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This product is made up of a couple weak ingredients that have no clinical proof of working. Not only that, but customers seem to mostly hate it, and the company that makes it has almost no information about it at all – a huge red flag. Check out more in our review:

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Ropex Overview

Ropex is a natural supplement for improving sexual function in men. In addition to helping with general sexual health (including better “performance” during sex), Ropex promises to increase semen volume and make your prostate healthier. It’s supposed to be clean, healthy, all-natural, and made in GMP-certified facilities. It’s also soy, dairy, and gluten-free.

Despite being initially advertised as having a very specific purpose – increasing ejaculate – Ropex eventually promises the world, claiming it can help men in nearly every area of sexual function. Does it work? We did some research, and based on our findings, you should take everything Ropex says with a huge grain of salt.

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Ropex Claims

This product says that it’s a dietary supplement designed primarily to help men have a higher volume of semen during ejaculation. For men who have low amounts of ejaculate and feel they would benefit from more this might seem like a godsend. However, it’s not just for fertility purposes – it’s also supposed to make your orgasms more pleasurable. It also claims to generally “enhance” your sexual function, although it doesn’t go into any detail about exactly what or how this is supposed to work. More erections? A higher sex drive? It’s unclear. It also promises to help men’s prostate health “and urinary function,” although again, the company refuses to go into any actual detail about how how exactly it’s supposed to work. Perhaps it’s supposed to reduce prostate inflammation, or maybe it’s supposed to work as a diuretic. We aren’t told.

So there you are. A bunch of promises, with no specifics about how they’re supposed to work. Ropex is supposed to work in as little as 3 days, although they also say that it could take up to two weeks to start working, and that results can last for months depending on how long you take this supplement.

Who’s behind Ropex? They’re called New Generation Labs, a company based in Florida, and … well, that’s about all we know about them. They seem to only be associated with Ropex and with no other products, which is not a good sign – most of the companies we’ve reviewed products for all typically have whole lines of products for sale (how can you make all your money on one niche product?) They have no website, just a Twitter that’s focused on Ropex, and a Facebook page that has 2 likes.

Not a very professional-looking company, in our opinion.

Yes, it’s nice that they at least claim to have a product that was made according to high standards in a GMP-compliant facility, and that the ingredients are all-natural, but we need to trust the people who are making all of these claims.
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For that, you need lots of information about who they are and who runs them, what their accolades and qualifications are, and what their record of customer service is like. After eight years in business, this company has none of that information to show us. Founded in 2024, they look like they just incorporated yesterday.

New Generation Labs is the equivalent of a house that’s been under construction for a decade, and is still no more than an empty lot.

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Ropex Ingredients

Ropex contains some unusual ingredients, and not very many of them for that matter:

  • Pollis Secale Cereale
  • Pollis Phleupratence
  • Pollis Zeamais

Pollis Secale Cereale is the scientific name for rye grass pollen, a “registered pharmaceutical product” in parts of Europe, Japan, Argentina, and Korea. It’s mainly used for prostate issues related to inflammation, which can cause pain, discomfort, and also cause men to have trouble with urination by blocking the urinary tract – when you can’t urinate enough to fully empty the bladder, you urinate more often. This is supposed to prevent those things from happening. How? It supposedly prevents some chemicals from causing the inflammation in the first place.

Pollis Phleupratence was a tough one, since at first glance it wasn’t found to have any connections with anything other than Ropex. We did some digging, and it looks like this is actually from the grass “Phleum pratense,” or Timothy-grass, a hardy grass that’s used for feeding livestock. What are its medicinal uses? Almost none, as far as we’ve found.

Pollis Zeamais is the pollen of the maize plant, commonly known as corn. It contains lots of vitamins A, B, E, as well as lots of different minerals and antioxidants. But how does it help with your sex life, or your ejaculate, for that matter?

Since all of these products are plant pollens, they could all cause allergic reactions in people who have allergies to any or all of them, so they should really be approached with caution.

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The Science Behind Ropex

“Science”? That’s another place where Ropex leaves us hanging. Unfortunately, unlike other dietary supplements that contain at least one or two herbal ingredients like tribulus terrestris or tongkat ali that are thought by many to have aphrodisiac properties, Ropex doesn’t appear to contain really anything that’s associated either with sexual function or with semen volume.

Rye grass is supposed to have some ability to reduce prostate inflammation, but from what we learned, there’s actually no evidence that it’s effective at all at helping with prostate health in any way (Nickel, J: “Nutraceuticals in Prostate Disease…” Rev Urol, 2024). So the one thing that had any sort of real medical claims for its use turns out to be a disappointment.

Same goes for Timothy-grass. We couldn’t find any evidence that it’s been used for anything other than helping people get over their grass allergies (“Phleum pratense,” WebMD). But that’s it.

What about maize pollen? Well, basically the same thing. While it does contain large amounts of certain nutrients, something that’s good for anyone in any case, we couldn’t find any sources claiming that it has any effect either on your sex drive, your semen volume, or your prostate’s health.

If you’re taking this in a supplement, the supplement better have other ingredients that are pretty spectacular, because you’re not going to get much out of this that you wouldn’t get out of a regular multivitamin (or you could also just eat corn).

As you can see, the science is really not there. If there’s evidence that anything in this product works, we haven’t seen it.

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Word on the Street about Ropex

Let’s pretend for a second that the company is a respected leader in its industry – something that it is very far from. Let’s pretend also that it contains large amounts of proven, quality, powerful ingredients. Those facts still wouldn’t be a satisfactory answer to this question: “does it work?” No, what you really need in that case are reports from people who have taken the product. That’s really what you should base your buying decisions on.

We looked at some reviews, and the results are consistent with what we’ve already looked at regarding Ropex: they’re pretty disappointing:

“Not as great as it used to be.”

“No difference.”

“Works just as promised!”

“My semen volume is better and thicker than before. Seems to work!”

“I took the entire bottle, hoping that it would work. It didn’t.”

“I’ve been using this for two weeks and haven’t seen any changes at all. Wish it worked.”

“Not only did this not work as promised, but it also made me feel ill and lightheaded after using it. Saw some small increase in horniness.”

As you can see, the results are all over the place, and they’re mostly bad.

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Is Ropex Worth a Try?

Honestly, this pill isn’t worth your time. We have a couple of very, very basic points that a product has to hit before we can recommend it, and this just doesn’t check any of the boxes.
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For one the company that makes it has no presence, no website, no accolades, and no evidence that people are buying from them. They’re almost a non-entity, business-wise, from the looks of things.

The product also contains only three ingredients, none of which have any proof that they work for any of the purposes this company says they do, meaning you’re basically paying money for a couple of worthless ingredients. The fact that they could cause harmful allergic reactions in some men is also cause for concern. There are no proven aphrodisiacs (like epimedium) or natural chemicals (like l-arginine) that could actually help this pill give men the sexual boost they’re looking for.

Lastly, the customer response has been really mixed, with the majority of people giving the pills a rating of 3 or fewer stars out of 5. Not good.

Do yourself a favor and save your money for something that comes from a company that is trustworthy, contains good ingredients with lots of evidence that they work, and that has plenty of positive customer reviews. Ropex isn’t worth your time.

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Ropex vs Volume Pills

These products both claim to increase the amount of semen in each ejaculation, as well as to imrpove your orgasms and overall sexual and reproductive health. Volume Pills contains a larger amount of ingredients overall, including a mineral supplement in the form of zinc. Ropex costs about $39.95 from its main website, while Volume Pills won’t tell us how much it costs upfront (although else where we’ve seen it going for as much as $65 per box). Volume Pills comes from a company that has a lot more information about it than Ropex – although customers have had their own issues with them (Leading Edge Health).

Ropex vs Ogoplex

These are pretty similar supplements. They both promise to enhance your sexual health and make your orgasms more pleasurable, as well as give you more sexual urges and better prostate function. Ogoplex has more ingredients, however, and they don’t stop at bee pollen: they also include saw palmetto berry, phytosterols, and lycopene. They’re about the same price: you can find Ropex on Amazon for around , and you can find Ogoplex there too for .


Ropex vs Semenax

Both of these products are intended to help men with the volume of their semen, although the main difference is in how they’re taken: Ropex comes in pill form, while Semenax is a liquid supplement. Ropex consists entirely of various kinds of pollens, while Semenax contains natural chemicals and aphrodisiacs like l-arginine, epimedium, and maca, all of which are typically used for giving men higher sex drives. Semenax is harder to find, however, and can only be bought from the main website where it retails for $59.95 for a one-month supply, twenty dollars more than Ropex.

Ropex FAQ

  1. Does Ropex come with any side effects?
    The people who make it claim it doesn’t, but some customers claim that it made them lightheaded and nauseous.
  2. What are the ingredients in Ropex?
    Rye grain pollen, Timothy grass pollen, and maize pollen.
  3. Can I see before and after pictures from users from Ropex?
    We haven’t seen any, but if you want to track them down, you might have luck on some male enhancement forums.
  4. Can I see a video of the results of using Ropex?
    Again, we haven’t seen any such videos. If you would like to see one, you’ll have to track one down yourself.
  5. Can you get Ropex on Amazon?
    Yes, right now Ropex is available on Amazon, and at a slightly-reduced price.
  6. What about Ropex Resistron?
    That’s a totally different product, with a similar name. The Ropex Resistron is a device to control the temperature of different heatsealing applications.
  7. Is Ropex made in the USA?
    According to the product’s Amazon page, yes, it’s made in the USA.
  8. Where can I find Ropex for sale?
    The two main places we’ve seen it for sale are the main company website, Amazon, and Ebay.
  9. How effective are Ropex tablets?
    From the customer reviews we’ve read, most seem to think they’re not very effective at all.
  10. Where can I find a Ropex distributor?
    For that sort of question, you’ll need to contact the company that makes Ropex.

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So What Really Works?

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