What Are Top Health Benefits Of Quinoa You Can Get?

Quinoa is the most popular super food of the world.
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It is jam packed with lots of protein, minerals, fiber, yet does not include any gluten. When it comes to benefits of quinoa, they vary a lot, from health to beauty.  The demand for quinoa has risen sharply in recent years. Grown in South America (Peru, Bolivia, and Chile) for thousands of years, quinoa has been well-known for its benefits.
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So, what are top health benefits of quinoa? Check out the list below, made by VKool.com!

Health Benefits Of Quinoa Seeds – 9 Proven Advantages 

1. Quinoa Is Extremely Nutritious

benefits of quinoa

In fact, quinoa is a grain crop which is grown for its edible seeds. Technically, it is not a cereal grain yet a pseudo-cereal. It basically is a seed prepared and eaten similarly to the grain. There are three main kinds of quinoa, including red, white, and black.

The nutrition of 1 cup of cooked quinoa (185g) includes 8g proteins, 5g fiber, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, copper, iron, zinc, potassium, vitamin B1, B2, and B6, calcium, Niacin (B3) and vitamin E.

Also, this comes with a total of 222 calories, 39g of carbs and 4g of fat. There is also a small amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Quinoa Is Gluten Free And Good For Those With Gluten Intolerance

benefits of quinoa

According to a precious study, 1/3 people in the U.S are trying to minimize or avoid gluten. The gluten-free diet could be healthy as long as it contains foods which are naturally gluten free.
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Quinoa, as mentioned earlier, is not a grain, but a seed, and it does not include any wheat or gluten, so you could feel free to enjoy it in loads of different quinoa recipes without worrying if it will upset your whole system.

3. Prevent Inflammation 

benefits of quinoa

It is shown that quinoa might be an anti-inflammatory food. However, you do not have to wait for research to confirm that saying. There are a lot of people reporting that they get relief from their inflammatory problems after consuming quinoa.
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There are phytonutrients in quinoa which can help battle back free radical damage with their antioxidant effect.

4. Lower Cholesterol And Great For Cardiovascular Health 

benefits of quinoa

Thanks to the fiber content in quinoa, it could have a direct effect on the blood pressure, along with many other benefits noted down. In other words, quinoa is particularly high in magnesium which could maintain good cardiovascular health. This vitamin will help relax the blood vessels or heart arrhythmias. Regular intake of the antioxidants is really crucial for defeating damaging effects of free radicals that humans encounter on a daily basis. Also, quinoa does a good job in boosting antioxidant levels, being rich in both copper and manganese, promoting a healthy immune system, and making sure that red blood cells remain in top condition.
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5. Decrease The Risk Of Gallstones 

benefits of quinoa

When it comes to benefits of quinoa, this might be a little-known one. Because of the high content of fiber, quinoa can keep the digestive system running smoothly, and also help in reducing the risk of getting gallstones. According to a study, it is found that people who consumed food rich in insoluble fiber tend to have a 17% lower risk of gallstones.

Thus, if you love carbs and want to find a healthier option, then go for quinoa because it is a good alternative for those higher-carb foods.

6. Alleviate The Symptoms Of Anaemia

benefits of quinoa

If you are suffering from anaemia, then do not skip quinoa. Rich in iron, quinoa is an excellent choice for those with anaemia. In reality, iron is important for carrying oxygen through the human body, so many people discovered that adding quinoa to their daily diet can give them greater endurance as well as energy during their workouts.

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7. Fight Early Signs Of Aging 

benefits of quinoa

The content of manganese in quinoa plays an important role making this type of seeds a powerful source of antioxidants, helping slow down the aging process by damaging free radicals. As a result, quinoa is great for those people who want to prevent premature aging.

8. Promote Weight Loss 

benefits of quinoa

Generally, those people who want to lose their extra pounds keep the grains and wheat away. However, things are not the same with quinoa, luckily. It is known that certain properties of foods could facilitate the weight loss process either by improving metabolism or decreasing appetite. Interestingly, quinoa has such properties. The fact is that quinoa owns a low glycemic index which is another important feature linked to decreased calorie intake. Though there is no specific study looks at the exact effects of quinoa on the human body weight, it seems intuitive that it can be a great part of a healthy weight management diet. You could consume bread made up of this ingredient. Include it into your daily diet because it includes a high amount of protein and fiber.

9. Balance Blood Sugar Levels 

benefits of quinoa

Add quinoa to your meal to keep your blood sugar levels in a happy place whilst at the same time getting your taste buds to agree.

As you could see, it only makes nutritional sense to begin eating more quinoa. By adding quinoa to your diet plan, you will end up feeling better, getting more energy, and potential maintaining a healthy weight by switching other foods for quinoa. Also, quinoa is very easy to incorporate into your diet plan. Depending on the kind of quinoa, you could rinse it with water to remove saponins found on the outer layer that has a bitter flavor. You can purchase quinoa in most grocery stores and it could be ready to eat in just 15 minutes or so.

If you have any ideas about this nutrition topic of benefits of quinoa, share your ideas with us by dropping words below. We will feedback soon.

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