How To Quit Caffeine Addiction Without Headaches – 12 Practical Tips

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Updates: 05/13/2024

Coffee: Is it good or bad for the human health? Although there are a lot of conflicts studies and reports exist about both drawbacks and benefits of coffee, needless to say that it is still a confusing subject. If the thought of quitting caffeine is arising in your mind, whether it is for your physical health, your emotional health, or fasting reason, then this article will help you turn that thought into the real action. In this post, we will give your top reasons of why you should give up caffeine now and 12 simple yet effective ways on how to quit caffeine addiction without headaches for goods. Just take a walk with us!

I. How To Quit Caffeine Addiction – Top 8 Reasons To Give Up Caffeine

1. Caffeine Damages The Liver how to quit caffeine mac

It is necessary for everyone to recognize that caffeine is not easy to digest. In order to breakdown the coffee you take and transform that energy to the blood stream, the liver has to use enzymes. If the enzymes are hardly do the work at their best while the liver is trying to breakdown caffeine, they will not be ready to remove other bad chemicals out of the body. So, those people who drink too much coffee might hardly get rid of bad chemical from their bodies. Also, their liver function is off.

2. Caffeine Enhances The Risk Of Heart Disease

Chlorogenic acid in coffee may inhibit glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme which regulates the blood sugar metabolism in the liver. Besides, because of the indisputably-high levels of antioxidants, which have benign effect on the insulin sensitivity. In fact, the habituation to caffeine can reduce insulin sensitivity; make it difficult for the cells to respond properly to blood sugar. High blood sugar will lead to arterial deterioration and enhanced risk of mortality related to cardiovascular disease.

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3. Caffeine Reduces Sex Drive

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The adrenal glands in your body are the glands which are responsible for making those hormones which make you feel sexual, like testosterone. Once you have low testosterone, then you will be less likely to feel sexual. Both men and women all have testosterone. Both genders will see a difference in their own sex drive once they drink too much coffee. If you feel your cravings for sex are decreased while you are a coffee addict, then quitting coffee will be your best choice at this time. By this way, you will get your sex drive back to its normal.

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4. Caffeine Promotes Fertility Problems

Women might have trouble getting pregnant if they drink too much caffeine. In order to carry a baby, a lady needs to have an enough amount of progesterone. This hormone will help women get pregnant. Also, the adrenal glands produce another hormone called cortisol manufactured when you are stressed. When the adrenal glands are suffering, they cannot produce cortisol.

Then, your body will take progesterone to produce hormone, so your body will be suffered from the lack of progesterone. As a result, you cannot get pregnant or carry your baby through a full term. Those women, who are going to get pregnant, should cut caffeine from their diet.

5. Caffeine Decreases Energy Level

Coffee is a stimulant. Using stimulants is like a whipping a horse. They will work for a short time by helping you feel energized. But it is proved that stimulants will let you feel disastrous when used repeatedly. In other words, coffee might help you in the short term, yet in the long term, it can hurt you in myriad manners.
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6. Caffeine Causes Insomnia

All we know that drinking coffee after dinner will make use stay up all night. It is real. Sleep is critical for the human health. It refuels your body and your mind.  Caffeine can deplete the level and length of sleep. People who drink more than 3 cups of coffee each day will have less restful sleep than those who do not. In case you want to get rid of sleep disorders like insomnia, then quit coffee from now.

7. Caffeine Cahow to quit caffeine and sugaruses Obesity

As mentioned above, caffeine stresses the adrenal glands. And, the adrenal glands work cooperatively with the thyroid, the gland that takes care of your metabolism. When your thyroid is slow, your metabolism is also slow. That means you will gain weight easier than those with a “normal” metabolism. Drinking too much of coffee will slowing down your metabolism, leading to weight gain, even obesity. So, eradicating coffee from the daily diet should be the first step to reduce the unwanted pounds.

8. Caffeine Leads To Immunity Problems

Caffeine may limit the possibility of the immune system to appropriately function. The adrenal glands support a lot of different hormones that keep your health at its best mode. However, caffeine consuming will lead to the lower production of adrenal glands, so your immunity will be weakened, meaning more sickness. Thus, you had better stay away from excess caffeine in order to strengthen your ability to defeat infection.

II. How To Quit Caffeine Addiction – 8 Tips For Permanent Results

1. Identify The Sources Of Caffeine And Cravings

The first step to quit caffeine is identifying how you take caffeine. Some common sources of caffeine are:

  • Tea:
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Yerba mate
  •  Colas with added caffeine, containing root beer

how to quit caffeine without headaches

Once you have realized the sources of caffeine you consume, then you need to identify what drives you to take them. For instance, you drink coffee because you love its taste, or because it is a vehicle for milk and sugar, or because you are tired.
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List the reasons for your consuming of caffeine, you will be ready to look for the low-caffeine or no-caffeine substitutes for your cravings.

2. Substitute With Green Tea

Begin substituting one of your daily coffees with a cup of tea. Then you can continue do this little by little.

  •  If you drink about 4 cups of coffee per day, then start by drinking 3 cups and one green tea.
  • One or some day later, you will move down to 2 cups of coffee and 2 cups of green teas. Actually, green tea still includes caffeine but in less amount than in coffee.

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3. Add Water Into Your Routine

Regular consuming water will assist your internal organs in detoxifying and also keep your body steadily hydrated. Caffeine is a diuretic that could cause you to lose fluid. The impacts are mild for those people who consume caffeine in moderation, yet for caffeine addicts or for those who drink mostly energy drinks, the impacts might be much worse. Actually, too much caffeine along with not enough water will easily lead to dehydration that causes various health issues.

To make your water tastier, you can add a little lemon to it. Lemon is also good for your body.

4. Turn On The Light

how to quit caffeine cold turkeyThe human body will respond naturally to changes in light. If it is unnaturally dark where you are working or sleeping, you will hardly stay alert. So, keep your blinds open a bit so you can wake up naturally in the morning or add a few extra lights to the workplace in order to keep you away from sleepiness throughout the day.

5. Take Care With Carbs

Do you struggle with afternoon tiredness?  Is that awful period after lunch when you could not focus or struggle to stay alert and awake? Well, it might be due to your carbohydrate-heavy lunch. Keep in mind that your lunch should contain strong protein component, such as nuts, and tuna. Do not eat a carbohydrate heavy lunch unless you want to feel tired in the afternoon.

6. Switch From Coffee To Grain Coffee

how to quit caffeine when pregnant

You might be surprise when reading this tip on how to quit caffeine for good, right? However, grain coffee is naturally caffeine-free. Grain coffee is real coffee, but it is a ground mixture of things such as dried fruit, nuts, and natural flavors which you could put into a regular drip coffee maker and make something looking and tasting similar to coffee. In case that you feel hardly to give up completely coffee and its taste, then you can try out this tip. This kind of drink has a unique flavor of its own, and it is not acidic like coffee is. A good way to transition to grain coffee is mix it with regular coffee.

7. Do Physical Activities

Make good use of any leisure time in your daily schedule. Idleness might produce the chance for self-indulgence. It tends to make bad habits harder to break. In order to keep yourself off caffeine, plan some low-intensity physical activities to make you feel alert and energized. By this way, you will forget the caffeine craving and strengthen your physical health and boost mental health concurrently. Nevertheless, avoid bench presses or other kinds of weight lifting that could push stomach contents, containing acid, up into your esophagus.

8. Eat Healthy Foods

The last but not least important tip on how to quit caffeine addiction that you should know to get the best result is following a healthy diet plan. Eating healthy food is a great fatigue-buster. The fundamental rules? Stay away from refined sugar and greasy fast foods. When fueling your body with heavy foods, you will feel sleepy. Also, these foods can aggravate your heartburn, fighting off your whole effort of giving up coffee in the first place. Instead, you had better go for fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

9. Start On Sunday At Home

Why weekend? Simply, this is a day off and you will have time to take a nap as needed, instead of getting up to make a coffee and starting your work. Then, you should reduce your daily caffeine intake, especially in the 3 first days of a week.

There are different sources of caffeine, make sure that you can be aware of them and cut your daily intake of them: black tea, cola, coffee and some beverages added caffeine. This means, if you have 2 cups of coffee a day, now you should limit your coffee intake to once per day. In the next week, you continue limiting your coffee consumption with just a half cup of coffee. This tip can help wean the body off caffeine and decrease withdrawal symptoms. Try it immediately if today is Sunday!

10. Don’t Make A Thick Coffee how to quit caffeine with don’t make a thick coffee

Many people with coffee addiction like having a thick coffee, which releases a great smell and keeps them sipping it until the last coffee drop. But don’t you know that thick coffee can harm drinker’s stomach as a high dose of caffeine can cause your inflammation, stomach pain and vomit. Instead, add more hot water when you want a hot coffee and add more cubes of ice when you want to cold coffee. This way will work for you to quit caffeine and you will realize that weak coffee is safer for your stomach and a moderate dose of caffeine is beneficial for your overall health.

11. Take Vitamin C

For the coffee addicted, take 1,000 mg of vitamin C capsules or powder may help them detox and balance the body from caffeine. Then, they won’t get fatigue, which is caused by their caffeine drinking. Actually, caffeine just works for you strongly in 4 hours. It boosts your brain to be awakened and focused. If you abuse caffeine power, it may bring you more and more side effects, after then. For instance, if you work hard through the day, and want a cup of coffee to continue your work at night, your brain and body still get tired, anyway. Your overall health and spirit cannot be refreshed if you are lack of night sleep and you disorder your natural biological cycle.

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12. Replace Coffee By Other Drinks how to quit caffeine with replace coffee by other drinks

Caffeine is not only included in coffee or cola seeds that helps you increase vitality while eliminating fatigue.

Try cinnamon tea for your better awareness in the morning.

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Sip cardamom tea as a way to detox your body and elevate your mood through the day.

Drink clove or fennel tea that can stimulate your digestive system while helping you overcome your sugar cravings.

Do not skip Matcha green tea as it contains caffeine, natural L-theanine and relaxant that help you have steady energy to run your work well through a long working day. Add more stevia to your Matcha Latte (Matcha green tea) to make a great drink. Pour it into a mug and serve.

Hopefully these 12 tips on how to quit caffeine addiction without headaches for good above will be useful for you. In order to quit caffeine, it requires from much patience, effort, as well as time. Give these tips a try and you will see a huge improvement in your health.

Leave your comments at the end of this post to let us know what you think; we will answer all as soon as possible.

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