How to stop hiccups in newborn & babies – 9 useful tips

Hiccups are one of the most common conditions in newborn babies. Hiccups are the small contractions of the muscles in the diaphragm often appear and go away quickly. However, they can make the newborn babies uncomfortable. There are many common reasons that cause hiccups like anxiety or excitement, swallowing the air during eating, eating too much…. Normally, they can disappear themselves after 20 to 30 minutes. However, they can be treated before disappearing. There are some ways on how to stop hiccups in newborn & babies effectively and fast.

How To Stop Hiccups In Newborn & Babies – 9 Natural Remedies!

Hiccups are not often serious and not affect the health of the baby so you don’t need to worry too much. If your infants have hiccups, you can see some following methods to cure hiccups more easily. They are very safe and effective for all the infants. They include:

The simple treatments for hiccups in newborn babies often bring about the amazing result.

1. Reduce The Speed Of Feeding:

how to stop hiccups-reduce the speed of feeding

Eating milk too much and fast can make newborn babies feel uncomfortable due to the distension of the stomach and lead to hiccups. The simplest way on how to stop hiccups in newborn & babies is to reduce the amount of milk for the baby and the speed of feeding for each meal. You can adjust the feeding schedule of the baby by feeding them in many times so as to avoid eating too much, a common reason caused hiccups in newborn.

2. Hold The Newborn Upright During Feedings:

how to stop hiccups-hold the newborn upright during feedings

One of the common reasons cause hiccups in newborn is that he swallows too much air while feeding and make his stomach become distended. In some cases, you can change him to the upright position about 30 to 45-degree angle when feeding. This position can limit the air in the stomach of the babies and cause hiccups for them thanks to reducing the pressure on the baby diaphragm.

3. Massage Your Baby’s Back:

how to stop hiccups-massage your baby’s back

This is also a simple way on how to stop hiccups in newborn babies. You only need to place your babies upright and the baby’s head is on your shoulder and rub the babies’ back gently for a while until the hiccups go away. Or, you also can pat on the baby’s back or/and the shoulder gently and decisively. Your action can help push the air out of the baby’s stomach easily and hiccups can fade away.

4. Use Sugar:

how to stop hiccups-use sugar

Although using sugar is not proven to stop hiccups, many women make sure that it can help to stop hiccups very well. Sugar is not able to harm the babies’ health. Hence, you can try this way without worrying about anything. Firstly, you can make your finger or pacifier wet and put it in a sugar bowl. And then, put your finger or pacifier with sugar on the baby’s mouth to suck for some minutes. Gradually, the hiccups can go away and your babies will feel more comfortable.

5. Feed The Baby When He Is Relaxed:

how to stop hiccups-feed the baby when he is relaxed

There are many babies tend to hiccup much more than other babies. According to many women’s experiences, if your baby is one of those babies, you should start your feeding when your baby is relaxed. It can help to reduce the chance of hiccups in the baby.

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6. Take A Rest And Relax:

how to stop hiccups-take a rest and relax

In the doctor’s opinions, taking a break and relax is also one of the common ways on how to stop hiccups in newborn babies very effectively. When you feed your baby, you should follow them. If your baby makes gulping noises, it means that they are eating too rapidly and swallowing the air. In this case, you should take a break and help them relax much more.

7. Check The Latch And Feeding Bottle:

how to stop hiccups-check the latch and feeding bottle

During your breastfeeding, you should check frequently whether the baby is latched on the right wayor not. It is correct when the newborn’s lips can cover the areola. If not, they can swallow the air and cause hiccups. In case of bottle feeding, you should check whether the tip of the nipple is good or not. Some of them can have a bigger hole than required. This bigger hole can make the baby swallow the extra air too much. And during your bottle feeding, you should tilt the milk bottle to 45 degrees so as to limit air swallowing.

8. Gripe Water:

how to stop hiccups-gripe water

This is a safe remedy for newborn babies. Gripe water contains natural and safe ingredients that can help reduce gas, colic and hiccups in newborn babies. 2.5 ml of gripe water for newborn babies will help to stop hiccups fast. But you should give them small sips of water.

9. Anise Seeds:

how to stop hiccups-anise seeds

Anise seeds are considered as an effective tip on how to stop hiccups in newborn babies. They are rather safe for baby. The method is very simple. You only need to use one tablespoon of anise seeds to add into a cup of hot water. Wait until the mixture gets cool and give it to the baby so as to cure the hiccups.

In general, here are the useful ways on how to stop hiccups in newborn babies effectively and fast that are very safe for babies. You should remember not to try home remedies that can harm you baby like making a loud noise or shocking the baby to scare the hiccups, slapping the baby’s back or seriously, pulling the baby’s tongue or pressing the baby’s eyeballs. All these methods are extremely dangerous for newborn babies. In addition, hiccups can be from gastroesophageal reflux, a common condition in babies in some cases. If your baby has some symptoms like spitting up more than usual, stomach pain, colicky behavior, you should go to your pediatrician to get the best advice for treating it. And seriously, if the hiccups last for a long time, it can lead to some severe complications on ventilation.

And the last, if you have any question or idea for this topic, you can write your comment in the following part of this website. We are always glad to receive your contribution and reply for you as soon as possible.

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