16 Ways On How To Lower ALT Levels For Liver You Should Know

how to lower alt levels for liver

ALT or called Alanine Aminotransferase is known to be an enzyme that mainly found in the liver. It is also found in the heart, muscles…. Its main benefit is to metabolize proteins in the body. However, it can be released into your blood in case liver functions don’t work properly. ALT level can indicate your hepatocellular injury as well as liver health. ALT levels are considered as a good way to evaluate the human health, in particular, your liver health. High ALT levels can lead to other health problems like myopathy, infectious mononucleosis, diabetes, liver damage, congestive heart failure…. A normal ALT level is about 10 – 40 units per liter for male and 7 – 35 units per liter for female. If your ALT levels in your liver are 10 – 20 times higher than normal levels, it means that your liver damage becomes extremely severe. In this case, besides using medication for improving ALT levels, you also need to combine with other natural ways to get the best result.

Top 16 Natural Ways On How To Lower ALT Levels For Liver You Should Notice Much More

Good living habits are very important to lowering ALT levels as well as the healthy liver.
If your ALT levels are too high and you are using medication to improve it, you also need to pay attention to your diet and lifestyle. Combining medication and healthy lifestyle is the best way on how to lower ALT levels for liver. Let’s read this writing to know more about home remedies for improving ALT levels. They include:

1. Drink More Coffee

how to lower alt levels - drink more coffee

The first way on how to lower ALT levels is to drink more coffee. You may surely feel surprising but early studies suggest that consuming 1 cup of coffee daily has the ability to aid you in lowering the chance of having liver disease. Because the levels of ALT enzyme is closely associated with liver damage, the intake of coffee also positively affect the ALT levels. In addition, you can use green tea to aid your liver health. Thanks to the plant antioxidants named catechins proven to help to improve several bodily functions which include liver function, green tea will have the ability to improve your liver health. Therefore, you should consume more coffee and green tea (optional) to help maintain healthy ALT levels.

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2. Avoid Medications Associated With Liver Damage

how to lower alt levels - avoid medications associated with liver damage

Certain medication combinations and medications have the ability to damage your liver, particularly when taken on a regular basis for a long period. To help lower your ALT levels, you should avoid taking drugs known to make your liver weaken. Here are some certain medications, which can harm your liver:

  • The first is acetaminophen. This medicine may be toxic to your liver when you take it too much. Apart from being a separate painkiller available in the market, acetaminophen is also present in several prescription pain medications and cold medicines. Besides, there are other pain medications, which have similar consequences, such as naproxen, aspirin, and diclofenac.
  • The second is cholesterol drugs. These drugs may also negatively affect your liver, however, you are recommended to see your doctor before giving up the intake of a cholesterol medication prescribed by the doctor.
  • Plus, there are some additional drugs, which lead to elevated ALT levels, such as some antibiotics (nitrofurantoin, sulfonamides), anti-fungal medications (itraconazole, fluconazole), tuberculosis medications (isoniazid), tricyclic antidepressants, and seizure medications (carbamazepine, phenytoin).
  • Also, chemotherapy, statins, barbiturates, and narcotics can increase the risk of elevated ALT levels.

Therefore, if already taking these medications, you should talk to your pharmacist or doctor before you start an intake of a new medication to ensure that interacting with current medications will not harm your liver.

3. Get Much More Foods High In Fiber Into The Body

how to lower alt levels - get much more foods high in fiber into the body

This is a simple way on how to lower ALT levels but very necessarily. In fact, fiber is capable of pushing toxins through the digestive system more quickly, and thus those toxins will have less time to fester in the liver. There are many vegetables and fruits, which contain a large source of fiber, and you can consume them to help lower the ALT levels. Some vegetables containing fiber are artichokes, okra, acorn squash, Brussels sprouts, and turnips, etc. Also, some fruits rich in fiber are figs, coconut, berries, Asian pears, and avocados, etc.

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4. Get Rich Of Underlying Causes

how to lower alt levels - get rich of underlying causes

Although the high levels of ALT are not harmful on their own, this condition often warns that your liver is in trouble. In order to lower the ALT levels for a long time, you have to get rid of any health problem that could harm the liver. You can pay attention to some liver conditions below if you are finding a treatment on how to lower ALT levels. The first is hepatitis. This problem is a major reason causing elevated ALT levels. Hepatitis includes chronic viral hepatitis (B and C) as well as acute viral hepatitis (A and B). Besides, cirrhosis may also lead to high ALT levels. It often happens when your liver suffers from scarring caused by prolonged inflammation.

The third is a fatty liver disease. People suffering from this disease are prone to elevated ALT levels, particularly fatty liver disease caused by alcohol. Another problem harming your liver is hemochromatosis. It is also known to be a reason causing high ALT levels. Hemochromatosis is a genetic disease, which is caused due to the buildup of iron in your liver. Additionally, the decrease of blood flow to your liver can also increase ALT levels. This problem often occurs when you experience a heart failure or a shock. Plus, less popular medical problems associated with the elevated levels of ALT include Wilson’s disease, wild mushroom poisoning, autoimmune hepatitis, liver cancer, inflammatory bowel diseases, pregnancy, alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency, and gallstones.

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5. Use Air Purifier

how to lower alt levels - use air purifier

What not to do after a break up is a great concern of some people, so follow these tips for good! By using a small air purifier, you can easily filter out the polluted air in your house. This, in turn, removes toxins from the air which you breathe every day and thus limiting the toxins moving through the liver. The fresh air is especially necessary if you are living in a high-traffic place.

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You can keep following the article about how to lower ALT levels to get more effective tips!

6. Take Dietary Supplements With The Doctor’s Precaution

how to lower alt levels - take dietary supplements with the doctor’s precaution

This is an important tip on how to lower ALT levels. While many herbal treatments are indicated to restore the health of your liver and promote healthy ALT levels, only a little studies may support these claims. Several herbal treatments and supplements may even damage your liver as well as make your ALT amount worsen. Hence, you are recommended to talk to the doctor before having an intake of any remedy combination or herbal treatment. Some herbs associated with liver diseases include chaparral, cascara, ephedra, and comfrey, and kava. In addition, the extract of milk thistle seed is also an herbal supplement promoting your liver health. Besides, there are some other supplements, which also aid your liver health, such as green tea extract, fish oil, curcumin (naturally found in turmeric), acetyl-L-carnitine, and alpha lipoic acid.

7. Consume Citrus Juices High In Vitamin C

how to lower alt levels - consume citrus juices high in vitamin c

If you are wondering how to lower ALT levels, consuming citrus fruits rich in vitamin C is a suitable choice for you. Vitamin C, in fact, is beneficial in repairing your tissues as well as healing the wound. Plus, drinking the juice of citrus fruits or consuming much these fruits will also help you to maintain a healthy liver, which will make the ALT enzyme levels become the healthy ALT levels. Moreover, citrus fruits are famous for the ability to decrease the chance of having liver cancer. Therefore, you should add much more citrus fruits such as grapefruits, oranges, and lemons in your diet. If you opt for the fruit juice, you have to look for products which are fortified with vitamin C.

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8. Limit Your Alcohol Intake:

how to lower alt levels-limit your alcohol intake

Abusing the alcohol is the most common reason can lead to serious liver damage. In spite of its damage, the ratio of people with liver problems is increasing highly. The moderate amount of alcohol intake is one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men. Maintaining the moderate amount of alcohol intake will be very good for your health. However, for people with high ALT levels, the best way is to avoid alcohol intake.

9. Eat Organic Foods:

how to lower alt levels-eat organic foods

Eating organic foods is also one of the good ways on how to lower ALT levels for liver. Chemical food additives can be fine for the normal body. But for the people with high ALT levels, they can make the condition become worse. When the liver works too much, its function of filtering toxins out of the body can weaken and decline. So, the organic foods without using growth hormones, antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and other similar drugs will be best for the people with high ALT levels. As these foods can make the body consume easily.

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10. Limit Junk Food:

how to lower alt levels-limit junk food

Most of the junk food has a lot of sugar and fats that can affect the liver seriously. Hence, limiting these foods can help to lower ALT levels as well as your liver function better. Especially, the foods like soda, fruit juice, fried foods, fast foods, processed foods should be minimized because soda and fruit juice contain a lot of the fructose and the rest of foods are very high in trans-unsaturated fats that are very bad for your ALT levels for liver.

11. Do Exercise Regularly:

how to lower alt levels-do exercise regularly

Doing exercise regularly is one of the good ways to improve the overall health. Besides that, it also helps us in preventing many diseases like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure…. lowering the ALT levels for the liver is one of its healthy benefits. Many studies showed that doing exercise at least 150 minutes per week helps lose weight and minimize the fat in the liver as well as encouraging the sweat, one of the good ways for detoxifying your body naturally so as to improve the ALT levels for liver very well.

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12. Lose Weight:

how to lower alt levels-lose weight

If you are overweight, losing weight is one of the best ways on how to lower ALT levels for liver naturally. Some studies pointed out that obesity is linked to liver problems very closely. The excessive fat can infiltrate the liver cell that can lead to liver inflammation. Thus, losing weight to limit excessive fat is very necessary if you want to get a healthy liver. Doing exercise regularly and a healthy diet is the best way to lose weight with a healthy liver. If you want to lose weight through crash diets and radical procedures, they can bring about more unexpected side-effects.

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13. Stop Smoking:

how to lower alt levels-stop smoking

As we know, smoking is one of the common things that damage the human body the most. Cigarettes have a lot of chemical additives. They are toxins that can damage the liver cells seriously when the liver tries to filter them. Then, the best way on how to lower ALT levels for liver naturally and strengthen liver is to stop smoking immediately. Furthermore, you have to avoid second-hand smoke if the air around you has smoke because they are in the same danger.

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14. Eat More Fruits And Vegetables:

how to lower alt levels-eat more fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables is also an effective way on how to lower ALT levels for liver. We know that there are many fruits and vegetables can help detoxify the body very well. Since then, reduce the stress from the liver and ALKT levels as well. The best foods for the liver are sulfur-rich vegetables like garlic and onions. Besides that, cruciferous vegetables are also a good choice to improve ALT levels in the liver. You can try other fruits and vegetables like grapefruit, lemons, avocados, beets, leafy green vegetables that are useful for lowering ALT levels very well. Moreover, fresh fruits and vegetables are also very rich in fiber that can help push toxins out of your body faster.

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15. Whole Grains And Seeds:

how to lower alt levels-whole grains and seeds

Getting more fiber into your body can be effective in improving ALT levels because fiber can help to get toxins out of the body through the digestive system and limit their existence in the liver. And, whole grains and seeds are known as an excellent source of fiber. Eating whole grains and seeds much more is not only good for lowering ALT levels but also many other diseases. Especially, flax seeds can help to push the harmful hormonal excesses out of the body effectively.

16. Avoid Chemical Toxins In Your Living Environment:

how to lower alt levels-avoid chemical toxins in your living environment

There are a lot of chemical toxins around you. They can be found in many aerosol products, insecticides, and cleaning products. These toxins can damage the liver seriously. So, you should avoid exposing them by using natural alternatives or using vinegar for whitening the clothes instead of bleach or some products that are checked very well.

The above include 16 effective ways on how to lower ALT levels for liver that we want to share with you. And if you have any question or idea for this topic, you can write your comment in the following part of this website. We are always welcome your idea and reply for you as soon as possible.

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