How to treat hives naturally at home – 6 tips

Despite unknown causes, hives happen when your body responds to histamines releasing due to allergic reaction to medicine, foods and other allergens. Moreover, histamines causing hives may result from body’s response to stress, sunlight, infections, temperature changes, and other different things. Hives may appear in clusters or singularly on your skin. Hives manifest as swollen, red, itchy areas on your skin. If not treated, hives still fade over time; however, new ones will appear. Most hive outbreaks will cure themselves completely for a few days. If you feel the symptoms uncomfortable and unpleasant, there are several effective home remedies and techniques on how to treat hives naturally at home that help you boost the process of healing.

How To Treat Hives Naturally At Home – Effective Home Remedies & Natural Techniques You Should Know

Hives are also called urticaria as medical term. It is an outbreak of pale red, swollen plaques or pumps that occur on your skin suddenly or because of body’s response to foods, stress, sunlight or other certain allergens. When you suffer from hives or urticaria, your affected skin will turn burning, itchy and stinging. They can affect every parts of your body, including lips, face, throat, tongue, or ears. Hives are different in sizes, for example, some hives are like a pencil eraser while some hive’s size looks like a dinner plate. They may appear in cluster as plagues. If not treated, these hives will fade overtime maybe for hours or one day. Some people may misunderstand the hives with angioedema which has some similar signs and symptoms. However, angioedema is swelling beneath the skin while hives appear on the surface. Angioedema will occur on the skin around eyes, hands, feet and genitals. Although angioedema lasts longer than hives, it can be treated within 24 hours. If you get diagnosed with angioedema of tongue, throat or lung, you should see the doctor immediately to get suitable treatment. These cases will block your airway and make breathing difficult; therefore, it is life-threatening. Hives can be caused by a lot of different things and there is still unknown specific cause, however, it is said that hives happen due to histamine release because of medications, foods or infections. Internal diseases or insert bites are also triggers of hives. Although hives can fade naturally, chronic hives will affect internal organs like muscles, lungs and gastrointestinal tract. When you suffer from chronic hives, you will see symptoms such as shortness of breath, muscle soreness. In order to cure hives, you should remove the triggers. Antihistamines, prescribed medication, oral corticosteroids, and biologic drug can help you get rid of hives effectively. Beside these treatments, I would like to introduce to the readers of effective home remedies and techniques on how to treat hives naturally at home.

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1. Apply The Wet, Cold Compress: 

how to treat hives-apply the wet, cold compress

This is the first tip on how to treat hives. Applying the wet, cold compress will help you cool the affected area and alleviate the swelling. In order to utilize treatment, you should dip the paper towel in the cold water and apply the solution on affected skin for 15 minutes. It is recommended to repeat the process every few hours until the pain and swelling reduce significantly. If the symptoms of hives become worse, you should take a cold bath for 20 – 30 minutes. It means covering hives and affected skin area with cold water. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should avoid this treatment because it will make the hives worsen and spread.

2. Try Ginger Home Remedy:

how to treat hives-try ginger home remedy

Ginger is the effective home remedy for many diseases and ailments including hives. There are many ways to use ginger as the secret on how to treat hives. You can add ginger in your foods, you can take it as a pill form or you can take ginger steam treatment. Another way you can try is applying the ginger treatment on your affected skin. You should cut off its skin and dab the ginger on the affected areas. In order to get more satisfactory results, you should store the ginger in the refrigerator to make it cool.

3. Apply Aloe Vera Treatment: 

how to treat hives-apply aloe vera treatment

If you apply aloe vera topically on the inflamed skin, the symptoms of hives will vanish quickly. It also keeps the hives from spreading if you apply the aloe vera on the surrounding areas. Aloe vera will heal the hives effectively and naturally. It is recommended to repeat this treatment several times a day until you get the noticeable result.

4. Have A Healthy Diet: 

how to treat hives-have a healthy diet

A healthy diet plays the important role in boosting your immune system. When your immune system is healthy, it will decrease the risk of developing hives on your skin and make your body heal the problems by itself. Therefore, if you want to look for the ways on how to treat hives, you should not ignore a healthy diet. It is recommended to consult the doctor for optimal health. It is said that vitamin C is beneficial for immune system. You should consume more vitamin C in foods such as oranges, tomatoes, strawberries, red peppers, citrus fruits, raspberries, and green leafy vegetables. If you have hives caused by foods, you should eat foods that contain probiotics and acidophilus. The possible reason may be that these foods are good for digestive health.

5. Drink Herbal Tea:

how to treat hives-drink herbal tea

Drink a hot cup of herbal tea daily will help you alleviate the pain and reduce hives effectively. Therefore, herbal tea is considered as the home remedy on how to treat hives. In general, there are a lot of herbal teas you can try. For example, green teas have antihistamine effects while licorice root tea will be beneficial in treating swelling and inflammation. However, if you experience heart conditions, blood pressure, and edema or take certain drugs and medications, you should avoid drinking licorice root tea. Goldenseal tea is good for gastrointestinal system; therefore, it is found effective in alleviating allergic reaction caused by foods. Chamomile is often used as the way on how to treat hives; however, there is no scientific evidence to show its effectiveness. When you want to take chamomile to treat hives, you should consult the doctor.

6. Soak In Oatmeal Bath:

how to treat hives-soak in oatmeal bath

This treatment can help you reduce itching and make the skin cool. Therefore, oatmeal is considered as tip on how to treat hives naturally if the hives appear on the lower body or your skin.

These are 6 home remedies and techniques on how to treat hives naturally at home. I hope that you will find these tips helpful and effective. If you have any questions to ask, please raise your voice by leaving your comments bellow. I will answer as soon as I can.

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