11 Healthy Drinks Besides Water And Tea

Not everyone is a fan of water, yet water is often a hand-down beverage of users’ choice when talking about health. Water is considered an essential nutrient, also a part of every body cell. Nevertheless, we sometimes are lazy to supply our bodies with enough water everyday.

While water is the basis of human liquid intake, some other sugar free drinks like tea are also very beneficial for our body if consumed in moderation. Below are the list of 11 healthy drinks besides water and tea on VKool site in the line of Nutrition that you should check out and drink everyday.

Healthy Drinks Besides Water And Tea & Their Benefits

1. Pomegranate Juice

healthy drinks besides water - pomegranate juice

Pomegranate has been praised recently for its hefty antioxidants. Research has indicated that this red juice can help prevent cancer, heart disease and reduce inflammation. So, drinking a glass of pomegranate juice everyday is a great choice. Just ensure that you are looking at the source of your drink as some pomegranate drink bottles can be diluted with added sugars and other liquids. If you want pure fresh pomegranate juice, go for it in a fruit store.

2. Low Fat Milk

healthy drinks besides water

Next to the list of healthy drinks besides water, this is milk. Considered as a great source of vitamin D and calcium as you’re a child, this drink might like less of a grown-up food than other ones, yet skim and low fat milk are still good sources of healthy protein and essential micronutrients. Also, these low-fat drinks are great choices as they contain less saturated fat than whole milk or reduced-fat milk.

3. Coconut Water

healthy drinks besides water

Not only coconut is good for health but also coconut water packed in this tropical fruit. Like coconut oil or pulp, coconut water also has been used in many cultures for a long time.

In concrete, coconut water has been scientifically proven to regulate blood pressure. The taste of coconut fruit is good and many people love it. If you are one among them, consider coconut water and drink it as often as you can when it comes to healthy drinks besides water and tea.

4. Orange Juice

healthy drinks besides water

Next to healthy drinks besides water, this is orange juice. Just a glass of fresh orange juice can hits the spot, yet some take much effort for making on your regular basic. So, save it in case when it is most handy such as come allergy season. It is believed that seasonal allergies are proven to get soothed with quercetin and vitamin C. And as you know oranges are famous for their vitamin C rich content and quercetin, a form of flavonol that are also found in many vegetables and fruits.

5. Beet Juice

healthy drinks besides water - beet juice

Do you love beet? Every part of the beet vegetable is beneficial for health. So, juice this vegetable and drink some among healthy drinks besides water.

Beet is suggested to reduce high blood pressure, increase blood flow to the brain of the elderly and increase stamina. Also, thanks for its benefit for blood flow, beet can help slow down the progression of the dementia in old adult. Plus, this vegetable is good for liver as it is high in iron levels, calcium levels and low in trans fats as well as saturated fats.

It’s rarely to see beet juice in grocery stores. So, you can purchase fresh beet vegetable and make your homemade beet juice or combine it with some other vegetables or fruits.

6. Hot Chocolate

healthy drinks besides water

Next to list of healthy drinks besides water and tea, consider hot cocoa drink. This is a favorite drink of many people, especially women. That is the reason why many women choose to drink hot chocolate in their periods. Studies have also indicated that hot chocolate can help ease menstrual cramps as hot drinks can work well to ease pain and cocoa nuts are high in magnesium that are good for women’s health.

To make a cup of hot chocolate drink, simply take some raw cocoa powder. Mix it with hot water very well. If you want to make your drink sweeten, add a little bit of almond milk, maple syrup or honey.

Taking a closer look at nutritional benefits of cocoa, we can see, it is high in antioxidant than red wine and tea. It is inversely linked to blood pressure, also it can help reduce the risk of all-cause mortality and cardiovascular diseases.

7. Kale Juice

healthy drinks besides water - kale juice

Kale is great. Many people love this dark leafy green. It seems annoyingly trendy, yet there are various reasons why a lot of people like this stuff. Nutritionally, kale is packed with essential vitamins & minerals that can aid in everything such as regulating your bowels, supporting your digestion and strengthening your bone health.

Just drink a cup of kale juice a day! This is a good way to strengthen your overall health while lowering your aging and enhancing your skin health. However, avoid consuming bottled products, as they tend to be high in sodium. Instead, opt for homemade juice. Do it at home with your blender and enjoy your DIY kale juices with your kids at home. It’s funny!

8. Lemon Juice

healthy drinks besides water - lemon juice

Yes, you might ask why lemon juice hasn’t mentioned to in the list of healthy drinks besides water yet. But now you are reading that right. But, remember that we are mentioning to freshly squeezed lemon juice, but not lemonade. Just with one or two glasses of lemon juice a day, you can cleanse your liver, boost your digestive system, stimulate the production of bile and a lot more. Lemon and other citric fruits general speaking are a great source of vitamin C so that they aid in strengthening your immunity system.

However, you should choose the right time to drink it for your health. Ideally, you should drink a glass of warm lemon juice mixed with a little bit of honey in the morning. Also, you can drink this healthy juice in the afternoon. Avoid drinking lemon juice before going to sleep as that is not good for your kidneys.

The benefits of lemon juice are clear, yet few people drink it often. Simply, squeeze a half of lemon into a cool or warm glass of fresh water and drink it at one.

9. Ginger Water

healthy drinks besides water

Next to healthy drinks besides water that you can opt for, this is ginger tea.

Ginger is a natural remedy for various tummy troubles. It has been used for long in Asian countries for many diseases and conditions. For instance, ginger tea can help sooth upset stomach, prevent pregnancy related nausea, ease digestion and relieve motion sickness.

To prevent common diseases and illness, you can store ginger in your kitchen and use it anytime you need.

If you don’t have instant ginger tea, make use of fresh ginger water by brewing some slices of ginger root. Steep some in a cup of boiling water. Then, add a little honey if you want to drink it sweet.

10. Cranberry Juice

healthy drinks besides water - cranberry juice

Beside ginger, cranberries are very beneficial for health. Actually, it’s more interesting to drink a cup of cranberry juice than eating the whole fruit. Hence, make a homemade glass of cranberry juice for your promoted health, especially those with UTI condition. It is scientifically proven that cranberries are very effective to prevent a UTI. Ideally, drink pure cranberry juice. A study reported that cranberry juice can act to fight off bacteria and infections within just 8 hrs of consumption.

Instead of drinking cranberry juice, you can alternatively opt for cranberry juice cocktail as it is a popular beverage. It can give you the same benefit like pure cranberry juice. The reason it’s called cocktail is that it is added sugar. And a hint is that any drink added sugar can be called cocktail.

11. Coffee

healthy drinks besides water

Last but not least among healthy drinks besides water and tea, this is coffee. Some people say that they can’t live without coffee for some reasons. Maybe, this is a drink of addiction like alcohol, or this is due to its fragrance. General speaking, coffee is like alcohol, they are good when drinking in moderation. It is proven to reduce inflammatory diseases and cardiovascular diseases. Also, some papers reported that coffee drinkers have lower risks of type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, coffee can help in fat loss. If you want to burn fat without exercising, consider this great news and try once. Caffeine, quinides and chlorogenic are chemical compounds found in coffee, which can work to promote fat loss through increased fat oxidation, thermogenesis and insulin level reduction.

There are all top 11 healthy drinks besides water and tea. Consider some of them, drink it when necessary or do it daily for your better health and disease prevention. For any comment about the article, feel free to leave it at the end of the post. Thanks for reading and see you in the next posts.

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