Top 5 hair styles for babies

Babies’ hair grows stronger when they grow older, and their hair will grow faster and thicker that we can easily create many hair styles for them.  Depending on different contexts, babies’ hair styles will be able to change properly as well. For example, when babies go to school, you can make a normal hair style that is different from any birthday party hair style. Therefore, on the site, I would like to introduce to you some beautiful hair style for your children that help you know more pretty hair styles and want you to make use for good.

Hair Styles For Babies – The Most Beautiful Hair Style Ideas For Babies:

There are many different beautiful hair styles for babies like ponytails, plaits or braids depending on the length of their hair. However, their hair is weak you should use a wide-tooth comb or brush from the soft bristle to avoid breakage and then you comb or brush from the roots from the ends. After parting hair, remember to tie of the section that you are working so you can focus on one area. Moreover, you can use small amount of oil or moisturizer cream to comb hair if necessary. Besides, you should use smooth bands or covered elastic smooth when styling in braids or ponytails. You do not use rubber bands that cause too much friction on the hair and lead to breakage. You should avoid pulling the hair too tightly that lead to falling it out, the main reason behind traction alopecia. If this situation does not stop, their hair will continue to fall out and small up bump will show up. Change hair style will reverse the condition and the hair will grow back.  That is the reason why I want to reveal some hair styles that help you have not only beautiful hair style but also protect from hair condition.

Before starting, I would like to introduce the way to care your babies’ hair to make them grow stronger, clean, moisturized and tangle-free.

    • Washing: wash your babies’ hair once in a week with using a mild baby shampoo.
    • Combing and detangling: use a wide-tooth comb or soft- bristle brush, never try comb out when hair is dry. Use a small amount of oil to detangle the hair
    • Moisturizing: look for natural product such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, canola oil in natural food store. Create a mix of light oil and natural ingredients. Distributing a small of moisturizer onto your finger and sweep it through hair.

1. Fungal

hair styles for babies - fungal

This is the first of hair styles for babies that I would like to introduce to you and want you to make use for goods. The hair style makes your babies look princess and make sure you will love their look. Then here is tutorial on how to get beautiful hair style. First, you need to prepare things.

  • An old sheet, pillowcase or other discovered
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Brush
  • Snack or another bribe to keep a child sitting still for 10-15 minutes

Then, it is instruction to have a gorgeous hair style.

Step 1: Cut the pillowcase into 2” x 6” about 20, thin hair requires less and thick hair more Step 2: Brush out clean, dry hair very smooth

Step 3: Dry hair from root to end with a spray filled with water

Step 4: Separate the crown of the head about 1”x1”, you should use to curl with a curling iron for much hair. Then brush the section directly away from the head at a 90 degree.

Step 5: Put drag underside the hair, at the end. Roll the hair around the rag tightly, all the way to the root.

Step 6: Tie the rag in a double knot around the hair.

Step 7: Let your babies sleep comfortably on these rollers overnight. Run a warm blow driver over the rollers if hair feels damp in the morning.

Step 8: Unroll the rags from the roots to ends carefully. Do not try to pull them out

Step 9: Do not brush for ringlet- style curls. Brush out for frizzy, wavy hair. Keep hair-spray for longer. These curls usually hold almost all day on your babies’ fine and straight hair.

This style fits for the celebration like wedding, birthday; Christmas that make you babies look beautiful and cute.

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Try the fungal hair style for your baby as it is very wonderful and will make your baby look cute!

2. Knotted Daisy Ponytail

hair styles for babies - knotted daisy ponytail

This is one of easy and quick hair styles for babies that I would like to introduce to you and want you to make use for good. It is simple but pretty hair for babies when they take part in any event or celebration. Here is tutorial that makes a gorgeous hair.

Step 1: Go straight back just above the left eye

Step 2: At the temple near right eye, box this off in the back for your starting pony.

Step 3: Then, from here you divide into two sections.

Step 4: Tie a basic knot and cinch it down tight.

Step 5: loosely tie another knot and leave a lot of slack

Step 6:  Next, go down and do as chain links as you want

Step 7: Put a rubber band in that and then pull it into a pony

Step 8: make finger curls and pin them down at the top of the ponytail (depend on type of hair if thick hair requires more)

Step 9: Finally, pit flowers in that curly part on top of ponytail. Some high, some low, some hidden, some viewable.

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3. Knotted Bun And Micro Braids

hair styles for babies - knotted bun and micro braids

Knotted Bun And Micro Braids is another out of hair styles for babies that I want to reveal. It is perfect hair style for babies when they come back to school because it will hold up during all day. Here is the instruction of another of hair styles for babies

Step 1: Divide into 2 small sections of hair by the temples

Step 2: Make a micro braid on each side with those section.

Step 3:  Make sure micro braids is secure temporarily

Step 4: Make a ponytail

Step 5: Add braids into ponytail

Step 6: Tie knots in pony and secure at the end.

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4. Triple Buns

hair styles for babies - triple buns

One of hair styles for babies that you should follow to make your babies’ hair is triple buns. It is simple hair style but look beautiful for event or celebration. Here is tutorial that helps you create this pretty hair style.

Step 1: Divide into 3 sections forehead to neck

Step 2: pull each other into a high messy pony

Step 3: loops the ends, pin and repeat each other

Step 4: Then pull piece and pin them to cover your elastics

5. Waterfall Braid

hair styles for babies - waterfall braid

This is the last of hair styles for babies that you should apply to create a perfect look for your babies. I am so excited when introducing the tutorial of this style.

Before braiding, you brush their hair if not, knots and tangles make it hard for you. It is the best for day old. Then, here are steps to create the waterfall.

Step1: Part hair on natural side

Step 2: Grab a small piece and divide into 3 sections

Step 3: Braid for 2-3 inches will secure the” waterfall”. You should secure braid does not fall in your face.

Step 4: Drop the top section of braid. Let it fall.

Step 5: Pick up a new section from directly behind where you’ve dropped the top piece. New piece acts as a new section of braid.

Step 6: Keep moving around the head. Remember when you grab a section of hair from the top of head to add a new section of braid.

Step 7: When you reach another side of head, secure the end of braid with Bobbi pins

This may be one of the simplest hair styles for babies but will make your baby look great and perfect for any formal event like birthday or wedding.

  • Note: Babies are sensitive or even have allergies to some ingredients like essential oil so that pay attention to unusual reaction and breakouts. They tend to clog the pores so that avoid products with mineral oil.

Besides, I want my readers to read some articles related to hair issues and can help you get more information about baby hair care and how to protect your babies’ hair. One of them is How To Get Rid Of Cradle Cap – an useful article about the treatments for a common condition among babies that can lead to scaly, rough patches on the scalp of the babies. The article brings helpful tips and tricks to cure the cradle cap in babies and toddlers. In fact, after learning about the most beautiful hair styles for babies, you really need to learn how to take care of your baby’s hair health as well for good. The recommended article above will help any parent who has their baby dealing with cradle cap stop this issue and improve the situation naturally.

The article cover 5 most beautiful and common hair styles for babies that will give your babies a brand new great look in any different context. In many cases, it helps you create many pretty styles for babies that will change their daily hair style, making them fabulous in events or celebrations.  If you feel article is useful either your own case or other people, please share and make it widely to help parents get more fabulous hair style for their babies. If you have any question, do not hesitate to leave your comment and feedback below this section. I will respond as soon as possible.

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