A Successful Personal Trainer – 12 Tips To Become A Professional Certified Fitness Coach

1. Define What You Want

how to be a successful personal trainer business bookJust like any other career choice, to excel in a specific job, you need to have many skills as well as personality needed to get success. This is not just about the outside appearance. Obviously, you have to lead the healthy life, yet it is not necessary a bodybuilder like a fitness guru in order to be a personal trainer. Just define who you are. Are you a lead? Are you empathetic, disciplined, professional, likable, and creative?
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Are you keen on fitness? If you are concerning how to be a successful personal trainer, it is noted that you should have the above listed traits.

Moreover, to be a great personal trainer, you also need to have good communication skills, patience, good listening skills, and the possibility to motivate and nurture others. By this way, you will earn clients’ trust effectively and easily.

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 2. Choose A Certification 

In order to be a successful fitness coach, it is better for you to have the right credentials, experience, and training because they will catch the eyes of many prestigious fitness employers as well as customers alike. Where your certifications originate from plays an important role in your future career opportunities.
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So, you have better find a reliable and famous institute to get certification as it will give you the best chance to succeed.

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There are various certifying organizations that offer different workshops, classes and exams to get certified. You should choose an organization which is nationally accredited and recognized. In case that you have already had a club to work for in mind, ask them what certifications they need. Many clubs introduce specific certification that they require. If you are unsure about where you will work, just spend time searching on Internet some major organizations to define:

  • How much their certification costs?
  • What the prerequisites are?
  • Do they offer an exam/ workshop in your region or a home study program?

For instance, National Federation of Professional Trainers – NFPT concentrates on general fitness as opposed to just on coaching or clinical expertise.

3. Decide A Specialty

This is not must-have requirement, yet in the competitive market, a large number of fitness trainers develop their portfolios by getting specialty certifications. Specializing in a certain facet of fitness means that you have more special and better things to offer customers. For example, you can specialize in training for those with chronic diseases or injuries. 

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4. Start From Your Local

Start offering fitness coaching services to your family members or friends, and those people around the place you live, for a discounted cost. If you do not know about the cost per session, you can check with professional trainers to refer their prices and modify yours to from 50 percent to 70 percent of what they take. Once doing this, you will have the first chance to put your own fitness knowledge into practice and action. Moreover, you will have a feel for what the task of individual coaching is like. You may also consider signing up as a trainer for the youth sports league that can provide you with invaluable experience in motivating others.

how to be a successful personal trainer business review5. Get A Job

In an effort to launch your career, make use of the local phone book to call some clubs in your local, then ask them whether they employ personal trainers or not. If yes, you should ask about availability of jobs as well as the procedure to fill the application. Or, you could also visit some of the famous clubs and gyms on the Internet and ask them what jobs they open.

Another idea is to run your own business; however, in order to do this, there are some legal rules and procedures you need to know at first. You can choose one of entities, including sole proprietorship and partnership. Besides, choosing your business name, registering your enterprise, getting the liability insurance, setting up your gym, and targeting potential customers are fundamental steps you need to do for running a company. A lot of personal trainers get great success in their career by working for some hospitals, corporate wellness departments, and universities. Thus, you have many options to start your career as a personal coach.

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6. Market Yourself

When things have done, it is time for you to market your name in the community. This means making newsletters, business cards, flyers, or a website, even setting up neighborhood seminars in order to expand your name. Having supportive equipment, such as a computer, a color printer, and publishing software will help you do these things more easily. Just prepare to hawk your services every place you could: posting flyers in sporting goods stores, making use of word-of-mouth advisements with the help of your friends and family members, sending out your flyers as well as newsletters to everyone you know. In other words, you can offer free consultations and seminars in order to get people in the door.

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7. Stay Relevant

Normally, the fitness industry is increasingly competitive and always changing. There are hundreds of new products introduced as well as studies updated day-by-day. The hot trends of last year might not stay around for long. So, it is critical for you to stay u to date with the new education that is extremely important to your personal trainer career. Moreover, it is required for you to get recertification every two years. Actually, major and large organization like American Council on Exercise (ACE) usually offer continuing training designed to help you stay ahead of the curve. Even, this can support you no matter where you are. Thus, you had better keep challenging your limits, constantly learn and improve your current capabilities and skills. Not only should you learn professional knowledge but you should also improve attitude and mindset as well. Without proper attitude and mindset, you cannot succeed in your career in the long term.

8. Be Indispensable To Your Clients

Of course, being successful at this career takes talent, work, skill, and experience. And, getting qualified certification does not ensure that you will get customers, and more importantly, keep your customers. So, in order to get that goal, you should joining in a national organization like IDES, and attend personal trainer summits, seminars, and workshops. Doing this will help you get trust of clients and allows you to keep the loyal clients in the long run. how to be a successful personal trainer business

9. Do Not Be Afraid To “Fire” A Customer

When becoming an individual coach, you have to deal with many customers with different personalities and characteristics as well. In case that your clients have become increasingly noncompliant, or your clients start complaining a lot, or you find yourself ending workouts and exercises early, then the best thing you should do right now is to let he / she go. You could tell him / her that Coach X could offer him / her more than you could. Do not afraid of doing this. You hardly afford everyone the best thing.

10. Keep In Touch With Former Customers

For getting successful career as a personal trainer, having good specialty methods is not enough. It is necessary for you to take advantage of your communication skills. Staying in touch with your former clients is a great business strategy. When you have clients who have moved on, regularly send off them e-mails, occasional phone call, or letter to touch base and ensure they are on track. Perhaps, they can come back to you. You never guess future, so, keep doing this.

11. Beyond Personal Training 

Once you become an established individual coach, there are more and more chances available to you. You could consider consulting, athletic coaching, group fitness instructions, or fitness writing with the appropriate education.  Even, you can open your own gym as mentioned above. Whatever you opt for, you are going to find that being a fitness coach will supply everything you love in a job.

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12. Managing Your Time and Your Career

When it comes to learning tips on how to be a successful personal trainer, we cannot skip the role of balancing personal life and career. Pros and cons of this job are all in the timetable. One of the best things about being a personal trainer is to schedule your own hours, yet you even may become a slave to your own schedule. Therefore, balancing your time and your job always makes sense. In certain markets, you might work early and later while others work from 9 am to 5 pm. Yet, if you work with athletes, you might be busy during practice schedules.

Postponement or cancellations can be fairly predictable during some specific seasons; however, we are rather unpredictable day-to-day.

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In conclusion, to get achievements in the fitness industry, networking is key, most of all when you are just starting out. All of the above tips on how to be a successful personal trainer are designed to help you get your dream of a great fitness coach come true.

If you feel this report of how to be a successful personal trainer is beneficial for your needs, drop your words at the end of this. We will answer all as soon as possible.

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