10 Home remedies for root canal pain

Root canal is one type of canal in the root of the teeth. Home remedies for root canal are suggested by the dentists, aiming to save the teeth of the patients so that they will not need to accept the tooth extraction. In the center of every tooth, there is a hollow structure that is the “house” of the connective tissues, blood vessels, and nerves. There is a “canal” running through the center of this region in the similar way to a pen’s refill will pass through its body.

I. Home Remedies For Root Canal Pain – Symptoms And Causes:

Root canals are a common dental cure for the teeth root decay. There might be a decay or issues with the surrounding bones and tissues. Another choice given is pulling the infected teeth. The signs of this condition are tenderness, pain, and even heart damage, joint or muscle arthritis, and maybe also stomach related health issues.

Symptoms of root canal:

  • Sensitivity while eating or chewing or even drinking something very hot or cold
  • Reddish jaw appearance (specifically the infected jaw)
  • Tooth swelling
  • Localized pain; for example, pain at a certain site or tooth

Causes of root canal:

  • Trauma of childhood can also be one of the trigger factors leading to root canal in adolescent. Sometimes you are probably to get hit in your mouth by someone, and you often overlook this matter. However, this issue can grow internally along with days, months, and years, decaying your teeth and causing the root canal problem as well.
  • Chewing or eating hard foods or grinding things that are very hard in your mouth can also cause the problem of tooth fracture and also lead to the root canal condition. Post fracture, you will not be able to consume anything hot or cold using that area to contact with the foods because that will force you to experience severe pains.
  • Decay of the pulp chamber can also cause your tooth to be damaged, and in that particular tooth, you will start feeling its sensitivity. Concretely, when you eat something very hot or cold, you will get terrible pains.
  • When your old metal filling begins to shrink, it will be able to lead to the tooth decay and will urge the need for a proper cure for a root canal as soon as possible.

II. Home Remedies For Root Canal Pain – Best Natural Treatments:

home remedies for root canal pain – best natural treatments

In this section of the article today, I would like to introduce some of the best home remedies for root canal that people should learn and make use to naturally reduce the pain caused by this condition. These home remedies are also especially good for pregnant women, including:

Onion Or Garlic Juice

Olive Oil


Tea Tree Oil


Salt Water

Liquid Diet

Over-The-Counter Medications

Ice Pack

Swedish Bitters

1. Onion or Garlic Juice:

home remedies for root canal-onion or garlic juice

This is the first out of the home remedies for root canal that I would like to introduce in this entire article and want my readers to learn and make use to deal with and even stop the root canal pain within a short time.

It seems to be relatively terrible method to try out, but in fact, it is an useful healing method that can work effectively in reducing the pain caused by root canals.  Although it is recommended to chew fresh garlic and onion so that their juice will be able to released and thereby touching and addresing the issue, if you do not want to chew them, you just need to squeeze out them to take the juice and consume it like medicines and wait for desired result. You can also consume some sugar along with these ingredients to overcome the sensation of vomiting.

2. Olive Oil:

home remedies for root canal-olive oil

You just need to prepare one cotton ball, dip it into olive oil and use it to directly apply onto your aching tooth. This method will help to reduce the pain due to this condition, as well as soothing the infected area gently and gradually.

You should also opt for clove oil if you do not have olive oil to achieve good results as desired. This is also one of the best home remedies for root canal pain that people should not skip. For good, if you are suffering from this disease, you should apply this home remedy in a regular basis and evenly to achieve good result soon.

Read more: TMJ No More to find out more ways to improve the health of the mouth system and stop the pain caused by TMJ symptoms.

3. Cucumber:

home remedies for root canal-cucumber

In fact, cucumber is one of the best veggie fruit in the world, especially in beauty care because it is very good for health and skin. It can act effectively to improve our life and health quality without leaving any side effect or threat. To make use of cucumber, you just need to put some fresh slices of cucumber onto your inner mouth over the infected tooth area because this tip can help to soothe this area, thereby reducing the pain you are suffering.

This is actually also one of the best home remedies for root canal pain that people should make use for good. For good, people should add cucumber to the daily diet to be able to get rid of the root canal condition without needing to spend too much time, money and effort. In fact, cucumber is very cheap and available in any health food store or supermarket at your locality.

4. Tea Tree Oil:

home remedies for root canal-tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is very famous for its powerful relieving effects for blemishes and acnes. However, not only that, tea tree oil is very useful in the cure of the pain caused by root canals. To make use of tea tree oil, you just need to pour a few drops of this extract into one glass of lukewarm water and use this solution to wash your mouth to get noticeable pain reduction.

5. Alcohol:

home remedies for root canal-alcohol

This is also among the cheapest yet most effective home remedies for root canal that I want to introduce in my entire writing today.

You can use alcoholic beverages, such as beer, scotch, or whisky like your mouth gargling solution to effectively fight against the pain caused by the root canal condition. You should also drink alcohol, but just in a little serving. You can also make use of mouthwashes which are sold in any supermarket or stores, but you need to ensure that these mouthwashes actually contain alcohol.

6. Salt Water:

home remedies for root canal-salt water

You just need to take one tbsp. full of salt (common type used daily at home) and add it into one glass of warm water. Use salt water to gargle 3 times daily to reduce the pain caused by the root canal issue. You should also hold this salted gargling solution in your mouth around the infected tooth for as long as you can to get more benefits of reducing pain and cleaning the mouth as well. This is also among the most effective home remedies for root canal that I want to introduce in this article and want my readers to learn and make use for good!

7. Liquid Diet:

home remedies for root canal-liquid diet

Whenever you get the hateful feeling due a tooth pain, restricting your daily consumption of liquids as solid things will just make your tooth pain issue worse. Therefore, it will be better for you to remain a healthy liquid diet for a few days until you see the improvement of your toothache condition as desired.

You can consume fruits or veggie juices; for example, carrot juice, orange juice, but you need to ensure that these fluids are not too hot or too cold unless by making your teeth more sensitive, these fluids will even cause more pain as it irritates your tooth decay.

8. Over-The-Counter Medications:

home remedies for root canal-over-the-counter medications

You should make use of some over-the-counter gels which are currently sold in the market; for example, Oragel. It will be able to numb your tooth decay and root canal area effectively and thereby relieving the pain due to the root canal condition. Remember not to overuse this gel because it can actually cause choked breathing due to relaxing the muscles of the throat to a large extent.

You can also make use of some over-the-counter medications, such as Ibuprofen, which can help to reduce pain and swelling due to root canal. You can also make use of some pain killers, such as Combiflam.

9. Ice Pack:

home remedies for root canal-ice pack

This is one of the age-old home remedies for root canal in particular, and almost all types of pain in general, and in fact, for any case, it still can make wonders. If you are suffering from the root canal pain in a particular area in your mouth, you just need to make use of ice pack topically to apply onto that area for soothing and calming down the pain.

10. Swedish Bitters (Herbal Tincture):

home remedies for root canal-swedish bitters (herbal tincture)

This is the last but very important out of the home remedies for root canal that I want to release in this entire writing and hope that readers of Vkool will learn and remember them to make use in a regular basis.

Swedish Bitters is a powerful old treatment that was reintroduced by an Austrian herbalist. It is actually a “must-have” and “must-try” herbal remedy for most diseases related to tooth and gum.

Swedish Bitters have successfully cured a lot of root canal patients as it contains the properties which help to fight against inflammation and infections included in the field of dental health and conditions. You just need to dab this herb repeatedly or keep a tablespoon of it for a while in your mouth. It will be able to expect that your pain due to root canal disease will disappear fast if you make use of this herbal remedy in a regular basis.

After reading the article combining home remedies for root canal pain above, what you should do next, according to my personal recommendation, is to spend more time reading another useful article named 15 Natural Home Remedies And Tips On How To Prevent Tooth Decay – an entire writing that reveals some of the best tips to reduce the risk of tooth pain due to tooth decay. The home remedies contained in this article are actually proven good by many people who successfully overcame this condition thanks to this article so readers of Vkool.com should try some of them if seeing any symptoms of the tooth decay pain. This article includes totally different natural tooth pain killers compared to those I revealed in the article you are reading, so do not hesitate to explore them for brand new treatments.

This is the list of 10 out of the most efficient home remedies for root canal pain that might be good and needed to know for many readers of VKool.com and other people who are also suffering from the root canal problem. These home remedies are 100% natural so it will work effectively for you to deal with the problem yet do not lead to any unwanted side effect as long as you follow the tips revealed in the article exactly.

If you think that the home remedies for root canal pain that I introduced in the article above are exactly what you need and are looking for to deal with your current tooth pain due to root canal, and also useful for other people you know who are suffering from the similar situation, you should feel free to share this list with them to make use together, and do not forget to leave your opinions in the form below.

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