Top 12 Best Natural Yellow Fever Treatments

yellow fever

Yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes bringing the related virus. It also is caused by low immunity level and old age. It is considered among the deadliest diseases of the world. Headache, vomiting, and nausea are the major symptoms of hay fever. However, a person feels dizzy and gets dehydrated when affected by this ailment. If this condition is not treated, it can affect the functioning of the liver and other important organs of the body as well. But, do not worry because there are many natural yellow fever treatments that you can cure this condition. We,, will now have a detailed look at the yellow fever treatments that either alleviate the yellow fever symptoms or completely cure the condition.

Top 12 Best Natural Yellow Fever Treatments You Shouldn’t Neglect

1. Using Garlic

yellow fever treatments - using garlic

Garlic is used widely for treating the yellow fever ailment and all its symptoms as well. Garlic is a natural tonic that is full of anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and antioxidant properties. Plus, being an antioxidant, it reduces the inflammation, kills the bacteria, and plays a vital role in providing relief from yellow fever. Here are two ways to make use of garlic for yellow fever:

Way 1: Garlic with Honey

Get these:                    

  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • 2 tsp of honey


Take the cloves of garlic and crush them afterwards. To the crushed garlic, add 2 teaspoons of honey. To minimize the yellow fever symptoms significantly, consume this mixture every morning.

Way 2: Garlic with Milk

Get these:

  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • 1 glass of milk


Take the garlic cloves at first and crush them. Next, add the crushed cloves of garlic to a glass of milk. Prior to going to sleep every night, just consume this milk.

2. Using Barley Water

Using barley water is also one of the best hay fever treatments because it owns several important minerals and vitamins, such as copper, vitamin B2, B5, and, E. Its consumption prevents dehydration and can thus be considered as an important element in the yellow fever treatment.

Get these:

  • 2 cups of pearl barley
  • 2 liters of water


Take pearl barley (2 cups) at first and next add it to two liters of water. Then, boil the water and let it cool down a bit. Filter the solution afterwards and consume it immediately. Follow the process thrice every day and see a marked alleviation of symptoms of yellow fever.

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3. Using Salt And Lemon

yellow fever treatments - using salt and lemon

A person affected by yellow fever often experiences severe dehydration, which is attributable to vomiting. This particular cure substantially decreases both frequency and intensity of vomiting. This method can help to remove the unwanted toxins from the body and eliminate nausea and other yellow fever symptoms such as vomiting. So, this is also one of the most effective yellow fever treatments.

Get these:

  • 4 tbsp of lemon juice
  • ¼ tsp of salt
  • 1 glass of water


Take a glass of water at first and add lemon juice (4 tbsp) to it and stir well. Then, to this solution, add ¼ teaspoon of salt and mix properly. Finally, take this liquid whenever suffering from fatigue and dehydration.

4. Using Oregano And Marjoram

Looking for the best yellow fever treatments, you shouldn’t skip this remedy. Marjoram tea is often used to alleviate symptoms of yellow fever and menopause etc. It also contains anti inflammatory properties and can deal with any viral infection, bronchitis, and sinusitis etc. Oregano is also used to cure yellow fever, urinary tract disorders, and gastro intestinal disorders etc. Apart from that, it possesses anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, and anti bacterial properties. Antioxidants housed in oregano help promote the ability of the immune system to combat infections.

Get these:

  • 1 tsp of marjoram
  • 1 tsp of oregano
  • ½ liter of water


Prepare a pan and take water (½ liter) in it and to it, add a teaspoon each of marjoram and oregano. Then, boil it in low flame for 1 hour and strain the solution. Finally, consume the solution immediately. Follow this simple remedy a few times per day till you get complete relief from the yellow fever symptoms.

5. Using Cinchona Officinalis Bark

Cinchona officinalis bark is effective in treating a wide variety of diseases including yellow fever.

Get these:

  • 60 grams of cinchona officinalis bark
  • ½ liter of water


Firstly, take water (½ liter) in a pan and to it, add cinchona officinalis bark (60 grams). Now boil the water in low flame for fifteen minutes. Next, strain the solution and leave it to become cool. After that, take 20 ml of this solution thrice every day for 10 days to get relief from yellow fever completely.

6. Using Basil And Black Pepper

yellow fever treatments - using basil and black pepper

This is also regarded among the best yellow fever treatments. Both black pepper and basil can treat yellow fever by destroying the bacteria effectively due to their antioxidant properties.

Get these:

  • 4 basil leaves
  • ½ tbsp of crushed black pepper
  • ½ liter of distilled water
  • 3 tsp of honey


Take distilled water (1/2 liter) in a pan and to it, add 4 basil leaves. Boil the water afterwards and add crushed black pepper (½ tablespoon) to it. Again boil this solution until its color is changed. To get energized and minimize the severity of the yellow fever symptoms, drink this preparation 2 times daily.

7. Using Raw Onion

One of the best yellow fever treatments is using raw onion. Raw onion works against a few ailments including yellow fever thanks to its curative properties.

Get these:

  • 1 medium size onion
  • 3 tbsp of honey


Take a medium size onion at first and next cut in into 2 halves. Then, bake these halved onions for about 15 minutes in a microwave oven at 400°C. Crush the pieces of baked onion and extract their juice. After that, add honey (3 tbsp) to the onion juice and consume this combination (about 2 tbsp) for 8 times daily. It is suggested to continue this combination for 10 days to cure yellow fever.

There are a variety of yellow fever treatments, read on to know more!

8. Using Irvingia Gabonensis Bark

When looking for the most effective yellow fever treatmentsirvingia gabonensis bark is a great choice to help you to treat this condition.

Get these:

  • 60 grams of irvingia gabonensis bark
  • ½ liter of water


Firstly, take a pan and take ½ liter water in it and to it, add irvingia gabonensis bark (60 grams). Now boil the water for 15 minutes in low flame and leave it to become cool it for some time. To eliminate the symptoms of yellow fever, it is advised to take this remedy three times daily for 7 days.

9. Using Coconut Water

yellow fever treatments - using coconut water

As mentioned above, yellow fever causes dehydration, thus making you weak. So, it is necessary to keep the body hydrated and provide essential nutrients that are needed. To cure dehydration, coconut water is a great option. You just need to consume tender coconut water to cure dehydration and to provide the body with essential nutrients as well. To keep your body hydrated and nourished, it is suggested to drink coconut water a minimum of 4-5 times a day.

10. Using Feverwort

This tried and tested home remedy can cure yellow fever because it comes with the curative properties.

Get these:

  • 2 tsp of feverwort herbs
  • 1 glass of water


Take a glass of water at first and to it, add feverwort herbs (2 teaspoons). Boil the water for ten minutes and let the mixture cool down for 20 minutes. Strain the mixture afterwards and consume this liquid (½ teaspoon) before having your meal. Repeat this process before every meal. Alternatively, you can mix feverwort herbs (2 teaspoons) directly in beverages such as tea and coffee.

11. Using Sugarcane Juice

One of the outmost yellow fever treatments is drinking sugarcane juice. Yellow fever can lead to severe dehydration, thus making the patient weak. You need to consume sugar cane juice to supply the essential minerals and vitamins to your dehydrated body. It also supplies glucose to the body, which is very necessary for all the muscles to provide natural power to the body. You need to drink sugar cane juice three times a day to provide the essential proteins to the body. Besides, the high body temperature caused by yellow fever is reduced by drinking sugar cane juice.

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12. Using Golden Rod

Like feverwort, the golden rod is also one of the top yellow fever treatments you should not miss.

Get these:

  • 2 tbsp of golden rod herb


You just need to put golden rod herbs (2 tbsp) on the affected areas before bedtime. To cure yellow fever totally, follow this process for some days. Another option is to mix this herb with the food items and then eat it.

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All the above-mentioned yellow fever treatments are proven to treat yellow fever as well as its symptoms. It is recommended to practice these yellow fever treatments regularly to find best results. We welcome your feedback or comments. To read more our articles, visit our main Health page.  If you like this post, please share it!

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