How to relax your mind and body from anxiety and stress fast

how to relax your mind

Sometimes, the influx of work and the long list of to-do things are stressful for all of us. The human brain will likely to become exhausted on more than a few occasions so you need to learn how to relax the mind. Do not wait until your feel over-stressed due to uncontrollable situations. Here are some useful tips on how to relax your mind and body from anxiety and stress you should know to get a fresh life.

I. How To Relax Your Mind And Body From Anxiety & Stress – Breathing Exercises To Relax

1. Equal Breathing

equal breathing

The exercise is based on the balance of the body. Balance could be great for the human body, starting with the normal breath. In order to begin, you can inhale and exhale for a count of 5. Both of the breaths are through your nose that adds a resistance to the breath. For advanced techniques, you can aim for 6-8 counts each breath with a single goal in your mind: calm your nervous system, enhance concentration, and decrease stress.

When it comes to exercises on how to relax your mind and body, this exercise is specifically for those beginners and can be done at every place and every time. However, the technique will bring the best result if you do it before going to bed. In case you are suffering from sleep problems, especially when feeling hard to fall asleep, by implementing this exercise, you could eliminate all the negative thoughts which may distract you from feeling asleep.

2. Alternate Nostril Breathing

alternate nostril breathing download

This is considered as one of the best friend of a yogi that can bring balance and calm and unite the left and right sides of his or her brain. Beginning in a relaxing meditative pose, then hold your right thumb over your right nostril before inhaling deeply through your left nostril. After that, at the inhalation peak, try to close off your left nostril with your ring finger, then exhale via your right nostril. Try continuing the pattern before inhaling via the right nostril. Close it off with your right thumb and exhale via your left nostril.

To get the best effect of this intermediate exercise, you can do it during crunch time or whenever it is time to concentrate or energize. Do not do this before hitting the hay as it makes you feel more awake.

3. Abdominal Breathing

abdominal breathing

To do this technique on how to relax your mind, you put one of your hands on your chest while the left one on your belly, then take a slow, deep breath via your nose, making sure the diaphragm inflates with adequate air to form a stretch in the lungs. Your goal should be about 6-10 slow, deep breaths per minute for approximately 10 minutes every day to get instant declines of heart rate as well as blood pressure. Maintain the exercise for 6 weeks and the benefits you can get will stick around longer. This technique will work best for you before exams or stressful events. However, bear in mind that if you are a person who often get stuck in stressed state for a long time, then initially, you may be a little shocked how difficult it is to take control of your breath. For training your breath, you can consider some biofeedback tools to help pace your breathing wherever you are.

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4. Skull Shining Breath

skull shining breath

The technique can brighten up your day, inside out. The technique one starts with a slow, long inhale, followed by a rapid, powerful exhale originated from the lower belly. Once you feel comfortable with that contraction, you could easily increase the pace to one inhale-exhale (via your nose) every 2 seconds for a whole of 10 breaths.

Do this advanced technique when you wake up, warm up or begin looking on things’ the brighter side. It will warm up your body, wake up your brain, and shake off stale energy. It is rather abdominal-intensive.

5. Progressive Relaxation

progressive relaxation

For relieving tension from your head to toe, just close your eyes and concentrate on tensing and relaxing each muscle group for about 2 or 3 seconds each. Begin with your feet plus with toes, then move up to your knees, your thighs, rear, chest, arms, hands, neck, jaw, and also eyes while still maintaining slow, deep breaths. In case you have trouble stay on track, then it is recommended that you should breathe in via the nose, hold the breath for a count of five whilst the muscles tense, then exhale via your mouth.

Do it at home or on the road. But you should pay attention that dizziness is never the target. If holding your breath feels uncomfortable, tone it down to just several seconds at most.

6. Instructed Visualization

instructed visualization

Just think about the “happy place” and flush out all “racing” thoughts in your mind. Use a useful recording as your instructing guide, and breathe deeply whilst concentrating on positive, pleasant images for placing all negative thoughts. Fact is, guided visualization can put people in the place they want to be in, instead of letting their mind go to the internal dialogue which is so stressful.

The intermediate exercise could be done at any place where you feel safe to close the eyes and let go.

II. How To Relax Your Mind And Body From Anxiety And Stress Other Relaxing Techniques

1. Clear The Clutter

clear the clutter

One efficient way to decrease stress is to clear the clutter around you so that you are surrounded by clarity, not chaos. Also, when clearing, your mind will stop thinking about different aspects that are stressful to you.

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2. Get Organizedget organizedDo you feel like you always miss appointments and forget critical events? Then, you should learn to decrease anxiety and stress by keeping track of everything making use of the calendar.

3. Listen To Music

listen to music

Music is good for not only the human mental health but also the body. Surround yourself with sounds that can soothe your soul and heart. Get a list of tips to use music to relax from

4. Practice Positive Self Talk

practice positive self talk download

Patterns of positive and negative self-talk usually start in our childhood. Often, the habit of self-talk is the one which is colored our thinking for years, and could impact us in different ways, influencing the experience of anxiety and stress to our lives. Nevertheless, any time could be a great time to change it. You can make use of some ways to step yourself from increasing negative self-talk and use your own mind to enhance your self-esteem and productivity as well as relieve stress.

5. Take A 10-Minute Power Nap

take a 10-minute power nap download

Self a timer and do not nap any place too comfortable that will leave you wanting to snooze longer. Actually, a power nap will give your brain an opportunity to shut down for several minutes. It is amazing how mind-relaxing and energizing a 10-minute power nap could be.

6. Create A Mini-Spa At Home

create a mini-spa at home download

Do you wish something pampering? Just try to create an experience of mini-spa at home by making your own spa products so you can relax without having to go out.

7. Just Say “Later”

just say “later”

As a persistent thought keeps buffing and bugging you, initially, you need to relax yourself from stress and anxiety by counting down from 10 to 1 and breathing slowly, deeply. Then, you can imagine the issue that your mind keep thinking of and tell yourself “this is not the time to deal with this issue. It could be solved later.” If possible, say that to yourself at any time to stop that annoying monologue. Finally, it will stop and the greatest part of this is you might find a real solution by eradicating the problem mentally out of yourself.

8. Practice Yoga

practice yoga

Yoga is a form of moving meditation that will be able to relax your whole mind and body as when you are focusing on keeping your posture perfect in every asana, you could not be stressing about other problems.

9. Do Something “Mindless” And Repetitive

do something “mindless” and repetitive download

Well, that does not mean you should watch reruns on TV. You could relax your mind by folding laundry, doing the dishes, bicycling, rowing, swimming, sweeping or anything that does not require many mental faculties and lulls you into a great repetitive pattern. If you have enough space, you create your own labyrinth and go walk it. Or, you can walk in nature for better mood and energy.

10. Eat Right

eat right

Did you know that eating could be a good way to relax? Avoid those stimulants as well as foods which jazz you up. Cut back on sodas, coffee, artificial ingredients, and sugar. Rather than, you can drink plenty of water, eat whole foods instead of processed foods.

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